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3D strategic-combat multiplayer computer game
Stacho, Jakub ; Ježek, Pavel (advisor) ; Gemrot, Jakub (referee)
Many players like to play strategic and RPG games. Nowadays, is almost necessary, that player can play against players all over the world, which will be the key element in designing and implementation of our game. The goal of the thesis is to design and im- plement a 3D computer game with multiplayer mode with action and strategic elements, which is played from a third-person view while using modern tools for creating games. The player can gather wood from trees in the world, which can be used to either build or upgrade structures and creating nonplayer entities, that are gathering this resource by themselves. In the game, we can found neutral buildings. When they are captured, they produce other types of resources, which can be used for equipment to be able to fight against other players. The goal of the game is to destroy the enemy's main building. The game offers multiplayer mode 1v1, where any player around the world can connect and play. The game is implemented using the Unity game engine, which offers wide options for game creation. In this thesis, we are solving matchmaking problems and implementing our own solution, which offers players to either create or connect to a game. Within pro- blem analysis, we discuss choosing the best framework supporting creating multiplayer games inside Unity, or we...
Theater lighting system control
Hrbáček, Matěj ; Ježek, Pavel (advisor) ; Holan, Tomáš (referee)
In the "Ochotnický soubor Lípa" theater, it is necessary to control custom-made lighting communicating via UDP datagrams. The goal of this theses is to create a system in which it will be possible to control these lights through a computer application. The ObjectsForLights library, created within the system, is portable and serves as a logical basis for user applications. The library contains client and server modules. The system is built centrally, where the server is a common point for communication with both clients and devices. The server and client modules take care of maintaining data for devices, communication with each other. The server is also responsible for direct communication with controlled lights themselves. Computer applications were created on top of the client and server modules, and enable user control of individual devices. Applications provide graphical controls for individual devices corresponding to the type of controlled device, provide ability to assign names to individual devices and create groups of controlled devices. Data for the device can then be saved and retrieved from files. 1
uCube - speedcubing mobile application
Štolová, Michaela ; Ježek, Pavel (advisor) ; Kofroň, Jan (referee)
The goal of this thesis is to create a mobile phone application for speedcubers, which would contain several separate basic training tools, but would also allow future extension with new components. We would also like to achieve portability to various target platforms in the future. Using the Xamarin.Forms framework, we implemented an application for the Android system and, in parallel, an experimental version for the Windows system, the purpose of which was to make sure of the promised portability. In addition, by using MEF, the de- sign of the application allows easy extensibility with new components by simply adding new code and does not require modification of the application core itself. The resulting application allows users to measure duration of a puzzle solve using a special timer with possibility to enable an inspection countdown, saves the measured times and displays them in a comprehensible table and graph. It also provides a met- ronome with an option to measure number of ticks between two moments and to store them. Furthermore, it displays personal records and allows the user to search for up- coming competitions according to various criteria. We support several different puzzles in the application and a scramble generator is available for each of them. In addition, we provide a random state...
MetaRMS - information systems building platform
Nekvindová, Hana ; Ježek, Pavel (advisor) ; Kofroň, Jan (referee)
Data are an essential element of the present world. The problem of storing data concerns everybody, from a large company with information about their clients to individual users with their shopping lists. Options vary between a simple Excel sheet and expensive custom solution. A general software solution to cover these cases is needed. However, the requirements on the structure of the data differ for every use-case. This thesis aims to solve this problem by creating an application generating software. The software generates a custom application when provided with the description of the data structure. For that, we define the format of the description of the data structure and analyze various approaches to the implementation of the application generating software. Our solution contains an ASP.NET Core server application and an example web client application communicating over the public JSON API. The server accepts the description and creates an application accordingly. The solution also contains a library, that is used by the example web client and is reusable by other client front-ends.
Personal Transport Information System
Smolka, Tomáš ; Ježek, Pavel (advisor) ; Parízek, Pavel (referee)
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to create an information system for small companies which are running a business in the field of the contractual passenger transport and which do not have an access to a suitable software solution for their business. This information system, which has arisen, provides the solution for a complete cycle of a transport order which starts with a formation of an order from a travel agency. In the next step, there is a realisation of the planned order which is processed by a driver and last step is a creation of an invoice for the travel agency. On the grounds of the fact that there are not almost any existent standards for the formats of the requested files in the field of the contractual passenger transport (for example: the orders, the invoices, etc.), all the inputs and the outputs of the system are solved by means of plug-ins. In the text part of the thesis, there is presented the operation of the contractual passenger transport company in details. In addition, there is an analysis of the the system draft and there is also examined the development of the system itself. This analysis is followed by a description of the implemented solution structure. In the theoretical part, there is executed an in-depth analysis of the internal processes which are performed by the company...
Pneumatic Circuit Simulator
Brožek, Pavel ; Ježek, Pavel (advisor) ; Dingle, Adam Thomas (referee)
In the thesis, we develop a pneumatic circuit simulator that can be used as a computational core of a larger pneumatic circuit simulation project. The simulator is designed to best reflect the needs of users who want to simulate simpler pneumatic circuits and for which professional commercial software is unavailable. Simulator of electric circuits SPICE was used as a reference model of a simulator. The simulator was implemented in C# as a library for .NET Standard 2.0. The simulator has been designed so that some of its parts can be replaced with better implementations without the need to change the simulator library, e.g. any linear equation system solver can be plugged into the simulator. A limited set of sample pneumatic components has been implemented for the simulator and the procedure for implementing new pneumatic components has been described in detail. A sample console application that can run circuit simulations of circuits defined with the use of special syntax in text files has also been created.
Templating system for email management and generation
Kumstýř, Josef ; Ježek, Pavel (advisor) ; Holan, Tomáš (referee)
The goal of this thesis was was to create a template engine that will replace and improve existing template engine used by e-shop The purpose of this system is template management and generating messages (HTML emails, SMS, etc.) from them. Part of the task was also to preserve the functionality of existing templates from the original template engine. The subject of this software solution is a template engine that uses RazorLight library and so its templates use C# language within Razor syntax. Because both original and new template engines have different syntax, part of the solution is also to create a translator from old syntax to the new one. In the text part of the thesis, we present at first the definition of a template engine. Next, we describe the original template engine including its shortcomings and limitations. We also present detail design, analysis, and development of the new template engine and syntax translator. In the end, we describe the structure of the new template engine and show how to run and use it locally. 1
UrhoRTS - Platform for Real-time Strategy Game Creation
Maděra, Karel ; Ježek, Pavel (advisor) ; Gemrot, Jakub (referee)
The development of Real-time strategy (RTS) games is a difficult process spanning many fields. The goal of this thesis is to create a platform to ease the development of 3D single player RTS games and to enable the use of C# language for plugin creation. Our platform enables users to create games as packages for the platform. Each package is defined by a single XML file, describing the contents of the package, which include 3D models, textures, animations, graphical user interface definitions and plugins. These plugins, created using the C# language, enable the game creator to create artificial intelligence for players, units, buildings and projectiles defined in the package. The platform also provides functions that can be used for creation of plugins. As a part of this thesis, we will create a showcase package to demonstrate the abilities of our platform.
PaunPacker - Texture Atlas Generator
Dokoupil, Patrik ; Ježek, Pavel (advisor) ; Pelikán, Josef (referee)
The goal of this thesis was to create an extensible application for packing textures into texture atlases, that could then be used in 2D game development. The extensibility lies in the possibility to create and import plugins, containing algorithms for packing, image processing, and metadata exporting. The ability to extend the application by means of plugins makes our application also suitable for testing of newly invented algorithms or for testing of custom variations of the existing ones. The software solution includes application with user interface that allows the user to create texture atlases and perform additional processing of the textures. Apart from that, we have also included several default implementations of some of the extensible components, namely: placement algorithms, image processing tools and metadata exporters. The concrete algorithms that are implemented in our solution are (among others): Bottom-left algorithm, Skyline algorithm, Guillotine algorithm and also a genetic-based algorithm. All of that can be used as a starting point when developing new plugins. In addition to generating texture atlases, our application can also generate meta- data, that can then be imported by supported game frameworks or libraries. The process of metadata serialization is also customizable, and so users...
Sorcerer's Struggle
Tóth, Gergely ; Gemrot, Jakub (advisor) ; Ježek, Pavel (referee)
This thesis deals with the design and implementation of a multiplayer run and gun game, which can be run on Windows, Linux and MacOS platforms. The thesis contains discussions about the gaming platforms and the most important components of the application and of a suitable world editor. Furthermore, the problems of map smoothing and dynamic image synchronization are explored and the last part addresses the design and functionalities of a matchmaking server. The result of the thesis is a two-dimensional game, with a complementing world editor and server. 1

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