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EU Arctic Strategy: Question of EU actorness
Slezáček, Filip ; Weiss, Tomáš (advisor) ; Kadlecová, Lucie (referee)
This Master Thesis is depicting process of establishing actorness of the EU within international space, that is limited for this research on area of the Arctic. Policies of the EU are not uniformly developed, some are stronger, and some are weaker, that is a reason why in certain moments or position could be EU considered a non-actor. Document of Arctic Strategy is presenting system of three pillars- spheres in which the EU will be fulfilling its goals. Using the actorness assessment method by Bretherton, C. et Vogler, J. could be found out, how much a certain pillar is strong and whether the EU is able to fulfil its role as an actor in the light of its goals.
Quality of poultry meat in relation to the production method
The topic of this thesis is the quality of poultry meat in relation to the production method. In the literature review, poultry meat is described, then its consumption in the Czech Republic and its chemical composition. Selected methods of sensory analysis are also described. Types of tested meats are characterized in the practical part. This thesis is also focused on the experimental evaluation of the chemical composition of chicken breast muscle from the Loužná farm using the NIR method and comparing the composition changes depending on the age of the chickens. It is followed by selected sensory methods aimed at recognizing differences in chicken meat from three different productions. In addition, there was published a questionnaire to determine citizen's preferences for products (chicken meat) from different production methods.
Electromagnetic power actuators
Kadlecová, Lucie ; Vorel, Pavel (referee) ; Folprecht, Martin (advisor)
This master thesis focuses on literature research of problematics linked to power actuators working on electromagnetic principle to accelerate metal projectiles. It’s goal is mathematical analysis and constuction of selected type of electromagntic power actuator – induction coilgun
Electromagnetic power actuators
Kadlecová, Lucie ; Vorel, Pavel (referee) ; Patočka, Miroslav (advisor)
This master thesis focuses on literature research of problematics linked to power actuators working on electromagnetic principle to accelerate metal projectiles. It’s goal is mathematical analysis and constuction of selected type of electromagntic power actuator – induction coilgun
Corporate social responsibility in the specific marketplace
Kadlecová, Lucie ; Mejdrech, Vlastimil (advisor) ; Plášková, Alena (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the topic of corporate social responsibility. The key terms related to the topic are explained in the first part of the thesis. The second part focuses on the corporate social responsibility of selected companies in the cosmetic market. The aim of this thesis is to analyse and subsequently compare the activities related to corporate social responsibility between Lush company and Dove brand. The research which was conducted through questionnaire forms another part of the thesis. The aim of this research was to explore awareness and perception of the concept of corporate social responsibility among general public.
Quality of poultry meat in related with production method
The bachelor thesis is focused on the analysis of the basic components of breast cutting from free-range and conventional breeding of chicken. The samples of free-range meat came from Loužná farm; the conventional samples came from poultry farm in Klatovy. The main aim of the thesis was to determine the water, fat, protein and collagen content in meat using NIR methods. The literature review explains differences between the ways of breeding, various effects on the quality of meat and meat defects. In next chapters, the results of the measurement compared to findings from the literature and food standards are presented. The conclusion contains a summary of all facts.
Greek-Italian War (1940-1941) and its national reflexion
Kadlecová, Lucie ; Králová, Kateřina (advisor) ; Tejchman, Miroslav (referee)
1 ABSTRACT The bachelor thesis "Greek-Italian War (1940-1941) and its National Reflexion" deals with the issue of the Italian troops' invasion to Greece at the beginning of the Second World War. According to the expectations of Italian society, the military campaign should have been a clear victory for Mussolini's regime. However, in consequence of an unexpected wave of Greek patriotism, which helped unify the society and fight against the aggressor, the Italian invasion changed into a military fiasco. Even though Rome won the war, the development and outcome of the Greek-Italian War have had an influence on the growth in Italian power as well as on the motivation of the Greeks to fight against the invaders for the rest of the Second World War. The main concerns of the thesis are the different approaches of both adversaries (the victorious Italy and the defeated Greece) to the war. The aim is to analyse the Italian and Greek national thinking, on the one hand connected with Mussolini's Italy as a European power and, on the other hand, related to the Greek national fight for freedom. The thesis also discusses the degree of social mobilisation and its role in both regimes.
Switch mode supplies
Kadlecová, Lucie ; Červinka, Dalibor (referee) ; Patočka, Miroslav (advisor)
In this bachelor‘s thesis is described the design and construction of switch-mode power supply with a pulse transformer. It is mainly focused on projecting and putting into practice of the basic functional elements - LC filter, pulse transformer, transistor converter, transistor drivers, rectifiers and control circutory, including experimental testing of the final product.
The possibility of using elements of palliative care in a nursing home
The thesis focuses on the possibilities to use elements of palliative hospice care in the retirement home. The work describes basic theoretical themes such as human dignity, its interpretation and dignified dying. It also presents basic issues concerning dying and death, ethical problems of different phases of dying, as well as the dying person's needs. The thesis tries to answer the question about the possibility of dignified dying through the use of hospice care. It also defines palliative care provided in hospices as one of the approaches to long-term care of dying people. The research analyses two standards of nursing care in retirement homes The care of a dying person and The care of a dead person. It presents results of its own research method realized through semi-structured interviews with clients of a retirement home. The aim of the research is to find out whether the clients themselves are interested in application of hospice palliative care in the retirement home.
The tax measures in EU that were adopted because of the global economic crisis
Kadlecová, Lucie ; Kubátová, Květa (advisor) ; Hartlová, Alena (referee)
The thesis deals with the tax measures adopted in the EU countries in the context of the global economic crisis. The objective of this thesis was to describe the tax changes and evaluate their effectivity. The adopted measures were evaluated with regard to the theoretical principles of taxation. In my thesis I used the method of secondary analyses of the EU and OECD materials; to evaluate the effectivity of the tax changes I have used the method of comparison and deduction. I made detailed analysis of tax reforms in Hungary, Greece and Germany. The tax measures in all compared countries confirmed the recent trend -- a shift from direct to indirect taxation. In my work I also focused on the impact of fiscal policy on economic growth. During the crisis the EU countries tried to support the economy by fiscal incentives which led to the high state debt and in some countries almost to a state bankruptcy. It is very complicated to explain how much influence had the taxes in the combat with the crisis. However it is quite certain that without the fiscal help a number of states would be still in recession.

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