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Materials for description of Inari Sami
Kalábová, Hana ; Křivan, Jan (advisor) ; Januška, Jiří (referee)
This bachelor thesis focuses on Inari Sami, an endangered and lesser-described language spoken by approximately 300 people in Northern Finland. All speakers are bilingual in Finnish. The aim of the thesis is to gather all the available information about the language and based on them provide the materials for elicitation, which are used as the basis for fieldwork and writing the grammar of the Inari Sami language in the future. In purpose of summarizing the so far known grammar of the language linguistic papers, paradigms, vocabularies and corpus are used. The summary of grammar is organized in a logical way in the same pattern as modern descriptive grammars are. The thesis contains several tables and examples with interlinear glosses, that show grammar rules of the language. The thesis also concerns about undescribed categories, which are the goal of the fieldwork in the future. The fieldwork should use the method of reverse translation elicitation, while the contact language is Finnish. This work also contains brief summary of pros and cons of the method of elicitation and in the end illustrates the process of creating the elicitation questionnaire. Each question from the questionnaire is briefly introduced and provided with an interlinear gloss and the explanation of its importance in the...
Organizations helping families with premature babies in the Czech Republic and abroad
Vondrovicová, Veronika ; Heřmanová, Jana (advisor) ; Kalábová, Hana (referee)
The work is carried out in the form of research, mostly aiming to map the emergence and development of these organizations from their establishment to the present and the outline of their functioning. The result of the thesis is a comprehensive overview and comparison of existing organizations in the Czech Republic and abroad, which have also contributed significantly to the expansion and improvement of knowledge in the field of premature delivery in society.
Risk factors for atherosclerosis in patients with Breast cancer
Kalábová, Hana ; Melichar, Bohuslav (advisor) ; Kubecová, Martina (referee) ; Tesařová, Petra (referee)
2. Summary Atherosclerosis and cancer are two of the most frequent causes of death in the developed world (Ng et al. 2006). There are a lot of similar risk factors both for atherosclerosis and for cancer (for example age, smoking, high intake of lipids, minimal physical activity leading to obesity and others). Atherosclerosis and cancer activate the immune system (Wachter et al. 1989) and the investigation of ischemic syndrome (often caused by atherosclerosis) contributed to finding some common molecular trails in the development of both of these diseases in last years (Pehrsson et al. 2005). Thanks to the progress in oncology treatment, patients with cancer survive longer, however, it is also very probable that a complex cancer therapy can lead to complications of atherosclerosis. The goal of this study was to clarify the influence of breast cancer itself and oncology treatment on atherosclerosis and its complications.

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2 Kalábová, Helena
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