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Landscape As a Way of Seeing and Its Critique
Pátek, Filip ; Dadejík, Ondřej (advisor) ; Kaplický, Martin (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with landscape as a way of seeing, its critique and its defense. The thesis will initially focus on the presentation of the critical concept of ways of seeing by English art critic and writer John Berger. On the basis of this, the thesis will move to the exploration of the critical concepts of landscape and landscape painting by British humanistic cultural geographer Denis E. Cosgrove and American visual theorist and philosopher W. J. T. Mitchell. Subsequently, it will also deal with the relationship of these concepts to the concept of landscape by English historian and art historian Simon Schama. Cosgrove and Mitchell both deal in a similar way with the critical reflection of the idea of landscape in terms of postmodern and postcolonial criticism. Both authors are influenced by Berger's concept and claim that our aesthetic perception of landscape is not a natural vision, but an acquired, historically created way of seeing. This way of seeing then raises a number of questions in relation to the traditional conception of landscape aesthetics and can lead to a rethinking of traditional concepts such as aesthetic attitude, psychical distance or the idea of disinterested pleasure. Opposite to it, the thesis intends to present an optimistic concept of landscape by Schama. The...
Female body as the Language of Performance
Pereverzeva, Kristina ; Ševčík, Miloš (advisor) ; Kaplický, Martin (referee)
The bachelor thesis deals with the specificity of the aesthetic opinions of Erika Fischer-Lichte and her concept of performativity. The aesthetic concept of performativity of Erika Fischer-Lichte was formed under the influence of ongoing performative and cultural turnover based on the newly established field of theater science. In connection with this fact, the work also focuses on other contemporary theatrical theories and corresponds with the analysis of productions and performances since the 1960s. The thesis also outlines the theories of German theater scientist and germanist Max Herrmann, the concept of contemporary art RoseLee Goldberg and the views of the German theater scientist Hans-Thies Lehmann. The main theme of the work, however, remains the figure of Erika Fischer-Lichte.
The Influence of "Zhdanovism" on the Development of Czech musical Aesthetics after "Victorious February"
Smutný, Robert ; Dykast, Roman (advisor) ; Kaplický, Martin (referee)
This bachelor thesis focuses on Czech musical aesthetics after "Victorious February". This sphere of public life was controlled in accordance with Soviet model due to the political changes. This was the reason why Czech authors assumed originally Soviet campaign against formalism. The first part of the thesis deals with the Soviet part of the story. We focus on two main themes: social function of music (or art in general) and limits of representation in music. The second part focuses on Czech debate or its main protagonists respectively: Zdeněk Nejedlý, Josef Stanislav, Miroslav Barvík and Antonín Sychra. The Czech debate is compared with the Soviet model in the end. Keywords socialist realism | normative aesthetics | musical aesthetics | zhdanovism | ideology
The Perspectives of the Concept of the Aesthetic Experience in the Work of Richard Shusterman
Pejšová, Veronika ; Dadejík, Ondřej (advisor) ; Kaplický, Martin (referee)
The main theme of the thesis is the position of the concept of the aesthetic experience on the field of the contemporary esthetics. As the one of the most basic concepts of the modern-age esthetics the esthetic experience was criticized from the different views in the last half century. But at the same time in the last decades, this concept is effort to reinterpret and keep as the meaningful and functional one at the frame of discourse of the esthetic theory from few related reasons (revival of the philosophical pragmatism, re-thinking of the Kant's esthetic theory etc.). The closer topic of the thesis is the defense of the neo pragmatically oriented interpretation of the concept of the esthetic experience in the work of Richard Shusterman. The thesis should point out not only the Shusterman's arguments, which support the sustainability of the pragmatism approach of the esthetic experience's concept, but also the attitudes that prevent the sustaining of this point of view. The attention will be focused mainly on Shusterman's interpretation of Dewey's conception "The art as the experiences" and in the end on Shusterman's theme - Somaesthetics, that related with Dewey's pragmatism too. Key words: aesthetic experience, pagmatism, Richard Shusterman, somaesthetic
Symbol and Feeling in Aesthetics of Susanne K. Langer
Brom, Pavel ; Kaplický, Martin (advisor) ; Dadejík, Ondřej (referee)
(in English): The thesis is attempting to present theory of art by Susanne Langer. In the first phase it presents her view of perception, which is deeply intertwined with other processes of our mind. Therefore, the thesis is focusing, in her view of perception, on basic principles of human communication and expression, which are all regulated in perspective of this theory by a concept of a symbol. A symbol is presented here as an element, which we revive through perception on one hand and project it into the perceived at other. Therefore the attempt is accompanied by explanation of all aspects of the symbol as one of the basic units operating in the mind, before focusing on perception in general. The thesis then proceeds to narrow perception, to a perception of art, in distinguishing a discoursive and non-discoursive symbol, and a specific non-discoursive symbol in art. On the basis of this distinction, the aim is to explain how Langer views the art, art creation and its value in such a realm of symbolism. In parallel with this development, from the general perception to the definition of art, the term feeling will be increasingly employed in the text. The concept will be presented also as a necessary part of our actions, communication and perception, although feeling is commonly understood as...
Theatre and New Media
Haplová, Barbora ; KAPLICKÝ, Martin (advisor) ; ETLÍK, Jaroslav (referee)
The Master Thesis Theatre and New Media, New Media in the Components of Theatre Performance explores ways in which new media technology are able to integrate to theatre performances on particular examples. It investigates the type of theatre performances where new media have a major influence. The first part of this thesis aims to grasp the terminology of new media, in order to subsequently apply it in theatre context. This part draws mainly from The Principles of New Media of Lev Manovich, Notes on Study of New Media from Jakub Macek and Remediation from J. David Bolter and Richard Grusin. The second part introduces the Czech theatre theory perspective on the components of theatre performance. The starting point of this part is Estetika dramatického umění (The Esthetics of dramatic art) by Otakar Zich. Zich’s theory is continuously commented with following essays: Člověk a předmět na divadle (Man and an Object in Theatre) by Jiří Veltruský, Pohyb divadelního znaku (Movement of the Theatre Sign) by Jindřich Honzl and K dnešnímu stavu teorie divadla (On State of Theatre Theory Nowadays) by Jan Mukařovský. Consequently the theoretical part aims to outline the theme of integration of new media to the components of theatre performance using the term ‚components‘ in the meaning suggested in Jaroslav Etlík’s essay Termíny k dohodnutí (Terms to negotiation). Building up on these theoretical contexts, the third part of this theses analyses three theatre performances: NICK (Petra Tejnorová a kol.); Eleusis (Handa Gote Research & Development) a The Game (Almeida Theatre). It aims to describe ways of integration of the new media to the components of particular theatre performances. Consequently it focuses on verifying the assumption, that the level of integration is connected with participation of the new media on the overall meaning of the theatre performance. In the Conclusion the attempt of creating a ‚scale of integration of new media to theatre performance‘ is summed up.
The Impact of scientific knowledge on Aesthetic Appreciation of Nature
Machálková, Zuzana ; Dadejík, Ondřej (advisor) ; Kaplický, Martin (referee)
The bachelor thesis is focusing on the question of the impact of the scientific knowledge on aesthetic appreciation of nature. The question is if scientific knowledge does in fact have any impact on the aesthetic appreciation of nature, and if so, how does it influence our aesthetic appreciation. The thesis is solving the question with the aid of selected authors, particularly Ronald Hepburn, Allen Carlson, Nick Zangwill and Cheryl Foster. The initial item of the thesis is to show the cleft between two attitudes, which are cognitive and formal attitudes. The thesis demonstrates how these two attitudes tackle the question of the impact of scientific knowledge on aesthetic appreciation of nature and in the final chapter it offers a new attitude, which interconnects two previous attitudes. Key words Aesthetic appreciation, enviromental aesthetics, scientific knowledge, formal attitude, cognitive attitude
Controversy over the Nature of Dramatic Text
Vašáková, Martina ; Kaplický, Martin (advisor) ; Dykast, Roman (referee)
Controversy over the Nature of Dramatic Text This thesis will attempt to identify the nature of dramatic text in the context of two art forms: literature and theatre. It will investigate the changes which dramatic text undergoes when staged while also thematizing the relationship between the textual and other aspects of works of drama. The thesis will be primarily based around Czech theatre aesthetics of the twentieth century and will attempt to map and reflect on the theoretic discussion on this subject. At the same time it shall observe how these theoretic attitudes are reflected in dramatic texts themselves and in scenic practice of Czech theatre of the twentieth century.
Role of imagination in aesthetic appreciation of nature
Vaculová, Veronika ; Dadejík, Ondřej (advisor) ; Kaplický, Martin (referee)
The topic of this diploma thesis is the matter of the role of imagination in aesthetic appreciation of nature. Starting points of the inquiry are the concepts of Ronald W. Hepburn, Emily Brady, Marcia Muelder Eaton and others. This work tries to show, in spite of the divergencies of views that the philosophers hold, not only the differences but also similarities of their apprehensions of the role of imagination in aesthetic appreciation of nature. The aim of the thesis is among others to answer the following questions: What are the modes of imaginative activity relating to aesthetic object? What is the difference between execution of imagination in aesthetic experiencing of nature and in experiencing works of art? What is the role of exercise of imagination in developing and preserving sustainable environments? Is the cooperation of imaginative model and science- based model of aesthetic appreciation of nature possible? The first part of the work concerns the presentation of relevant approaches. The second part compares different understandings of the role of imagination in aesthetic appreciation of nature and it answers the question of how imagination relates to the discussed aesthetic object. The following parts of the work focus on answering above-mentioned questions.
John Dewey's Aesthetics and interactive art
Rubášová, Veronika ; Kaplický, Martin (advisor) ; Dadejík, Ondřej (referee)
This bachelor thesis is especially focused on John Dewey's theory. The first and the main part of the bachelor thesis deals with Dewey's conception of experience, with analysis of this process of experience and with aesthetic level of experience. Significant part of bachelor thesis is dedicated to aesthetic experience with art as well, which is discussed in the context of every day experiences. Continuity between both is highlighted. The second part of the bachelor thesis is an addendum to the interpretation of Dewey's theory. This part of the thesis deals with interactive art. Interactive art is interpreted using Dewey's theory. Interactive art is in this paper understood as artistic type which can emphasize continuity between art and everyday experience so as Dewey does.

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