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The influence of some xenobiotics from environment on the reproduction
Jirsová, Simona ; Mašata, Jaromír (advisor) ; Stárka, Luboslav (referee) ; Černá, Milena (referee)
The aim of this study: To confirm the possibility of detection of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and organohalogen pesticides (OCPs) in blood and follicular fluid of infertile women. To determine the levels of some congeners and to confirme their cumulation in follicular fluid and their influence on the results of IVF +ET program. Methods: We detected the levels of PCBs and OCPs at first in blood and follicular fluid of 30 infertile women. After that we analysed the relationship between the presence of these xenobiotics and achieving succesful pregnancy. Results: It was found the cumulation of this xenobiotics in follicular fluid. PCB 118+123, PCB 156, PCB 172, HCB (hexachlorobenzene) and beta HCH (hexachlorocyclohexane) are dependent on the age of patients. The most part of PCBs is also higher in patiens with high BMI (body mass index). We foud the higher concentrations of PCB 47 a PCB 158 in patients with primary sterility. This correlation was not statistically significant. We confirmed statistically significant higher levels of PCBs in folicular fluid of patients with endometriosis. The levels of OCPs didn't differ. A correlation has been ascertained between the number of diploid oocytes and the levels of DDT, fertilization of oocytes and levels of PCB 158 and the pregnancy rate and the number of...
The analysis of an offer of tours to the United States of America on the current market in Czech republic
Jirsová, Simona ; Petrů, Zdenka (advisor) ; Novotný, David (referee)
The mail goal of this diploma paper is to make analysis focused on the products directed to the United States of America offered by travel agencies on the local market.Author aims to realize the current development of demand of Czech travellers for trips and tours organized to the United States of America, especially in reference to recent legislative changes made by the government of the United States of America.The analysis results from detailed characteristics of the destination and trends of Czechs outgoing tourism to the US. There is a confrontantion based on the present findings, offer of the travel agencies is compared to the potentials of the market.
Přirozený pohyb obyvatel v rozvojových zemích
Jirsová, Simona ; Němečková, Tereza (advisor) ; Pohl, M. (referee)
Práce popisuje vývoj přirozeného pohybu obyvatel zejména v rozvojových zemích.Věnuje se jednotlivým ukazatelům a faktorů, které mají vliv na vývoj přírůstku počtu obyvatel.Závěrem práce nastiňuje odhady budoucího vývoje počtu obyvatel rozvojových zemí v horizontu 50 let.

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2 JIRSOVÁ, Stanislava
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