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WorkPprogress Report and Achievements for 2018.
Jirsa, P. ; Vlček, J. ; Veselý, Václav
It was designed by SMS CZ demonstration unit for which basic functional tests have been performed. Operational data and protocols from the basic unit testing are presented. Small modifications of heat exchanger have been proposed. It is expected to propose fuel dosage control with regard to operator level and operation conditions.
WorkPprogress Report and Achievements for 2017.
Jirsa, P. ; Vlček, J. ; Veselý, Václav
On the design process instrumentation diagram, basic drawings of individual elements and parts of the technology were created. One of the main technological nodes was tested - a screw feeder for fuel feeding into the combustion chamber. Combustion tests were carried out on existing pilot combustion technology. The results were used to design and optimize individual nodes to the planned mobile unit prototype.
Fuel Dosage.
Jirsa, P. ; Veselý, Václav
Three types of fuel have been selected to verify the combustion mobile unit. These are TAP, granular biomass, dried sludge. On the basis of experiments, alterations of the screw feeder were made. Individual fuel calibrations were performed.
Discussion about Liturgical Space in Our Country between the Second Vatican Coucil and presence
Jirsa, Prokop ; Kotas, Jan (advisor) ; Dřímal, Ludvík (referee)
The outcomes of the Second Vatican Council have brought essential changes into liturgy, having impacted the liturgical space as well. However, the totalitarian communist regime that was in power in Czech lands at the time allowed only a limited space for the application of the Council outcomes in practice. That is why the post-Council situation in liturgy is in many ways unique in the Czech Republic. After the Velvet Revolution there was a rapid and rapturous development that has brought not only positives, but also certain negatives stemming from the too-quickly loosening grip of bondage. The aim of this thesis is to monitor the state of the discussion on liturgical space in the period between the Second Vatican Council and the present day. The theoretical part looks at the summary of the discussion in the Czech Republic before the Second Vatican Council, then briefly presents concept of sacred space of the Second Vatican Council and at the end outlines the pre-Council and the post-Council European context. The practical part consists in the finding, researching and evaluating of materials concerning the subject. They have been assessed according to three main criteria. The first is a historical viewpoint sorting the materials by the time they came into being. The second classifies them by the...
Evaluation of Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Czech, s.r.o.
Jirsa, Prokop ; Kotáb, Jiří (advisor) ; Scholleová, Hana (referee)
The theme of this final thesis is an evaluation of a Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Czech, s.r.o company. The goal of this thesis is to determine the value of the company based on discounted free cash flow and discounted economic value added methods using only publicly available sources while respecting "going concern principle". The date of valuation is 1. 12. 2013. This thesis consists of two parts. The first part focuses on the evaluation methodology. The second part focuses on the company, its market and surroundings. It contains strategy and financial analysis of the company needed for the evaluation process. The evaluation process itself is afterwards analyzed and explained thoroughly.
New marketing aproaches with focus on changing view of traditional marketin.
Jirsa, Prokop ; Skokanová, Dagmar (advisor) ; Stříteský, Václav (referee)
This work is focused on finding new marketing aproaches on new dynamically evolving medium - internet

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