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Effect of toning in warm-up on performance of floorball players
Králíčková, Kateřina ; Jebavý, Radim (advisor) ; Dragounová, Zuzana (referee)
Title: Effect of toning in warm-up on performance of floorball players Objectives: Find out the influence of toning in warm-up before performance in exercises aimed at determining the action speed, explosive power of legs and agility of floorball players. Methods: A total of 20 floorball player aged 17 - 27 years participated in two measurements, one week apart. On the test day each proband passed one of two types of warm-up, non-toning warm-up and toning warm-up, and the next test day passed the second type of warm-up. The warm-up was follwed by three tests, the 20 m run, the jump from place and the shuttle run. For analysis of results was used statistics methods. Results: The first hypothesis was confirmed for the group of probands aged 17-19 years in the overall performance, 10 m run, 20 m run and jump from place. The second hypothesis was confirmed in the overall performance for all probands, then for the group of probands aged 17-19 years and for the group of probands aged 20-24 years. The second hypothesis was confirmed in the 10 and 20 m run for all probands, in the 10 m, 20 m run and in the jump from the place for the group of probands aged 17-19 years, in the 10 and 20 m run for group of probands aged 20-24 years. According to Cohen's d the results of the 10 and 20 m run were the most...
Warming-up and toning in foolball
Slicho, Tomáš ; Jebavý, Radim (advisor) ; Hojka, Vladimír (referee)
Title: Warming-up and toning in football Objectives: The aim of this work is to compare two types of warming-up by footballers. I assume, that the players will have statistically more significant differences after the toning warming-up, than after the static variant. Methods: The research set consists of 17 elite players in the category of U15, who passed four tests by two selected types of warming-ups during a total of three trainings in a field training experiment. In the result part we used the method of analysis to analyze the results of all tests. We used the comparison when comparing the test results after two different types of warming-ups. The measured values were processed by using basic mathematical-statistical methods. Results: The results provide information on the efficiency and difference of toning and static warming-up based on the obtained values of the performed tests. The values of the players in the tests after the toning warming-up were better by 19.1% than after the static variant. The first hypothesis was thus confirmed. The other two were disproved. Summary: We found that toning warming-up has a statistically more significant effect on the results of the tests of football players than the static variant. Keywords: training, testing, analysis, comparison, field training experiment
Analysis of conditional training in czech extraleague and NHL at selected clubs
Kämpf, Eliška ; Jebavý, Radim (advisor) ; Feher, Jan (referee)
1 Abstract Title: Analysis of conditional training in Czech extraleague and NHL at selected clubs Objectives: Analysis and comparation of choosen parameters of conditioning training made by interview at selected clubs playing in the best leagues - Czech extraleague and NHL Methods: We used method of analysis and method of comparision in this thesis. Method of analysis was used when we were analysing the conditioning in each club, method of comparision was used in the part when we were comparing the information we got from conditioning coaches. Results: Based on analysis and comparision of approaches of conditioning coaches from Piráti Chomutov and Chicago Blackhawks we can claim that the approach of both coaches is different. Conditioning training in Piráti Chomutov is common, while conditioning training in Chicago Blackhawks is individual. Keywords: ice hockey, differences, year training periodization, best leagues, testing
The Influence of five kilometre accelerated movement on shooting precision
Martínek, Lukáš ; Sovák, Libor (advisor) ; Jebavý, Radim (referee)
Title: The Influence of five kilometre accelerated movement on the Shooting Precision Objectives: The objective of my thesis is to explore the influence of the endurance load in the form of five kilometre accelerated movement on the shooting precision. Based on the results, each respondent will be evaluated individually and then the group as a whole. Methods: It is an empirical study. In order to identify the statistical significance, the precise singlechoice T − test was used. The comparison methods were used to evaluate the point total and shoot average. Sporttesters were used to diagnose the heart rate and all the results were processed in the Microsoft Office Excel programme. Results: The measured figures show that the heart rate has a statistical influence on the shooting accuracy. The results also show that the shooting precision of individuals with a high level of physical fitness is not influenced by the endurance load as much as that of individuals with a lower level of physical fitness. Keywords: shooting weapon, endurance, army of the Czech republic, heart rate
Analysis of the sports career of the decathlons Tomáš Dvořák
Gabera, Lukáš ; Jebavý, Radim (advisor) ; Vindušková, Jitka (referee)
Title: Analysis of sports career decathlon athlete Tomáš Dvořák Objectives: The goal of the bachelor thesis is to analyze biographical materials and literature resources to capture and interpret sports career the triple world champion Tomáš Dvořák in years 1993 - 2008. Within the biographical study, there will be a punctual adumbration of whole of his sports career including his every success and every health issue. Methods: This bachelor thesis is carried out as a review and I am going to use the method of comparison and analysis. The work is divided into two main parts. In first part I focused on theoretical part of decathlon itself, its creating history and psychomotor assumptions of successful athlete. In second part I closely analyzed the results of all races he took part in. I described them and used graphical schemes. I connected a short comment to each graphical scheme. Results: In submitted bachelor thesis by studying obtainable materials I managed to map, evaluate and describe the multisport career of Tomáš Dvořák in years 1993 - 2008 including all his successes and health issues. Keywords: sport, career, athletics, decathlon, world champion
Condition training in streethockey
Štěpáník, Radim ; Jebavý, Radim (advisor) ; Kaplan, Aleš (referee)
Title: Conditional Training for Street Hockey Objectives:  Analysation of available literature specialised in conditional training in common and specific character for street hockey and similar sports.  Design a training program for individual conditioning of an elite street hockey player. Methods: This work is assembled as a summarizing study. Foundations for creating a draft of conditional training were formed from analysation of available literature, analysation of heart rate, determination of key energy systems and movement abilities and also from periodization of a year training cycle. Results: The draft of conditional intervention is based on available literature and on results from fulfilled tasks. Keywords: intervention program, analysis, year conditioning cycle, explosive power, speed
Conditioning preparation like a prevention from overloading body - parts in the modern pentathlon
Hojsáková, Jolana ; Jebavý, Radim (advisor) ; Černá, Sylvie (referee)
Title: Conditional preparation as a means of prevention against muscle over- stretching during a Modern pentathlon training Objectives: This thesis comes up with an intervention program anteceding the muscle over- stretching of modern pentathloners. Methods: This thesis uses the quantitative analysis in order to mark out the the problematic body parts of the pentathloners. Six representatives of the Czech Republic figure in this analysis, as coordinated with a physiotherapist. Based on the results, verity of the hypotheses is stated and an intervention is proposed. Results: The most frequently misbalanced areas are: scapulohumeral group, ioins, m. piriformis, scapulae fixators, the deep stabilisation system and Achilles tendon. The conclusion of this thesis introduces an intervention programme that I wish to attest within my diploma thesis. It includes a set of compensational exercises for each discipline, including its quantity and its place within the annual training cycle framework. Keywords: modern pentathlon, compensation, imbalance
Stimulation of muscle strenghtening in football
Bébr, Milan ; Jebavý, Radim (advisor) ; Feher, Jan (referee)
Title Stimulation of muscle strenghtening in football Objectives The primary goal is to analyze a literature on the problematic of this bachelor work. The secondary goal is to design a movement intervention to stimulate the football's muscle strenghtening at the semi-professional level, focused on male football category. Methods Literary research method and subsequent creation of proposals for intervention programs. Results The main product of this bachelor work is a creation of comprehensive proposals for intervention programs in each RTC period. This bachelor work could be beneficial to players and coaches, who have not sufficient knowledge of fitness training, after verification in practise. Key words Organizational forms, fitness training, muscle strenghtening, intervention proposal
Influence interval of rest for speed strength
Tesařová, Karolína ; Jebavý, Radim (advisor) ; Červinka, Pavel (referee)
Title: Influence interval of rest for speed strength Objectives: The aim of this work is to find out an effect of different rest interval on the fast power during the exercise - squat and bench. Methods: An experiment was chosen as a method of empirical research. This is a measurement of fast power using a stopwatch. For the lower limbs was selected a squat back. The bench press was chosen for the upper limbs. STATISTICA 12 statistical software and Microsoft Excel 2003 spreadsheet software were used to process the results. Results: The best rest interval for the development of a fast power was the interval of 4 min for both exercises - squat, bench press. Differences in individual IO 2 and 4 min series showed material significance for the squat in the 2nd to 5th series and for the bench press in the 3rd to 6th series. Keywords: rest interval, fast power, power ability
Selected diagnostic procedures during the annual macrocycle of the floorball season which are used to demonstrate a specific asymmetry in floorbal players
Jelínek, Marian ; Hráský, Pavel (advisor) ; Jebavý, Radim (referee)
Title of the thesis: Selected diagnostic procedures during the annual macrocycle of the floorball season which are used to demonstrate a specific asymmetry in floorball players Aims of the thesis: The aim of this work is to identify and analyze the specific time period during the floorball season, which is characteristic with the biggest muscle asymmetry caused due to a specific exercise load that floorball demands. Methods: The research was conducted among elite floorball teams of the top men's floorball competition in the Czech Republic and the tested research group included only male professional athletes. The probands (n = 18 input measurements, n = 10 output measurements) took a total of four complex measurements. Testing was held once before the pre-conditioning period, once during the main course and twice before the playoff. Missing data was supplemented and approximated by the method of multiple imputations in Mplus software. Selected body composition parameters were evaluated, tested and measured on various measuring instruments and machines such as Tanita MC-980MA. The footscan® systems were used to measure postural stability. The explosive force was measured using Kistler force plates and the Cybex Humac Norm isokinetic dynamometer was used to determine the muscle strength of the lower...

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