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Fiber intake in developed countries and possibilities for its increase in population
Ježková, Kristýna ; Pejšová, Hana (advisor) ; Křížová, Jarmila (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with fiber intake and possibilities of its increase. The main aim of the thesis is to evaluate the actual intake of fiber in the population and to find out whether people actually know what fiber is and what should be its daily intake. The theoretical part is focused on fiber itself. It describes its characteristics, distribution, properties and sources. The effect of fiber on human health and the consequences of insufficient or excessive fiber intake are discussed as well. The practical part is focused on the real intake of fiber in the population. It is done in the form of a questionnaire survey, in which I try to find out what knowledge of fiber people have, but also how often they consume foods containing fiber. Most of the questionnaires were handed out to customers of one unnamed pharmacy and healthy nutrition center in Prague and other passers-by. Altogether, I managed to collect 84 questionnaires. The questionnaire results show that vast majority of respondents have an idea of what fiber is and which foods contain it most; however, they do not know what the recommended daily intake is. Still, half of the respondents think their diet includes enough fiber. The fiber intake in men and women was not much different. The most significant difference was in the...
Comparison of obese and non-obese diabetics' diet, impact assessment of nutritional intervention on diabetes compensation and on body weight changes
Ježková, Kristýna ; Vařeka, Tomáš (advisor) ; Daďová, Klára (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with diabetes mellitus, obesity and the importance of a diabetic diet, comparing food intake of obese and non-obese diabetics. Aim: To evaluate the influence of nutritional intervention on glycemic control and body weight change. Methods: The practical part focuses on examining the descriptively association relationships between eating habits and weight of diabetics observed at clinic of diabetology. We addressed a total of 24 people, of whom monitoring was completed at 19. Those were patients with diabetes mellitus type 2, whose pharmacotherapy was not changed during monitoring. First, probands diets' were analyzed and dietary changes were recommended. To evaluate the effect of interventions following methods were used for data collection: monitoring changes in eating habits, measurements of body weight, waist circumference and blood pressure and biochemical parameters of glycemic control (blood glucose levels, glycated hemoglobin). Results: Evaluation of results before and after the intervention shows that non-obese patients had lower energy intake and better diets than obese. The effect of nutritional intervention and compliance of framework diet was apparent as 11 respondents showed decreased body weight and waist circumference. Weight loss was on average 1,29 kg and...
Treatment planning problems of tumours localized in nose area
JEŽKOVÁ, Kristýna
Radiotherapy is a conservative treatment method that is utilised during therapies of tumour diseases. Its objective is to perform a homogeneous irradiation of tumour tissue and simultaneous research of surrounding healthy organs. Distribution of a dose in homogeneous material, at the moment of vertical incidence of the central ray, is not a physical problem. However, in a clinical practice, during irradiation of individual patients we daily encounter problems related to irradiation of non-homogeneous volumes and uneven surfaces. The work focuses on irradiation of tumours localised in a nose area, which is connected with the problems of irradiation of uneven surfaces. The solution is to use a simple compensation bolus. Its application can achieve a homogeneous irradiation of the targeted volume as per the recommendation by ICRU Report 50.

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