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Elementary Processes at Low Temperatures - Reactions of H3+ and N2H+ in Afterglow Plasmas
Kálosi, Ábel ; Plašil, Radek (advisor) ; Rubovič, Peter (referee) ; Španěl, Patrik (referee)
Electron-ion recombination and ion-neutral interactions play a piv- otal role in the chemical evolution of molecules in the Interstellar Medium (ISM). Physical conditions under which these processes un- dergo in the ISM include a wide range of temperatures and particle number densities. This work contributes to the experimental study of named low temperature phenomena in the range of 30 K to 300 K focusing on the reactions of hydrogen-containing light molecules. The employed experimental techniques are based on a combination of a Stationary Afterglow (SA) instrument with a Continuous Wave Cavity Ring-down Spectrometer (cw-CRDS). The main contributions of this work can be split into three topics. (1) The proton and deuteron con- taining isotopic system of H3 + ions. The isotopic fractionation process in collisions with hydrogen and deuterium gas was investigated in low temperature discharges, nominal ion temperatures of 80 K to 140 K, to deduce relative ion densities in the experiments. These are necessary for afterglow studies of isotopic effects in electron-ion recombination of the studied ions. (2) Vibrational spectroscopy of N2H+ ions focusing on first overtone (2ν1 band) transitions and ion thermometry, the first step towards studies of electron-ion recombination. (3) The role of para/ortho spin...
Recombination of molecular ions with electrons at low temperatures
Kálosi, Ábel ; Plašil, Radek (advisor) ; Kudrna, Pavel (referee)
The aim of this work is the experimental study of recombination of molecular ions with electrons at low temperatures (< 300 K). The work gives an overview of the diagnostic methods, modelling of chemical kinetics, and experimental ap- paratuses Cryo-FALP II and SA-CRDS used in the undertaken measurements. Two processes were studied in the course of this work: state-selective binary disso- ciative recombination of H+ 3 ions in para-H+ 3 and ortho-H+ 3 states, and H2-assisted ternary recombination of H+ 3 . The main result of the state-selective dissociative recombination study is that the rate of recombination in the para-H+ 3 state is at least three times higher than in the ortho-H+ 3 state at 60 K. The study of H2- assisted recombination gave a better understanding of ternary processes of H+ 3 ions and removed further discrepancies between results of afterglow experiments.
Study of reactions of simple ions in low temperature plasma
Kálosi, Ábel ; Plašil, Radek (advisor) ; Picková, Irena (referee)
The subject of this thesis is the study of the probe diagnostic method of low temperature plasma. The basis of Langmuir probe diagnostics in terms of appli- cation on apparatus CryoFALP II for the study of reactions of simply particles, the principle of the FALP technique and the experimental method of undertaken measurements are described. As a part of the thesis a package of evaluation pro- grams were compiled, which are ready to be a part of the measuring system as described in the thesis. Main results concern verification of the proper application of Langmuir probe technique in conditions characteristic for the apparatus, argon plasma was chosen as the medium of the measurements, where the characteristic loss process is ambipolar diffusion of charged particles. The application of the acquired knowledge is shown on recombination in oxygen plasma.

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