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Direct representation in civil law - general remarks
Kříž, Josef ; Elischer, David (advisor) ; Thöndel, Alexandr (referee)
1 DIRECT REPRESENTATION IN CIVIL LAW - GENERAL REMARKS Abstract The subject of this theses are general remarks to direct representation as a historical and fundamental institute of private (substantive) law. The thesis is therefore devoted to the interpretation of general provisions of the Civil Code concerning direct representation (contained in Sections 436 to 440). These fundamental issues include, in particular, the nature of the direct representation, as an institute, and the authority to represent, as the power of one person to act for another. Furthermore, the author of this work concerns the distinction between different types of direct representation, the distinction between legal relationship between agent and principal concerning representation and the other potential legal relationship that may exist between those two, and the requirement to prove authority to represent to a third party. An extensive part of the thesis is devoted to the scope of the agent's authority to represent the principal and the consequences of acting without a such authority. This part includes issues related to acting with a conflict of interests, the personal acting of the agent and requirement of collective action of several agents. The aim of this thesis is to interpret relevant legal provisions consistently and at...
An impact of incapacitation of a limited company upon legal theory and practice
Kříž, Josef ; Čech, Petr (advisor) ; Pelikán, Robert (referee)
OF DIPLOMA THESIS An impact of incapacitation of a limited company upon legal theory and practice Author: Josef Kříž Supervisor: JUDr. Petr Čech, LL.M, Ph.D. Department: Department of Commercial Law The main purpose of my thesis was to analyse the significant change in the concept of limited company, i.e. old-new concept of the members of statutory body as agents of the company. However, I conceived a thesis more generally as analysis of the question of whether the New Civil Code and the Business Corporations Act incapacitated limited company or not. The thesis is divided into five main chapters, including an introduction and a conclusion. In the second chapter I try to reconstruct legal thinking of First Czechoslovak Republic on this issue, because its reference by the New Civil Code. Although views on the status of a statutory body of legal persons and the legal capacity of a legal person were different, I came to the conclusion that there was more or less consensus that members of statutory body are agents of legal persons. Regarding the legal capacity of a legal person, then it can be concluded that the doctrine of the First Czechoslovak Republic concluded either that the legal person is a person incompetent, or that the legal capacity is not by definition characteristic of legal person. In the...
Delegation and its implementation in practice
Tunysová, Alena ; Kříž, Josef (advisor) ; Hana, Hana (referee)
This thesis deals with process of delegation and its implementation in practice. The thesis consists of a theoretical part and an own work. Theoretical part applies on general concepts of management in the introductory part. Main theoretical part is focused on issues of delegation, its object, elements and goals. Next there are introduced advantages and disadvantages, barriers, which block managers process of delegation. The analysis of work is written in details, that means what is possible or cant be delegate, planning of delegation, which includes goals of planning, terms, decisions, extent of authority or inspection. There are not forgotten chapters focused on a choice of appropriate workmate and a process how to delegate correctly. The practical part is primarily based on a survey in which statements are followed from literature research. Answers of interviewed managers are presented and then illustrated with graphs, where are also added information from unstructured interviews. It is also used a method of structured interview with managers for more details. In conclusion, this own study evaluated the results of the survey and based on these measures is proposed, which should ensure more efficient use of managerial skills in the surveyed company.
Education of employees
Tarasova, Olga ; Kříž, Josef (advisor)
Thesis is devoted to the education of employees in organizations. The topic is very relevant in modern conditions where employers already understand the importance and value of human capital. The main aim of the work is to develop recommendations for particular Czech company in the field of educational programs for staff, implementation of which implies the subsequent increase of motivation and performance of employees.
Motivation as a tool of performance management
Berková, Zuzana ; Kříž, Josef (advisor) ; Hana, Hana (referee)
The main theme of this work is motivation as an instrument of performance employees. It deals with the problem of human resources in business organizations, their management and development in connection with individual performance stimulation. The work is divided into three parts. The first methodic part describes motivation instruments used in a business organization. In the theoretical part are defined basic terms, selected motivation theories, principles of employee management. The second part describes motivation instruments used in a business organization. The last part is devoted to the research of satisfaction with the motivation instruments in organization. The main goal of this research was to verify if the motivation instruments are functional and if they are convenient to majority of employees
Managerial skills
Štěpánková, Pavlína ; Kříž, Josef (advisor) ; Zdeněk, Zdeněk (referee)
Nowadays we meet managers in the vast majority of businesses. They are the major representatives of different companies, because on their shoulders carries a large part of the responsibilities associated with running the company. On the managerial competence and skills are therefore kept high demands. Explanation of basic concepts related to management and managers is mentioned in first, theoretical part of this thesis. Simultaneously this section attempts to answer the question, what the ideal manager should be. Therefore this part of thesis is focused on the personality of the manager, his skills, roles, functions, competencies and abilities. The second part deals with the practical application of acquired knowledge to the company Lazne Belohrad Inc. The company is briefly described in terms of historical and contemporary developments. Based on the survey managerial skills of staff, managers of middle management are analysed. Based on the research it was investigated the interconnection of hard skills and soft skills. At the same time there were suggested possible ways of improving and developing managerial skills.
Motivation as a tool of performance management
Papajová, Simona ; Kříž, Josef (advisor) ; Hana, Hana (referee)
The thesis focuses on the motivation of employees as a tool of their performance management at the property development company Crestyl real estate, s.r.o. Based on the results, a proposal is created which will lead towards improving the current situation in the mentioned business. This thesis is divided into two main sections, the first being theoretical and the second being practical. The theoretical section, based from literary sources, deals with the characteristics of human resource management, management and performance, motivation, theories of motivation, and incentive programs. The practical section begins with an introduction of the selected company, covering a brief description of the company's history, organizational structure, and business environment. Additionally, various benefits are described which are currently offered to employees. This is followed by the research questionnaire survey and an evaluation of its results. The results are based on suggestions and recommendations that should lead to increased employee motivation at the company.
Statistical analysis of mortgage market development in the Czech Republic and its tendencies
Jourová, Svatava ; Prášilová, Marie (advisor) ; Kříž, Josef (referee)
This thesis tends to analyse development of mortgage loans in the Czech republic, where due to decreasing interest rate in few past years is wanted way of purchasing real property. Using statistical timelines analysis is set main structure of mortgage purchasing development by number of approved morgages loan, in the period from 2002 to 2015. Based on this analysis, it is forecasted the future development of the number of mortgage loans, volume of mortgage loans and number of hans according to the provided purpose. Prognosis depicts presumed development of indicators in 2016 and 2019 and brings common suggestions for banks overall.
Managerial skills
Zahradník, Jan ; Kříž, Josef (advisor) ; Zdeněk, Zdeněk (referee)
In today's hyper-competitive market environment is put great emphasis on managing man-agerial skills and the personality of the manager himself at all management levels. In order to set in such a market-based environment, the need to constantly prepare managers to new and unfamiliar situations in the course of their practice may encounter. Accordingly, there was also this thesis, which aims to inspire managers in one such venture, for which, thanks to its field of business, knowledge and application of effective managerial skills determi-nant of success. The theoretical part deals with the principles of management, personality of manager, the advantages and disadvantages of each type personalities in leading positions in business management and also analyzes problems of management skills. The practical part is focused on the identification, analysis and evaluation of managerial skills in both line and middle managers working with the network of franchise outlets "Bernard pub". In the next step, based on the evaluation, are made recommendations which are designed to improve the level of managerial skills of executives.
Managerial skills
Vernerová, Lucie ; Kříž, Josef (advisor) ; Zdeněk, Zdeněk (referee)
This thesis deals with the management skills that department employees are monitored on, in terms of their work in use and which are necessary for their performance. This thesis consists of two parts, the theoretical and practical. The first part is focusing on theoretical solutions developed on the basis of special Literature and defines basic concepts such as management, managers personality, their competences, but also managerial roles and functions. In detail, it describes soft management skills. The second part is characterized by high society and leads to analyze current levels of managerial skills of their jobs. Custom research was implemented through guided interview with the line manager and form of a questionnaire with employees of the chosen department.Based on the results of the questionnaire, a conclusion can be formed and used to create drawn-effective measures that can in the future help to strengthen the examined skills of workers and increase their level of practice.

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