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Lateran Treaty in the Mirror of Czechoslovak Diplomatic Correspondence
Jireš, Pavel ; Šmíd, Marek (advisor) ; Petráček, Tomáš (referee)
The bachelor thesis will be aimed to the reflection of the diplomatic contacts between the Vatican and fascist Italy in the second half of 1920s. These contacts led both states to signing the Lateran treaty in February 1929. The Lateran treaty was made of the system of smaller covenants that held international, concorde and financial agreements. It will like to pursue the analysis of their negotiations, acceptance and application in Italy where the Lateran treaty by its content made the future way of the relationship between the Catholic church and fascist Italy goverment. Short after its public declaration and ratification the Catholic church begun to open to the world again and the Pope stopped proclaiming himself as a prisoner. The popes kept saying that since Rome was sacked and taken by the army of Victor Emanuel I. On the other hand the relationship beetween the Pope and Benito Mussolini stayed, or as the matter of fact between the Vatican and Italy, pretty low because the treaty did not solve everything. The reflection will mostly follow the messages of the Czechoslovak diplomatic ambassador Vladimír Radimský who wrote in his diplomatic lists to Prague his opinions about the Lateran treaty. These diplomatic list will create the very heart of the bachelor thesis.

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