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Physiological nutrition of adolescents and their knowledge of principles of healthy eating
Fialová, Anežka ; Křížová, Jarmila (advisor) ; Krausová, Adela (referee)
This thesis deals with the topic of Physiological nutrition of adolescents and their knowledge of healthy eating principles and habits. The theoretical part of this paper defines the term adolescence and explains the characteristics of this period in one's life. It focuses on the physiological nutrition issue of this developmental period and all of the fundamental parts of nutrition are mentioned and studied. Another confronted issue is the problematic eating in adolescents, the risks alternative diets may bring, and the appearance of obesity and food intake disorders. In the practical part I investigated how informed Czech high school student are about the principles of healthy eating habits. The investigation sums up results of a quantitive method using a questionnaire. 45 high school students participated in the study; they were all in their last year of Czech high school. The hypotheses involved aspects of important components of the diet. The study presents the raw knowledge students obtain during their lives about a healthy diet. The results show that there are only a few areas of nutrition where the students are informed, nevertheless, there are other areas little to no information is passed on to the students inside the schools curriculum. In general, the results are reasonably positive,...
Education in the company Sellier & Bellot a.s.
Křížová, Jana ; Šafránková, Jana Marie (advisor) ; Tureckiová, Michaela (referee)
This rigorous thesis deals with an education system in the company Sellier & Bellot a.s.. The goal of this thesis is to analyze and evaluate the strategy and politics in the educational department of Sellier & Bellot a.s. and then to offer solutions to improve educational system of the company. The theoretical part of this thesis is focused on company education from the point of view of educational area, requirements and factors of company education. Furthermore, there are described phases of company education. In the practical part of this thesis is an introduction of the company Sellier & Bellot a.s. Through an analysis of company documents, interviews with the heads of the company and employee questionnaires are established the rates of chosen educational factors of employees of the company. Based on these results are offered solutions to improve contentment of the employees with the educational system of this company.
Fiber intake in developed countries and possibilities for its increase in population
Ježková, Kristýna ; Pejšová, Hana (advisor) ; Křížová, Jarmila (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with fiber intake and possibilities of its increase. The main aim of the thesis is to evaluate the actual intake of fiber in the population and to find out whether people actually know what fiber is and what should be its daily intake. The theoretical part is focused on fiber itself. It describes its characteristics, distribution, properties and sources. The effect of fiber on human health and the consequences of insufficient or excessive fiber intake are discussed as well. The practical part is focused on the real intake of fiber in the population. It is done in the form of a questionnaire survey, in which I try to find out what knowledge of fiber people have, but also how often they consume foods containing fiber. Most of the questionnaires were handed out to customers of one unnamed pharmacy and healthy nutrition center in Prague and other passers-by. Altogether, I managed to collect 84 questionnaires. The questionnaire results show that vast majority of respondents have an idea of what fiber is and which foods contain it most; however, they do not know what the recommended daily intake is. Still, half of the respondents think their diet includes enough fiber. The fiber intake in men and women was not much different. The most significant difference was in the...
Quality of life and development of nutritional status of patiens on home parenteral nutrition
Vítková, Martina ; Křížová, Jarmila (advisor) ; Trachta, Pavel (referee)
My Bachelor thesis focuses on life quality evaluation and nutritional status development in patients on a home parenteral nutrition (HPN). Theoretical part focuses on general information about patient examination after their arrival in a hospital. It further focuses on indication, division, composition and complications of parenteral nutrition and it gives a brief summary of basic knowledge about parenteral nutrition applied in home environment. HPN is most often recommended in patients with short bowel syndrom, ileus or some oncological diseases. The main expected benefit of HPN is an option for the patient to persist at home surrounded by family as opposed to being in a hospital. Even though HPN still comes with many complications, these patients still have a chance to live a relatively normal life. Two goals were set to evaluate the practical part of the thesis. First goal is to assesses the quality of life of patients on HPN and to determine whether the quality of life is changed and if so then how. Second goal is to describe the change of nutritional status in patients on home parenteral nutrition. These goals were achieved by using research questions focused on determining patient's feelings, health complications, ability to take part in physical activity and to integrate back into their work...
Awareness of hospital staff in respect of nutrition in connection with education
Boukalová, Michaela ; Nováková, Alena (advisor) ; Křížová, Jarmila (referee)
The diploma thesis focuses on hospital staff and their nutrition awareness in relation to their education. The aim of the thesis is to map the nutrition awareness of the employees in the hospital. Compare how the knowledge of the hospital dietary system differs among the staff with basic, secondary and tertiary education. Compare how the knowledge of healthy eating principles differs among the hospital staff with primary, secondary and tertiary education. Find out from employees what they think affects their eating habits and adherence to the principles of healthy eating. The theoretical part deals with the general meaning of carbohydrates, fats, proteins and other important substances for the organism. Furthermore, it deals with recommendations for healthy and balanced eating, nutrient supplementation, tips for a balanced diet, dietary measures for selected diseases and the consequences of poor nutrition on the human body. Last but not least, the dietary system and diets are mentioned in the work. A questionnaire survey method was used to draw up the practical part, where 168 employees were involved. The research group was made up of randomly selected hospital staff in different age categories with different education. The research group was divided into 3 groups by education. Then, these three...
The effect of high protein enteral nutrition on the nutritional status of the patients in intesive care
Jirků, Jitka ; Křížová, Jarmila (advisor) ; Zlatohlávek, Lukáš (referee)
Background: The paper presents a broad view of the issue of providing sufficient nutritional support (enteral nutrition) with a high level of protein for the target group of patients in intensive care. Patients in these types of departments (ARO, ICU) have different metabolic requirements at different time intervals of their acute illness. Understanding the essence of metabolism of essential macronutrients with all the consequences on the organism is the basis for understanding metabolism in intensive care with a significant influence on the different nutritional requirements of these patients and maximizing our efforts to adapt the type of enteral nutrition to the needs of intensive care patients. Objective: The aim of this work was to evaluate the effect of the new enteral formula Peptamen Intense on the nutritional status of patients in intensive care. Assess the possibility of achieving the nutritional target of proteins (energy) according to the guidelines. Evaluate other parameters that influence management of nutritional support in patients with intensive care. Methodology: Ten patients were selected from the workplaces (ARO, JIP) throughout the Czech Republic according to clearly defined input criteria between November 2017 and March 2018. Subsequently, all patients were enrolled in the...
Intensive care unit delirium from nurses perspective
Křížová, Jana ; Hocková, Jana (advisor) ; Maffei Svobodová, Ludmila (referee)
Intensive care unit delirium from nurse's perspective Introduction: Delirium is a disturbance of consciousness, one of the most frequent organ dysfunctions in the ICU. Delirium occurs in 60 - 80% patients who receive mechanical ventilation and is independently associated with increased mortality and development of post-ICU neurocognitive deficit in adult ICU patients. It is recommended to monitor delirium routinely with validated screening tools (CAM-ICU or ICDSC). Experienced and well educated nurse, armed with appropriate diagnostic tools, can actively participate in prevention, diagnosis and therapy od delirium. Objective: This Master diploma thesis objective was to get to know current knowledge of nursing staff working in Czech ICUs about delirium and their clinical praxis. Method: Quantitative research was conducted with a questionnaire filled by nursing staff of ICUs for adult patients in two university and one regional hospital in Czech Republic from August to September 2017. Results: Altogether, 110 questionnaires from 130 have returned (84% return). The outcomes showed that 63% of nurses are sufficiently informed on ICU delirium, 66% would appreciate more education on the subject. All in all, 51% of nurses don't prevent delirium in their patients and 35% don't even know what are the...
Establishment of a new study program at university
The diploma thesis deals with the establishment of a new study program at the university. In the theoretical part are described all project works, project budget, education and accreditation process. In the application part are provided a detailed overview of the planned activities using the PERT network analysis, which reveals how many days it takes to establish of a new study program. The accreditation section contains attachments required for accreditation by the National Accreditation Authority, and the budget deals with revenue and cost components. All values in the budget are drawn from the data of the University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice. The conclusion of the diploma thesis evaluates the whole project in terms of accreditation, time and budget.
Mitochondrial phenotype in minipig model transgenic for N-terminal part of human mutated huntingtin
Hansíková, H. ; Rodinová, M. ; Křížová, J. ; Dosoudilová, Z. ; Štufková, H. ; Bohuslavová, Božena ; Klíma, Jiří ; Juhás, Štefan ; Ellederová, Zdeňka ; Motlík, Jan ; Zeman, J.
Huntington’s disease (HD) is neurodegenerative disorder caused by an abnormal expansion of CAG repeat encoding a polyglutamine tract of huntingtin (htt). It has been postulated that mitochondria dysfunction may play significant role in the pathophysiology of the HD. But it is still not known yet in detail how mitochondria are able to cover energy needs of the cells during the progression of the HD.

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