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Framing of the EU Mali mission
Koptišová, Evelína ; Kaleta, Ondřej (advisor) ; Miessler, Jan (referee)
This paper examines how the Czech press reported on EUTM in Mali in 2012-2018, how it was reported by responsible political institutions and how the communicated content differed. In both cases, the predominance of episodic framing was confirmed. Concerning the generic frames, conflict and responsibility frames prevailed. While there have been some characteristics of peace journalism in the press, it is not enough to qualify the media as performing peace journalism in general. In the communication of the Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic and the Army of the Czech Republic, it was possible to observe a tendency to "humanize" some of the stories, especially by describing the everyday activities of soldiers. The Czech Republic's participation in the EU mission was most often associated with the Common Foreign and Security Policy and with general security aspects. In addition to the media and institutional agenda of the conflict in Mali, the work also reflects on the analytical usefulness of the concept of peace journalism.
Normality of the exception? Crisis Governance in reforming the Asylum and Migration Policy of the European Union
Kaleta, Ondřej ; Střítecký, Vít (advisor) ; Braun, Mats (referee) ; Lupták, Ľubomír (referee)
This doctoral thesis examines the issue of crisis governance of the European Union in the context of migration developments after 2015. The author investigates how relevant EU institutions (European Commission, Council of the EU, and European Council) construct exceptionality within the common asylum and migration policy and what might be its impacts on the functionality of this policy. Theoretically, the research is based on the concept of "state of exception" originally introduced in the works of Carl Schmitt and Giorgio Agamben. The main objective of the thesis is to analyze and interpret the extraordinary migration measures from 2015 to 2018, which were proposed and implemented by the EU political actors to address the migration situation. The institutional level is further broadened and contextualized by including three EU Member State governments - Hungary, Austria, and Germany - and their involvement in the interactive shaping of emergency policies. The author studies how the exception is constructed in the EU official discourse, the relationship between exception and normality, and the exercise of power to create a state of exception at supranational/intergovernmental level of the EU as an international organization. The thesis approaches the topic using critical discourse analysis. It...
Migration crisis and security of the Czech Republic from the perspective of Parlamentní listy, Sputnik and Aeronet in 2015 and 2016
Červenková, Romana ; Aslan, Emil (advisor) ; Kaleta, Ondřej (referee)
The master's thesis deals with disinformation websites' migration crisis framing regarding the Czech Republic. The thesis is based on the theory of social constructivism, which considers a speech act to be a crucial factor of securitization. The author proceeds mainly from the work of Thierry Balzacq, who reckons media to be the main securitization actors. The theoretical base of this thesis is supplemented by the theory of moral panic, which comes into being due to impact of securitization of particular person/group/institution. The thesis researches the way how migration crisis was securitized from 2015 to 2016. Therefore content analysis and discourse analysis are used. The articles, which are subjected to the research were published by Parlamentni listy, Sputnik and Aeronet. Articles were subjected to content analysis so as the author was able to find out which keywords emerged most frequently. Particular phrases were linked to specific themes, which consisted of "Security", "Criticism of government" and "National identity". After the quantitative analysis, the articles were subjected to qualitative analysis based on James Paul Gee's method, which allows the author to understand the used discourse and the context, within which the discourse emerged. Particular articles are then researched...
Securitization of Migration in the 2017 French Presidential Election
Krutá, Gréta ; Ditrych, Ondřej (advisor) ; Kaleta, Ondřej (referee)
Far-right parties and anti-immigration moods were on the rise in 2017 European politics. After Brexit vote and Donald Trump's triumph in the US elections, whole world was watching the 2017 French presidential election with great vigilance. Using the method of discourse analysis, the principal objective of this master thesis is to identify to what extent was the immigration constructed as security threat in presidential election and how did major presidential candidates use political discourse for identity construction - positive representation of French Self and negative representation of Migrant Other. For the purpose of analysis, first three presidential candidates with the largest share of votes were chosen: François Fillon, Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron. Concerning the theoretical framework, all research stems from Copenhagen school which defines vital concepts for our research: societal security and securitization process. From methodological point of view, Lene Hansen's Self/Other identity construction model is used. Keywords Securitization, Islam, migration, France, presidential election, discourse analysis, national identity
Reflection of the Syrian Civil War in selected Czech Media
Erhart, Michael ; Kaleta, Ondřej (advisor) ; Moravec, Václav (referee)
This thesis deals with the depiction of four important periods of the Syrian civil war in the selected Czech on-line media. Using the quantitative content analysis, it examines the news content in terms of topics and representation of conflict actors, as well as the representation of foreign media and news agencies a use of social networks. Goal of qualitative frame analysis is to examine coverage of the Syrian Arab Army siege of Zabadani and Madaya as well as the siege of Fuah and Kafraya by Syrian opposition forces. In addition to the frames used, the analysis found significant disparity in media coverage, despite a similar and interconnected fate of both besieged enclaves. Quantitative analysis revealed significant representation of western sources, predominance of the great power actors and rather negative image of the Syrian government as well as the Syrian opposition.
The Securitisation of Immigration: An Assessment of the Extent of Securitisation of Immigration in Germany in the Aftermath of the 2015 European Refugee Crisis
Grünewald, Tabea Magdalena ; Ditrych, Ondřej (advisor) ; Kaleta, Ondřej (referee)
This Master Thesis called "The Securitization of Immigration. An Assessment of the Extent of Securitization of Immigration in the German Political Discourse in the aftermath of the 2015 European Refugee Crisis" aims to identify the influence of the 2015 European refugee crisis on the German political discourse in reference to immigration and asylum. Since immigration became one of the greatest security concerns in the post-Cold War era, it appears plausible that the unprecedented high-numbers of asylum applications in 2015/16 triggered securitization in Germany. This impression is reinforced in reference to the increasing popularity of the anti-Islam, far-right PEGIDA movement and the right-wing populist party AfD. However, the merely welcoming attitude towards refugees among the German population, which attracted attention all over the world, challenges the securitization thesis, because the political discourse is assumed to be oriented towards public opinion. Thus, the political discourse in the aftermath of the 2015 European Refugee Crisis is assumed to be torn between fear (securitization discourse) and optimism (humanitarian discourse) in regard to immigration and asylum. By conducting a discourse analysis, contextualized speech-acts based on a generic structure used by Holger Stritzel were...
UN Role in the Mediation of Intractable Conflicts: The Case of Cyprus
Kaya, Onur ; Karásek, Tomáš (advisor) ; Kaleta, Ondřej (referee)
This thesis investigates United Nations role in mediation of intractable conflicts through the case of Cyprus. Intractable conflicts are identified as complex, long- standing and resistant to conflict resolution. We examine the complexity of intractable conflicts regarding its persistence, deep-rooted fear, the existence of historical grievances, political and social asymmetries, and lack of communication between conflict parties. Mediation is a conflict resolution method which is a third-party intervention and aims to encourage conflict parties to produce a permanent solution to the conflict. The case of Cyprus is an obvious example to understand and analyze the UN mediation as a conflict management policy in intractable conflicts. The UN, Greek and Turkish Cypriot communities have tried to find a permanent settlement over 50 years. Despite all efforts, the conflict remains unresolved. Although the UN mediation has managed to prevent further escalation and violence in Cyprus, it has limits to encourage parties to produce a permanent solution. This thesis empirically analyzes the historical development of the UN engagement in Cyprus and examines its role in the mediation of intractable conflicts through the UN-sponsored inter- communal talks in Cyprus. Keywords: Intractable conflict, conflict...
Media framing of the Ukrainian conflict - articles comparison of German and Russian governmental servers concerning the theory of peace journalism
Prchlík, Václav ; Kaleta, Ondřej (advisor) ; Nečas, Vlastimil (referee)
This diploma thesis called "Media framing of the Ukrainian conflict - articles comparison of German and Russian governmental servers concerning the theory of peace journalism" focuses on the extent, to which differ news coverage of Russian progovernmental webpage and German progovernmental webpage It also researches how much these media contribute to potential escalation and de-escalation of the conflict. These results are gained by implementation of the concept of peace and war journalism into analysed articles. Thanks to quantitative and qualitative analyses methods, the research showed that the coverage of the Ukrainian conflict differs in both media. They vary primarily in the extent of contextual insight into the issue, in thematic contents of articles and in descriptions of parties involved in the conflict. Neither of these two media however can be associated with the practice of war or peace journalism according to the findings. They proved to choose certain aspects of the reality and increase its meaning in their articles, but the amount of such interventions cannot be interpreted as inclination to war or peace journalism.
Sweden's migration policy and its approach to the migration crisis
Utinková, Hana ; Brunclík, Miloš (advisor) ; Kaleta, Ondřej (referee)
The thesis examines the form of Swedish migration policy in a relation to migration crisis. It describes and analyses kinds of migration policies and examines its openness and restrictiveness. This theoretical framework is then used in the practical part for analysis, if the Swedish migration policy was changed by the events of 2015 to be restrictive. Changes are demonstrated on legislation and actors, who can influence its creation.
The role of Czech media in the securitization of immigration
Kučmáš, Kryštof ; Karásek, Tomáš (advisor) ; Kaleta, Ondřej (referee)
The topic of this bachelor thesis is the securitization of immigration in Czech media from 1. 1. 2015 to 30. 6. 2015. The securitization was analyzed using the research tools of content analysis on contents of the chosen Czech newspapers. The chosen newspapers were Lidové noviny, Právo, Aha! and Blesk. The thesis provides several remarks on the securitization of immigration in the Czech printed media.

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