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Factors affecting travel behavior in the context of FFPT: case study Frýdek-Místek
Štraub, Daniel ; Jaroš, Václav (advisor) ; Chmelík, Jakub (referee)
This diploma thesis studies the issue of travel behaviour in the systems with abolished fares of public transport, so called free fare public transport policy (FFPT), which aredominantly influencing the transport system in favour of one means of transport. The main aim of this paper is to figure out how the concept of FFPT is affecting the choice of means of transport and what is the influence of the FFPT on the dynamic in the given transport system. Besides conceptual framing of main theoretical knowledge regarding the issue of travel behaviour and development of transportation systems, the paper is using analysis of practical implementation of the FFPT concept and also, on the case of Frýdek- Místek, the case study of specifics system with implemented FFPT. The results indicate that introduction of the FFPT is effective way how to influence travel behaviour in the favour of public transport and to change conditions in the given transport system, which is then more variable. It's important to mention, FFPT concept does not represents universal tool how to influence development of transport systems while it is just one measure out of many others. Besides of focusing on specifics measurements it is important to systematically using different tools and its complementarity while development of...
Transport behavior of Dukovany Nuclear Power Plant employees and their motivation to move closer to workplace
Pokorný, Jan ; Jaroš, Václav (advisor) ; Květoň, Viktor (referee)
The bachelor thesis deals with the analysis of transport behavior of eployees of Dukovany Nuclear Power Plant employees and their economic migration. The power plant is situated on the border of the Vysocina Region and the South Moravian Region. It is an important employer in terms of lowering unemployment especially in the Trebic region. The main aims of this bachelor thesis are identification parameters of mobility behavior for the reason of commuting to work and finding the limits of willingness to move closer to the place of work. Identification of transport behavior is mainly based on choosing conveyance, which depends on individual economic conditions. Furthermore, it is linked to the accessibility of an area of person's residence and to the number of his or her family members. The data obtained from the questionnaires survey were analyzed and compared with the literature. At the end of the thesis, all the procedures and results of this work are evaluated and another possible extension of work is proposed. Key words: mobility, transport behavior, accessibility, commuting, economic migration, moving to workplace
Transport Accessibility of Municipalities in the Karlovy Vary Region by Individual and Public Transport
Jaroš, Václav
This thesis deals with the spatial orientation of transport links in the Karlovy Vary region, with emphasis on links between the centers of the region and its hinterland. The first part describes the general characteristics of this area. It is followed by a selection of the Karlovy Vary Region transport centers and analysis of their acccesibility. This forms the basis for the transport-geographical regionalization of the region, according to the accesibility rates. The final part of this thesis is devoted to the comparison of the individual regionalizations and the identification of factors that affect them.
Change in the intensity of the road traffic in Prague due to the Blanka tunnel complex
Petříček, Jakub ; Jaroš, Václav (advisor) ; Netrdová, Pavlína (referee)
The main aim of this thesis is to compare the intensity of road traffic in Prague and its spatial layout after the Blanka tunnel complex has been put into operation, based on two time periods for a different range of monitored communications. The work includes the development of these intensities and their negative impacts on the environment of the capital city of Prague. Further attention is paid to planned traffic projects in the capital city of Prague. The secondary aim of the thesis is to evaluate the predictions of the transport models that were created before the opening of the Blanka tunnel complex and to compare them with the real measured intensity after tunnel commissioning. The final part summarizes the total real contribution of Blanka tunnel complex for Prague road transport on the basis of interpretation by means of two graphical representation on the development of traffic intensity after commissioning the Blanka tunnel complex.
Carpool as an alternative to the traditional ways of commuting examined by university students from Písek region commuting to Prague
Kozák, Vlastimil ; Jaroš, Václav (advisor) ; Hasman, Jiří (referee)
The bachelor thesis targets on the topic of carpooling. Under the term of a carpool-journey is understood an alternative to traditional means of transport. This topic has been mentioned in Czechia only marginally and has not been further researched. The thesis aims to get a closer look on carpooling and to cover it as a self-standing complex topic. Main aim is to define the term of carpooling, determine its types and in author's own questionnaire to identify basic principles which are specific for student's carpooling between Prague and the town of Písek. Outcomes of the questionnaire are discussed with literature. It is possible to divide carpooling into internal and external. Furthermore, it can be divided into formal and informal carpooling. The determining factor for a working carpool journey is motivation of participants which forms the carpool-journey's characteristics. Among others it is mainly saving money, saving time and comfort. Main barrier for carpooling is sharing a car with an unknown person. The thesis is an entrance gate into the topic of carpooling and there are a lot of further research possibilities.
Transport accessibility based on the offer of public transport in the Ledeč and Zruč regions
Šulc, Petr ; Jaroš, Václav (advisor) ; Květoň, Viktor (referee)
In this bachelor thesis, the public transport accessibility in the inner peripheries of Česko in the Ledeč and Zruč regions is analyzed. The regions are located on the boundary of the Vysočina Region and the Central Bohemian Region. The main aim is to thoroughly map the transport linkage in the given are and to explain the role of the regional administrative border and it is border effect. In the first part of the work, a traffic geographical regionalization of the area of interest has been performed based on the frequency accessibility of public transport. The reginalization is subsequently followed by a comparison of supply and demand in the field of public transport. An evaluation of the regional border influence and i tis permeability has also been included in the work. The final part evaluates the public transport accessibility of municipalities. Keywords: transport accessibility, Ledeč region, Zruč region, public transport, inner peripheries
The impact of weather and season to the accessibility in mountain areas
Kroczek, Tomáš ; Jaroš, Václav (advisor) ; Hasman, Jiří (referee)
This Bachelor thesis evaluates the impact of weather and season (of the year) on transport accessibility in the mountainous areas. Thesis is focused on city of Vrchlabí. The thesis is based on data obtained by field survey using a standardized questionnaire. The survey sample was collected on (grammar/high) school. The survey basis was defined by commuting region of school students by comparison with the school region defined based on data from Census 2011. Subsequent case study describes the differences in accessibility, choice of transport mean and traffic behaviour caused by current season or weather. This thesis confirms the assumption, that the weather and season not only affect accessibility but also the transport behaviour of respondents. It provides insights that may affect the scheduling of public transport or construction of new bike lanes and safe walking routes. Keywords: accessibility, modal choice, transport behaviour, Vrchlabí, transport
Free Fare Transport Policy in Urban Areas
Štraub, Daniel ; Jaroš, Václav (advisor) ; Pospíšilová, Lucie (referee)
The concept of FFTP represents one of the tools utilized by cities in order to solve transportation problems in urban areas or to upgrade the general welfare of citizens living in this environment. The main aim of this bachelor thesis is to, based on a study of literature, introduce the concept of FFTP, its various goals to be fulfilled, the wide scale of its forms and also to evaluate its ability to reach the set goals. The case study of the city Frýdek - Místek analyses impacts of the FFTP concept on the city environment. It appears that the FFTP concept represents a useful tool, which is able to improve the use of public transport, its effectiveness or the mobility of citizens. The concept also enables reduction of use of cars and its negative impacts. It is also important to mention that the concept represents only one single tool out of many, the implementation of which it is possible to follow the effects and therefore it is necessary to support its effectiveness with other sub - elements or tools. Keywords: FFTP, free fare transport policy, free public transport, public transport
The Influence of the Metro Stations on Property Prices in Prague
Wagner, Michal ; Marada, Miroslav (advisor) ; Jaroš, Václav (referee)
The influence of the metro stations on property prices in Prague Abstract The influence of the metro stations or light rail to land is often discussed in many studies. In this work the impal of the Prague metro on property prices is analyzed. Metro in the Czech capital city since its opening in 1974 has become the most important means of transport, public transport in Prague. Annually, over half a billion passengers are transported and is the busiest of all similar systems in Central Europe. With its advantages more than any other mode of transport in Prague influences its surroundings. The present work aims at using GIS analysis to determine the influence of the metro stations on land prices in the vicinity of newly constructed or future metro stations. Klíčová slova: Prague, metro, property prices, North Town, Petřiny

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