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Dead vertebrate bodies - factor of the soil environment
Jourová, Barbora ; Smrž, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Růžička, Jan (referee)
Microhabitats are a very interesting phenomenon in nature. They can be studied on many levels. Nevertheless, their common characteristic is the fact, that they create a unique community of organisms that are very different from the surroundings. One of the most interesting types of microhabitat is the dead body of a large vertebrate. Oasis of nutrients is formed on the small area on, beneath and around the body. It provides a space for living to many thousands of animals, mainly from phylum Arthropoda. The dead body is also an unpredictable factor. That is why many animals, mainly from order Diptera, specialized their life strategy on seeking of those dead bodies. The reaction of soil community on the decomposing body is fascinating, but it received in Czech republic a very little attention among scientists. Many body fluids are released into the soil beneath the body, and those fluids change pH in the soil that causes substantial changes in the composition of the soil community. This work is focused on the decomposition of pig carcass (Sus domestica). It captures all the stages of decomposition from the fresh body to skeletal remains. Furthermore, the change of soil mite community is described here. Mites were chosen because of their high species diversity and large abundance in soil. In this...
Community structure of soil saprophagous mites and their food selection
Jourová, Barbora ; Smrž, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Hubert, Jan (referee)
Community structure of soil saprophagous mites illustrates not only their diversity, but also it is able to characterize biotop as a whole. Such structure can be correlated with fluctuation of factors in with respect to the historical development and perspectives of biotope. Therefore, community structure exhibits the dynamics. The nutritional biology belongs to biological as well as to ecological parameters. This work presents the summary of existing knowledge about study of nutritional bi- ology and community structure of soil saprophagous mites and also critical analysis of methods studying soil mites. Keywords: moss mites, community strukture, food selection.

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