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EAN syndrom
KOPECKÁ, Karolína
The aim of bachelor's thesis is to analyze violence against seniors, its forms, reasons, causes, possibilities of prevention and solutions within social work. They are outlined legislative options that can help the Czech Republic in solving the problem of EAN syndrome. The work is focused on the definition of the terms of old age and EAN syndrome - forms, risk factors, reasons and causes of violence. It focuses on social work with EAN syndrome and organizations dealing with care and assistance for seniors. The last chapter is devoted to legislation in the Czech Republic regulating the EAN syndrome.
Ultrasonic biopolymer characterisation by hysteresis quantification
Zatloukalová, Jana ; Tokar, Daniel ; Kopecká, Karolína ; Převorovský, Zdeněk
Nonlinear characteristics are advanced indicators of the structure of viscoelastic materials. In this contribution, we focus on biopolymers (such as articular cartilage and skin tissue), and their typical amount of energy lost by mechanical loading/unloading represented by a hysteresis curve. For hysteresis modeling we use the PreisachMayergoyz space model, and restricted power distribution (Guyer extended distribution). Besides the power distribution parameters, the stress protocol is required as an input to obtain the modeled hysteresis curve, and to compare with experimental results. Knowing the experimental curve, an iterative numerical procedure for identification of true density function of opening and closing pressures was applied, and an optimization algorithm sought for the best (characteristic) distribution parameters for the specific soft tissue. Material properties can be evaluated based on the described quantification, and potentially used for medical purposes and healing or cosmetics treatment evaluation.
Primary pupils' historical thinking
Kopecká, Karolína ; Dvořáková, Michaela (advisor) ; Stará, Jana (referee)
PRIMARY PUPILSʼ HISTORICAL THINKING Abstract This thesis deals with development of childrenʼs historical thinking in primary school. At the beginning of the theses, changes in the Czech history curriculum are presented. Moreover, it discusses psychological relations of historical thinking and introduces important Czech and foreign works presenting researches in this field of study. The thesis depicts the course of the qualitative research focusing on the level of historical thinking skills of the fifth graders, especially their historical understanding. The research also contains four lesson plans including special tasks for children. At the end of the thesis, the influence of these tasks on childrenʼs historical thinking is examined and described. The suggested methods should be not only an inspiration source for teachers, but also a possible way of development of historical thinking of primary school pupils. Key words: historical thinking, historical inquiry, evidence and artefacts, child as a historian, historical inquiry question, history at school Vedoucí diplomové práce: Ing. Michaela Dvořáková Autor diplomové práce: Karolína Kopecká Studijní obor: učitelství pro 1. stupeň ZŠ Forma studia: prezenční Diplomová práce dokončena: červen, 2012

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