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Compact Bluetooth multimetr
Kolář, Ondřej ; Kufa, Jan (referee) ; Rozum, Stanislav (advisor)
The first part of bachelor's thesis Compact Bluetooth multimeter discusses Bluetooth Low Energy technology. It describes individual layers and protocols of its communication chain. There are also described some of the electronic ciruits and methods used for measuring in electronics. The second part of the bachelor's thesis describes practical design and implementation procedures of the compact multimeter which communicates with a smartphone application via Bluetooth Low Energy.
Default of time in business transactions and its consequences
Kolář, Ondřej ; Patěk, Daniel (advisor) ; Oehm, Jaroslav (referee)
Delay in commercial commitments and its consequences The purpose of the thesis is to describe all the aspects of delay in commercial commitments in the law system of the Czech Republic with focus on the consequences a delay may cause. Even though the history of the respective legislation is long and uninterrupted (it basically dates back to the Austrian General Civil Code from 1811), certain cases of indistinct interpretation in every-day use of the rules may still arise and that is the reason for elaborating the research. Legislation, expert interpretation of the legislation, papers from professional journals and a number of judicatures, mostly decisions of the Supreme Court of the Czech Republic, are used to thoroughly analyse the topic. The Czech Commercial Code recognises two general kinds of delay - debtor's delay, which occurs if the debtor does not fulfil their (usually contractual) duties in time and/or properly and creditor's delay, that is initiated by the creditor if they do not accept proper fulfilment from the debtor and that supersedes the debtor's delay, if it may be in place. In case of the debtor's delay the law automatically guarantees the creditor several rights. They have the right to insist on the proper fulfilment to be delivered or they are entitled to cancel the contract, if...
Immortality and the Intermediate State of the Soul at Present Eschatology in the German Language Area
Kolář, Ondřej ; Štefan, Jan (advisor) ; Macek, Petr (referee) ; Ventura, Václav (referee)
The dissertation deals with a theme which in the final decades of the last century became the subject of many controversies, and which still today - perhaps together with the question of "salvation for all" - remains one of the most important and most widely-discussed issues in Christian eschatology. In comparison with the many serious questions with which contemporary theology is concerned, it may easily appear marginal or secondary, belonging to the sphere of ideas and speculation rather than the field of serious theological reflection. In fact, however, the question of the existence of human beings immediately after death - if it is not dismissed at once with a reference to allegedly "sober" and simple biblical testimonies or basic Christian confessions of faith - is one where basic theological viewpoints are confronted with positions that were adopted in eschatology and earlier dogmatic treatises. Powered by TCPDF (
History of tennis in South Bohemia
KOLÁŘ, Ondřej
This thesis focuses primarily on an anylisis of the history of tennis in South Bohemia. Here is the attention due to the large extent of the territory, especially given the four largest tennis centers. This thesis is covering period from the beginning of history of tennis in South Boheemia to the present. The author concentrates in this paper only on professional tennis performance and uses for his purpose mostly data obtained in the particular Tennis teams.
Offshoring automobilového průmyslu do Indie
Kolář, Ondřej ; Sedláčková, Helena (advisor) ; Krause, Josef (referee)
Práce se zabývá manažerskou strategií přesunu podnikatelských činností do zemí s nízkými náklady ? offshoringem. První část obsahuje základní vymezení offshoringu, jeho formy, výhody, nevýhody a nastínění budoucnosti offshoringu. Druhá část rozebírá offshoring do Indie se zaměřením na offshoring automobilového průmyslu.

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