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Time and sound in cinema
Richtr, Jan ; KUDLÁČ, Jakub (advisor) ; REJHOLEC, Pavel (referee)
The theme of this diploma thesis is perception of time within the audiovisual work. Particular attention is paid to the audio component of the audiovisual work, from which perspective is seen the phenomenon of time. First there is briefly introduced understanding of time evolved within the philosophical context. The next part presents film as a medium that, from its formal nature, brings new impetus that further develops the thinking of time. After this introduction work focuses on the way of perceiving time within the sound itself, respectively in music composition. It is based on the findings of psychoacoustics and, above all, on the theoretical considerations of French composer Gérard Grisey, to which is trying to find parallels in the context of the sound dramaturgy of the film work. The last part deals with time relations arising from the relationship between film image and sound. It is trying to question and then generalize specific formal relationships within the audiovisual work, influencing the subjective perception of time.
Sound procedures inspired by Nuri Bilge Ceylan films
Chrudina, Matěj ; SKALL, Vladimír (advisor) ; KUDLÁČ, Jakub (referee)
In my final thesis I am going to focus on the sound and music dramaturgy of the Nuri Bilge Ceylans movies. I choose to write about his work because he can think about the movie as a whole and always pays attention to the sound design. Ceylan often experiments with diegetic music and motives he uses are sometimes very unusual compared with conventional cinematography. Another reason why his work inspired me for my final thesis is the fact, that my approach to film sound is in many ways similar to what he is doing. Therefore I can demonstrate my view on this topic using the specific expamples of his work. I am focusing on all the movies he had done between 1997 and 2014. I am going to pick the most exciting sound moments from each movie. I am also going to highlight some of the elements that constantly repeats through his filmography, thus defining his style. As a result of my work I want to point out the examples proving that the film soundtrack should not only be viewed as support for visual but as an equal part of the narrative conveying the information which can be heard but not viewed.
Sound dramaturgy in contemporary american series
Levý, Adam ; KUDLÁČ, Jakub (advisor) ; HILČANSKÝ, Peter (referee)
This study is trying to explore new american tv shows, that are smarter and more intelligent than traditional tv formats. In case of particular show it focuses sound design and its dramaturgy.
Influence of Music on the Spectator's Emotional and Cognitive Perception and Its Usage in Film Narrative
Marinová, Viera ; KUDLÁČ, Jakub (advisor) ; EKRT, Viktor (referee)
This bachelor‘s thesis focuses on the influence of music on the emotional and cognitive perception of human being. In particular, it focuses on film music and its function in a movie. With the help of cognitive science, it looks for answers to explain how the music used in a movie can influence our emotions and other cognitive processes such as empathy, understanding of meaning, contextual associations, memory, etc. The main goal of this thesis is not to provide a guide on how to use music correctly in films, rather it provides the guide for understanding a movie viewer. Nevertheless, it confirms that music is a very functional tool of film narration.
Musical Dramaturgy in films of David Lynch
Černohorský, Ondřej ; KUDLÁČ, Jakub (advisor) ; Klusák, Martin (referee)
David Lynch is one of the most important American postmodern filmmakers. His films are typical for their visual style, intellectual difficulty, surreal sequences, and intense emotional impact. Music used in his film is one of the most important tools how to achieve his artistic goals. This thesis is focused on the means how David Lynch uses film music in his films since his collaboration with composer Angelo Badalamenti. The film music of the particular film Mulholland Drive will be analysed and the results will be extrapolated on other of his films, namely Blue Velvet, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me, Wild at Heart, Lost Highway, and Mulholland Drive.
Have you heard (of) it?
Lapčík, Radim ; KUDLÁČ, Jakub (advisor) ; BAGDASAROV, Georgy (referee)
The goal of this work is to popularize certain sound theory issues (e.g. storytelling, interactivity/immersion, sound/image perspective, semiotics). It deals with the basic sound/image and diegetic/extradiegetic relations, compiling the works of various sound theoreticians. Despite being focused on narrative film, it discusses specific features of four most common semi-narrative genres and gives a hint of sound/image relations in non-narrative and interactive audiovisual media. Apart from the sound/image/diegesis relations, this work briefly explains the synchresis phenomenon and the meaning of tight or loose sound/image synchronicity for tampering with the perspective and perception of the filmic time and space. The appendices contain some information concerning related themes – a short combinatorics column, a column explaining the three basic sound planes, the use of sound as a signifier and a longer quotation of Michel Chion’s article on rendered sound.
Relationship between practical wisdom and ethical states in Aristotle
Kudláč, Jakub ; Barabas, Marína (referee) ; Mráz, Milan (advisor)
In our text we examme the relationship between practical wisdom and ethical states in Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics. The goal of our work is to define the function of practical wisdom in ethical virtue. We gradually analyze the indiviual parts of definition of ethical virtue from EN II, 6, that is, that virtue is a state concerned with choice which holds the mean relative to us in such a way as a man of practical wisdom would define it. After the analysis of state concerned with choice and practical wisdom we arrive at the determination of practical wisdom as the source of virtuous action; only practical wisdom can be the criterion that pronounces what is bad and good; desire in itself is not capable of deliberation. Following from this a new question arises: how can practical wisdom influence the irrational part of the soul, which is the seat of desire? Practical wisdom, having no direct influence on desire, uses ethical virtue-temperance as it's intermediary. This induces in irrational desire the intention to follow practical wisdom and thus practical wisdom becomes master of desire. We see the contribution of our work firstly in defining the function of practical wisdom in Aristotelian Ethics with greater accuracy and secondly in establishing temperance as a neccessary condition of the other virtues and...
Defining characters with sound
Hilčanský, Peter ; KUDLÁČ, Jakub (advisor) ; REJHOLEC, Pavel (referee)
The purpose of this study is to show specific methods of feature film sound dramaturgy: defining characters with sound. Specifically, how can sound help to create stronger, more memorable characters, reveal their weaknesses, psychological states or create qualities that would not be possible to create some other way. It is specific technique not use in every film. However there is lot of different kinds of films that can strongly benefit from using it. Our aim will be to find interesting films and analyze principles of sound dramaturgy and film language used. Emphasis will be given on the fact, that it is important to incorporate these ideas into the script and think about them in preparation phase of movie making, because in post-production it is often too late.
Theremin - emotions in movies
Knot, Adalbert-Vojtěch ; KUDLÁČ, Jakub (advisor) ; NEUBAUER, Petr (referee)
This thesis trys to figure out in which way is used the sound of theremin in film music. After the historical introduction and physical basics of principals which allow functioning of theremin, follow the analysis of three movies from the 40s. and 50s. which use the sound of theremin for explications of concrete emotion. However, it shows up, that this films create a new cliche from the sound of theremin and it would be difficult to overcome it; therefor, the next chapter looks for another creators who use theremin in a different way a recreate the conotation of it. At the conclusion is a short outline of following development of theremin.
A Medial View of the Aristocracy and Eliteds of the 90´th years
Lukáš, Pavel ; ŘEZNÍČEK, Martin (advisor) ; KUDLÁČ, Jakub (referee)
A MEDIAL VIEW OF THE ARISTOCRACY AND ELITEDS OF THE 90´th YEARS. Historical Relations and Consequencies. This work is concerning a medial view of the aristocracy in the Czech setting of the 90´th years with regards to historical relations significantly creating this view, which has been distort in many points after the year 1989. So that the aim of the work is to draw the attention to some facts in these consequencies often omitted.

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