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Population development and current migration tendencies of rural municipalities of South Bohemia
Edelmanová, Denisa ; Ouředníček, Martin (advisor) ; Kubeš, Jan (referee)
Transformation of Czech society after 1989 caused changes in spatial migration patterns. After strong socialist urbanization and during post-socialist suburbanization, people also began to move from towns to more remote rural areas. The subject of the thesis is the evaluation of the rural area of South Bohemia in terms of changes in its population and migration development in 1992-2017. Firstly, the thesis briefly analyzes the long-term population development of individual municipalities with extended power of South Bohemia in the context of the whole Czechia and then analyzes the types (positional and size) of rural municipalities of South Bohemia when solving their population growth, stagnation or depopulation and reveals the role of natural currency and migration balance in this population development. The main part of the thesis is an analysis of the internal migration of municipalities of South Bohemia in 1992-2017, namely migration flows between rural municipalities (semi-peripheral and peripheral) on the one hand and urban regions, including core towns (important and less important) and surrounding suburban municipalities, on the second hand. The main aim of the thesis is research the counterurbanization of South Bohemia based on the above mentioned migration flows. Especially after 1997,...
Double taxation treaties with particular regard to the concept of a permanent establishment
Kubeš, Jan ; Vybíral, Roman (advisor) ; Sejkora, Tomáš (referee)
01 Double tax treaties aim to prevent double taxation. Double taxation of income is an undesirable phenomenon from the taxpayers' point of view. The most widespread way of preventing it is through bilateral agreements concluded between states under the OECD Model Agreement. In general, a prerequisite of taxation is either tax residency or the existence of a permanent establishment, which can take various forms. Double taxation treaties and the concept of a permanent establishment in which this master thesis is dedicated, have undergone a dynamic transformation over the past few years due to both Base Erosion and Profit Shifting reports (BEPS) and the Multilateral Instrument by OECD (MLI). This transformation is demonstrated in this thesis by comparing selected provisions of the OECD Model Agreement 2014 and 2017. This thesis addresses the current question of whether the current development of tax treaties is to avoid double taxation or avoid double non-taxation and artificial tax reduction. Double tax treaties, as practice shows, fulfill their traditional role. The first chapter deals with the system of national and international taxation in general. The second chapter deals with the issue of double taxation, methods of its avoidance and comparison of versions of the OECD Model Agreement 2014 and 2017. The...
Využití hloubkového kypřiče při pěstování obilovin a řepky olejné v podniku Zemědělské služby Dynín, a.s.
This diploma thesis deals with deep cultivators which are used in companies of agricultural production. Theoretical part is focused on the history of soil proccessing, soil treatement and loosening machines which are being used today. That includes disc cultivators, tine cultivators, chisel cultivators, rod cultivators and machines with driven work gears. Practical part of theses includes comparison of chisel cultivator and plough doing tillage. The quality of keeping the depth invariable is being evaluated, as well as time-consuming nature, consumption of fuel and drain on resources.
Residential satisfaction of households in tenement houses in localities of Prague - the role of civic amenities
Bursa, Otakar ; Netrdová, Pavlína (advisor) ; Kubeš, Jan (referee)
Residential satisfaction belongs to important elements of human's satisfaction with life. It is created by the unique set of different components to which the accessibility and quality of civic amenities in a neighbourhood may also be included. Nevertheless, the importance of this factor used to be underestimated and the real connexion between residential satisfaction and the presence of civic amenities has not come out so far (Swindell, Kelly 2005). Therefore, the diploma thesis focuses on the qualitative- analytical research of residential satisfaction in two differently served Prague's localities with the aim to deepen the current knowledge of this issue. The results show that the presence of civic amenities in the neighbourhood has a significant effect in creating residential satisfaction which is comparable to the quality of housing and neighbourhood features. However, this relationship is partly influenced by the assigned importance of services' presence that especially varies according to the locality type (housing estate or suburban) and the position of household in a life cycle. Keywords: residential satisfaction, civic amenities, Prague, housing estate, suburb
Synthesis and in vitro evaluation of novel iron chelators based on salicylaldehyde isonicotinoyl hydrazone
Kubeš, Jan ; Roh, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Krátký, Martin (referee)
Charles University Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Králové Department of Organic and Bioorganic Chemistry Author: Jan Kubeš Supervisors: doc. PharmDr. Jaroslav Roh, PhD. PharmDr. Hana Jansová, PhD. Title of Diploma Thesis: Synthesis and in vitro evaluation of novel iron chelators based on salicylaldehyde isonicotinoyl hydrazone Iron ions (Fe) are required in many vital processes. However, this transition metal may also catalyze reactions which results in the formation of toxic reactive oxygen species (ROS), e.g. Haber- Weiss reaction producing highly toxic hydroxyl radicals. Salicylaldehyde isonicotinoyl hydrazone (SIH) is a tridental chelator selectively forming complexes with Fe ions. As a result of its low molecular weight and good lipophilicity, SIH can be administered orally. It readily enters the cells, effectively chelates the intracellular Fe ions, and is therefore able to very efficiently inhibit the Fe dependent processes, such as production of ROS, but also the synthesis of some proteins and enzymes and the processes they regulate (e.g., cellular growth and proliferation). In this work we focused on the design, synthesis and in vitro evaluation of novel SIH analogues, in particular the thio analogue of SIH (thioSIH, A), analogues derived from (di)hydroxybenzophenone (B) and...
The possibilities and problems of rural brownfields revitalization in the Region of South Bohemia.
Marhounová, Simona ; Perlín, Radim (advisor) ; Kubeš, Jan (referee)
The thesis deals with the problematic of revitalisation related to brownfields in the selected administrative units of South Bohemian region. The case territory includes the municipality with extended powers of České Budějovice and the municipality with extended powers of Prachatice. Those case territories differ in few elements, mainly in regards with vertical and horizontal geographic position. The purpose of the thesis is to analyse how the rural brownfields are utilised, the thesis also focuses on the way stakeholders cooperate with each other during the revitalization of the brownfields. The methodology of the thesis is based on brownfields evaluation in the above mentioned territory, followed by a detailed analysis of the recovery issues by interviewing local stakeholders. The interviews were held with representatives of privat and public sector in the selected municipalities, where the brownfields were located. After evaluating the results for individual municipalities with extended powers, a comparison was done based on witch some regularities were found. The results of the research confirmed the hypotheses about the differences in interconnections between public and privat sector in different municipalities with extended powers. The hypothesis, assuming differences in the way of...
Regional defferentiation of long-term land-use changes in the Czech Republic
Štych, Přemysl ; Bičík, Ivan (advisor) ; Kubeš, Jan (referee) ; Kolejka, Jaromír (referee)
9 9 E U:E 6 ř.=.. E-JEE=> šE:€ g€* ášB iš č=íEšag;l3 ;E š*EEE E$E 8E: šgĚ:É..*€€ É;:ÉE Ě8EÉĚE€EE iHI EĚ Ěpř;ĚiÉĚ€uiÍi +E štĚĚ€;ĚgEe*{g EE š$ e ; i : * Ť Ě E E ! E o žE šÉ::t*š*É€Í;-řéE š*EEĚgEĚ*Ěat#* Ť$ Š*c.i ďi+,d -- š'.-. €| .9 oao o9-oil) 9(B *o >' (Fi roÉ "BE5ř>'rěao !- oo 7aó o E= o.r 0.l ýo+a F^ o.o Yoey^ (HOYa orA o (€'ii ! >,o (!= 4 >co0) .ř b.Etr o-> trYa) o\wť X E.E.š.E p .aXX -'ář g.Ěɚ̀řs €:ÉĚ ĚĚEEiB;Eř €;:5!Ě:* Ě;6* šig*;:ěťÉ €áiEřÍšÉ ii;ť:*€€ís;;i 3ÉťiĚÉš.ĚÍEřó E;ť*+t:;É ÉeĚ:!'iiE':.ě= EiE**:=šEc Eš!eEE:EtĚei;ĚsĚ;s!gÍ;á 't ÉĚť;:ĚfíÉĚř:i:řEE'EEĚí;ÍE Ě gĚÉ [EgĚĚE ĚĚEiE ÉEEšEĚěEĚE
Changing spatial pattern of land use in the Czech Republic and its driving forces
Kabrda, Jan ; Bičík, Ivan (advisor) ; Kubeš, Jan (referee) ; Spišiak, Peter (referee)
Jan KABRDA: Changing spatial pattern of land use in the Czech Republic and its driving forces The main objective of my.dissertation thesis is to analyse changes of spatial pattern of land use in the Czech Republic since the mid-19'n century. My secondary aim is to discuss advantages and limits of various methods that can be used for this research. The text is divided into two main sections. The first one includes an overyiew of literature on the given issue. The second one comments six attached articles that constitute the main body of the thesis, representing main results of my research. The first section of my thesis consists of three chapters. In the first one I discuss the term,,land use" itself; importance and practical applicability of its research; and theoretical approaches used throughout the world to explain patterns and changes of land use, and to create schemes for its;;search. Chapter Two includes an overyiew of methods and data sources used in land use research, especial|y of quantitativ" ón.,, in the whole world in general, and in Central Europe in particular. In the third chapter I summarize the main processes of land use changes - of current changes at global level, and of changes during last two centuries within the Central European context. The six attached articles represent...
Residential mobility and fulfilling the ideas of cohousing in the everyday life of inhabitants: Case study of the Klidná project
Horňáková, Marie ; Jíchová, Jana (advisor) ; Kubeš, Jan (referee)
The thesis deals with cohousing; a concept of living based on common spaces and shared facilities. In the first phase, the aim is to provide a summary of the development of cohousing and other similar forms of housing in the world and also in Czechia. The second phase focuses on a concrete by cohousing inspired residential project located in the inner city of Prague. In the work it appears under the name Klidná. The second phase aims to find out what led the communication partners to choose Klidná as a new place of residence, how important role did the specific aspects based on cohousing played in the decision-making process and finally how are the ideas of this concept being fulfilled in everyday life of the inhabitants. The research is of a qualitative nature and the main method of data collection is realization of deep semi-structured interviews, which are subsequently evaluated on the basis of theoretical thematic analysis. Based on the study, none of the communication partners chose Klidná because of the concept of cohousing. They perceived the existence of common areas, small scale of the project or its spatial layout rather as a pleasant bonus. Fulfilling ideas of the concept in everyday life of the informants corresponds with the nature of the project and the context in which it was...

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