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The Image of Czechoslovakia in the British Press 1918 - 1922
Bajerová, Adéla ; Pešek, Jiří (advisor) ; Köpplová, Barbara (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with the reception of the newly established Czechoslovakia by the British press from 1918 to 1922. My task was to find out how often and in what context did Czechoslovakia appear in the press and what was the difference between the image of the republic in each newspaper. Secondarily, my task was to evaluate the success of the Czechoslovak propaganda in Britain. The thesis consists of two parts. The first part presents the context of the emergence of Czechoslovakia, Czechoslovak-British diplomacy aims and cultural propaganda in the given period. One chapter is dedicated to the history of the British press and includes profiles of the journals examined. The practical part incorporates both quantitative and qualitative analysis. Four broadsheets in total were analysed; The Times, The Manchester Guardian, The Daily Telegraph and a Sunday newspaper The Observer. Quantitative content analysis of The Times was used to determine the frequency, the length and the interest of the mentions of Czechoslovakia as well as the theme of the articles. Based on the quantitative analysis, sample time periods were selected for the qualitative section. The qualitative analysis further deepens the quantitative part and presents the explicit and implicit attributes that Czechoslovakia was...
Cezch-jewish Calendar 1930-1938
Mrnková, Nina ; Köpplová, Barbara (advisor) ; Bednařík, Petr (referee)
This thesis explores Czech-jewish yearly Czech-jewish calendar in its last phase from years 1930 to 1938. The main goal was to present this medium in historical context and introduce its editorial staff, publisher, form and content in said time frame. Author describes national and religious identity of jewish communities in Bohemia and focuses mainly on the Czech-jewish movement - the publisher of the medium in question. The thesis then focuses on formal elements of the calendar, including description of calendars as a media type, history of the medium from its first publishing in 1886 and its publisher, Academical Club Kapper. Editorial staff is also presented, focusing on writer Egon Hostovský, other chief editors and discussing other interesting and significant contributors. The thesis is also describing content of the medium, which is divided into fiction/factual literature and practical part. This part also focuses on articles regarding rising antisemitism in Germany and its influence on jewish communities in Czechoslovakia. Author describes historical context before the beginning of the second world war and concludes what led to the end of the Czech-jewish calendar. The goal was to fully describe one of the most important medium of Czech-jewish movement and its purpose in given timeframe.
Analysis of musical periodical Gramorevue in 1965-1971
Komárková, Karolina ; Köpplová, Barbara (advisor) ; Groman, Martin (referee)
This thesis discusses the musical monthly Gramorevue (originally G), which was first published in 1965. It examines (through historical analysis of first seven years of the magazine G and a supplementary interview with the main graphic designer, Ladislav Rada) who stood for the creation of the periodical, who was part of the editorial team and what its purpose was. The studied period of 1965-1971 provides insight into the development of the periodical during turbulent political and cultural-social changes. The second half of the 1960s represented, within the Czechoslovak society, a period of reformative moods that slowly led to a gradual democratization of the system. Subsequent Soviet intervention of August 1968 ended these liberalization efforts. Ensuing normalization in the early 1970s brought back to the Communist Party power over media.
Press in region of Cernokostelecko in the period of the first republic with a focus on newspaper Pruboj
Kvasničková, Alena ; Köpplová, Barbara (advisor) ; Knapík, Jiří (referee)
The work tries to contribute to the theme of the First Republic regional press; with greater emphasis on printing in the region Cernokostelecka and especially focusing on Pruboj weekly (1929-1939). In the first part is defined Cernokostelecko, both in terms of territorial, demographic and historical. The second part deals with the development of the regional press and related legislation and censorship issues, the third is an overview of the press in the area, pointing to regional printers, publishers and personalities. The main part of the thesis is the newspaper Pruboj (complete); the periodical is characterized by aspect content, authorship, graphic or language; also censorship cases are described. In this part is also the first and complete biography of Frantisek Simáček, editor of Pruboj.
Literature on the Czech radio broadcasting Pilsen
Melicharová, Vanda ; Maršík, Josef (advisor) ; Köpplová, Barbara (referee)
This thesis deals with the evolution of literary and dramatic broadcasting of the CRo Plzeň station in 1993-2006. It tries to look at this issue through the staffing of the editorial staff, the content of the work of its members, the dramaturgy of the editorial staff and the cooperation with the nationwide stations. From the point of view of creation of the editorial board, which is reflected in the regular verbal program series from her workshop, it considers the most important works of creation and, last but not least, from the point of view of program schemes related to the broadcasting of its literary and dramatic programs. The question of the development of this type of broadcasting examines, using the qualitative method of the case study, through methods that are used for historical analysis. The most important source of information for finding answers to the research questions was the method of oral history and the materials provided by the personal archive by director M. Buriánek.
Sequel novel in selected volumes of two magazines for women published in the first Czechoslovak Republic - List paní a dívek and Hvězda československých paní a dívek
Srbecká, Tereza ; Köpplová, Barbara (advisor) ; Knapík, Jiří (referee)
The diploma thesis "Sequel novel in selected volumes of two magazines for women published in the first Czechoslovak Republic - List paní a dívek and Hvězda československých paní a dívek" deals with sequel novels, which were published in favorite women's magazines. These novels belongs to genre "červená knihovna" and genre of teen female novels. Term "červená knihovna" (similar to harlequin) is typical for Czech literary background. Theoretical part consists historical context of sequel novel and his development and also history of popular women's literature. This part also refers to fundamental elements of sequel novels. Mainly it is stereotypization of main protagonist, patterns and plot. The end of the sequel novel for women is traditionally closed with happy ending. The practical part is focused on analyzed novels in two magazines - List paní a dívek and Hvězda československých paní a dívek. At first there are described basic data about magazines, their establishments and summary of content they consisted. Research part contains list of all sequel novels which were published and analyzed. The aim of this part was to describe main pattern, genre and plot. Part of description was focused on nationality of authors and number of sequels. The result contains the most important analyzed data and...
Periods of Time (1930-1938, 2000-2008) and Their Comparison
Žbirková, Nikola ; Cebe, Jan (advisor) ; Köpplová, Barbara (referee)
The subject of this master thesis is the comparison of the way of writing about celebrities in two time periods, namely 1930-1938 and 2000-2008. Thesis are based on two first-republic social magazines, Eva and List paní a dívek, and two magazines from the turn of the century - Cosmopolitan and Rytmus života. The first part of the thesis introduces primarily a theme of the social magazines and celebrities, it also touches the tabloid and the mass media. It also deals with the characteristics of selected social magazines. At the same time, the theoretical part explains the basic knowledge from the history of the two examined periods, which allows a better understanding of context of the periods. The second part of the master thesis is focused on own empirical research, which consists of exploratory and descriptive phase of research. It is therefore the most important part of the thesis, which brings new knowledges. The exploratory phase includes a research sample and presents article entries. The descriptive phase includes an analysis of relationships between celebrities and themes, emotions and sentiment in relevant articles. Part of this section contains research questions and answers.
Novorossiya: comparison of its perception in Czech and Russian environment from 2013 through 2016
Švarc, David ; Köpplová, Barbara (advisor) ; Miessler, Jan (referee)
This Bachelor thesis concerns itself with the internationally unrecognized confederation known as Novorossiya. This political entity emerged between 2014 and 2015 during the Ukrainian crisis. The ultimate goal of this work is to map out how the emergence of said state was reflected by four Czech and four Russian media platforms. The research itself is preceded by a chapter dedicated to the historical context of the geographical region. The content of this chapter includes important geopolitical and historical events that preceded the rise of the confederation which ventures back to the rule of Catherine II. up to the eventual Ukrainian Crisis. The parameters of the media inquiries made regarding the crisis are closely examined and include a year of research around said crisis in both directions (2013 & 2016). This is done in the hope to provide a wide enough scope of time and information to be able to clearly state if and when the idea of Novorossiya was present in any form and in what measures was it present. The research done is both quantitative and qualitative terms in order to have sufficient data to reach a conclusion.
Taking over the papal office - Comparative content analysis
Fišer, Tomáš ; Koudelková, Petra (advisor) ; Köpplová, Barbara (referee)
The death of Pope John Paul II. ended a nearly thirty-year long period in the church, during which even in the Czech atheistic community the Pope was a topic that the mass media was intensively devoted to. Both of his successors came to the office, while the media had an extraordinary interest, which was further supported by the various specific conditions. Pope Benedict XVI. and his successor, Pope Francis, are two different personalities, with a different way of speaking, different life experiences and different relationships to the media. All these factors were reflected by the media, which participated in the creation of their media image - the way they were presented to the public. This diploma thesis compares the differences in the creation of media images of both Popes in the first year of their appointment. Two types of media were chosen for comparison, which represent the most typical newspapers in the Czech Republic. Mladá fronta DNES represents a serious approach. On the other hand the second one, BLESK, represents the tabloid way of reporting. The quantitative content analysis method is used for comparison, thanks to which the published articles about both Popes can be analyzed and get some representative conclusions about these Popes.
Participation of the local press on the development and promotion of solidarity with the municipality
Vojíková Vítková, Martina ; Štoll, Martin (advisor) ; Köpplová, Barbara (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the influence of the local press on the creation of local identity, on the example of the monthly magazine of the City District Prague 17. In particular, the thesis examines how and specifically by what the magazine called Řepská 17 supports the solidarity of citizens, readers of this monthly newspaper, with the City District Prague 17 Řepy. The thesis analyzes the content of the Řepská 17 magazine during ten year period from April 2007 to December 2017. The analysis is both quantitative and qualitative, it deals with the scope and content of individual sections and examines whether the articles highlight the positives of life in Řepy. One part of the thesis is also the processing of a questionnaire survey which took place among the citizens of Řepy, who are the readers of the Řepská 17 magazine, too. The questionnaire describes the media behavior of readers and their opinions on the magazine.The aim of both the content analysis and the questionnaire survey is to figure out whether the magazine strengthens the knowledge of belonging its readers to the City District Prague 17 and whether it participates in development of a positive relationship of the readers to the place where they live.

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