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Data stream compression and decompression methods.
Makedonenko, Oleksandr ; Kaczmarczyk, Václav (referee) ; Valach, Soběslav (advisor)
Cílem tento práce je prostudovat metody bezztrátové komprese a zmenšit datový tok ve komunikačním kanále, prováděním bezztrátové algoritmu komprese, který může být použity na FPGA desce s teoretickým dosahem rychlosti 1Gbit/s.
Electronic notice board
Sadel, Juraj ; Kaczmarczyk, Václav (referee) ; Bradáč, Zdeněk (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with internet research in order to obtain the neccessary information for the complete design and implementation of both the hardware and software parts of the electronic notice board system. The internet survey is about getting an overview, information and required features of the electronic bulletin board system. The design of the system concept is based on the description of the operation of the individual parts of the notice board, the possibility of managing and controlling the whole system. Hardware design is responsible for selecting the controller, display unit, data store and other peripherals. The design of the software deals with the design of the database model, applications for system administration and applications for displaying stored data. Based on the design, the board system is implemented. The aim of the work is to implement a functional electronic information board system.
Development of an IoT System for Home Appliances
Vančo, Timotej ; Kaczmarczyk, Václav (referee) ; Lázna, Tomáš (advisor)
The aim of the bachelor thesis is to make a research of the current state of IoT and then propose the creation of my own IoT solution for smart home. It also aims to select the appropriate components for the custom solution from which the system will compose and design an appropriate communications interface with option to secure communicate with each other. Then revive the hardware of sensor modules, actuators and control system. The system should be capable of displaying measured data and enabling actuators to control. The final goal is to control the system with voice commands. The theoretical part is focused on description of what is IoT, history, usage and near future of IoT. Furthermore, the currently used IoT classifications and IoT systems in smart homes are described from a commercial and open-source perspective. The theoretical part ends with the comparison of voice assistants and the way the text is understood by the computer. The practical part deals with the description of own solution, selection of components for modules, creation of printed circuits, designing boxes for 3D printing, creation software for individual modules for measurement, communication and control of intelligent home. Next, I am writing about a system that displays measured values from modules, creates a user interface, and controls action members using buttons or voice commands.
Design of mechanical, electrical construction and software equipment of autonomous cell "Soda maker" for Industry 4.0 testbed.
Dvorský, Petr ; Baštán, Ondřej (referee) ; Kaczmarczyk, Václav (advisor)
The objectives of this bachelor thesis are design and realization of an autonomous cell for soda production for the testbed of Industry 4.0. First, basic construction principles of the autonomous cell are outlined. Then, the mechanical design, the hydro pneumatic system design, the electrical design and the software design are described. The drawing of the mechanical construction of the cell was devised using CAD NX 12 (Siemens PLM software). Most of the 3D printed parts were printed on 3D printer Tarantula. Hydro-pneumatic system was designed in SMC PeuDraw 2.8 for maximal working pressure of 8.2 Bar. Electrical documentation was created in electrical CAD software WSCAD. For control and communication, the autonomous cell is equipped with PLC SIMATIC S7-1200 (CPU 1214C DC/DC/DC), HMI panel (SIMATIC HMI KPT400 BASIC) and Linksys SD205 switch. The source code for control PLC and HMI was designed in TIA Portal software.
Design and implementation of control applications capable to connect laboratory MES system
Dušek, Jakub ; Pásek, Jan (referee) ; Kaczmarczyk, Václav (advisor)
The goal of this bachelor thesis is to understand the ISA-95 standard and the manufacturing executing system (MES) based on this standard. Control application of discrete manufacturing controlling for PLC is then created and applied on a school device model. The thesis explains the ISA-95 standard and its influence on MES. The division and functions of MES according to ISA-95 are further described and explained. The theoretical part, the application of discrete manufacturing controlling for PLC is implemented on a drill model, simulating a segment of drilling. Structure of the software has been implemented in a way to correspond to the requirements given by MES and to be easily built upon.
Electronic notice board LCD
Bureš, Michal ; Kaczmarczyk, Václav (referee) ; Bradáč, Zdeněk (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with the research of existing solutions of electronic information systems. The purpose of this survey is to inspire what is offered to users of these professional systems, or what users expect from these systems. Based on the acquired knowledge, the thesis also deals with the design of its own system, which can serve as another alternative to professional solutions of companies on the market, in the sense of the concept of solution of the given task. After the design of the system, the thesis deals chronologically with the selected "tools" used for the actual implementation of the assigned task Electronic Information Boards. Both hardware and software parts of the task, which form the majority of this thesis. At the end of the work are presented practical results.
Simulation of production line
Kutík, Jakub ; Kaczmarczyk, Václav (referee) ; Pásek, Jan (advisor)
The aim of this thesis is to create a custom application to simulate production lines. The first part explains the main reasons, benefits and current trends in the field of virtual commissioning and describes several simulation tools and engineering tools from Siemens. The second part is devoted to a detailed description of features, capabilities and application interface of the PLCSIM Advanced simulation tool. The third part is devoted to design and realization of the custom simulation application, which can be used for create conveyor lines and validate user PLC program in cooperation with PLCSIM Advanced tool. This simulator was created using Unity3D game engine and C# programming language. In the last part of the thesis, a simple simulation task is created in the simulator and is tested using PLC program and visualization created in the TIA Portal engineering framework.
Design and implementation of software for transportation entities of the Industry 4.0 testbed.
Sýkora, Tomáš ; Lázna, Tomáš (referee) ; Kaczmarczyk, Václav (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with construction and software of transport entities for testbed Industry 4.0. The aim of the thesis is to create a transport network for moving a glass with a drink between individual cells on a production table. A four-axis Epson SCARA manipulator is used to transport the glass and a conveyor with carriages is designed to serving the finished drinks. The first part deals with the description of used components and their electrical connections. The second part describes the program solution of robotic manipulator and programmable logic controller. The final part is devoted to the description of problems arising during implementation.
Design and development of AWS/TPWS system testing device
Majchrák, František ; Fiedler, Petr (referee) ; Kaczmarczyk, Václav (advisor)
The aim of the work was design and realization of device to simplify and speed up the testing of AWS / TPWS train protection system. The first chapter is addressed to description and division of train protection systems. The next chapter describes the process of commissioning the AWS / TPWS system and possible applycation of the device to this process. The final chapters deal with design, specification of components, realization of device and verification of its functionality.
Design of mechanical, electrical construction and software equipment of smart warehouse for Industry 4.0 testbed.
Rejchlík, Lukáš ; Pásek, Jan (referee) ; Kaczmarczyk, Václav (advisor)
This thesis deals with design, construction and software of intelligent warehouse for testbed Industry 4.0. The first part is dedicated to the issue of warehousing, storage, Industry 4.0 and the description of the testbed Barman. The second part deals with the development of the cell storage. Firstly, there is a description of the design and construction of the cell, followed by a description of the sensors and control equipment used. The following part deals with the software of the cell and finally the goals of the thesis are evaluated.

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