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The Impact of Economic Development on Asset Poverty: Evidence from Slovakia
Lancuchová, Petra ; Polák, Petr (advisor) ; Janský, Petr (referee)
This thesis deals with asset poverty and examines whether current economic development reduces the threat of households falling into asset poverty and whether the gap between poor and rich households is widening. For that pur- pose, we use data obtained from the Slovak HFSC survey, which took place in 2014. Economic development between 2014 and 2019 is simulated using macroeconomic indicators such as inflation, unemployment rate, and others. Besides the OLS method, which shows the effect of examined independent variables on the average value of household assets, we also employ quantile regression to compare the difference in the influence of independent variables on different values of assets. Regression results suggest that, indeed, recent economic development in Slovakia might reduce the risk of asset poverty; how- ever, this does not apply to all households. Economic development seems to be significant primarily for households with a higher value of assets, which may lead to a growing gap between wealthy and poor households. JEL Classification C13, D31, I32, O11 Keywords asset poverty, economic development, poverty measurements, wealth Title The Impact of Economic Development on Asset Poverty: Evidence from Slovakia
Economic incidence of corporate income tax
Petrželka, Václav ; Janský, Petr (advisor) ; Godar, Sarah (referee)
The main objective of this thesis is to determine whether and if there is any incidence of corporate income tax on the level of wages. This topic has been discussed for decades, and the conclusions of empirical analyses vary across available studies. Data on 35 OECD Member States for the period 2000-2018 are examined to verify this impact. Because we believe that our variables affect each other over time and at the same time there is a variable in the model that causes heterogeneity, we use a panel VAR model. Altogether, two models are estimated, as we have demonstrated two datasets. However, the results show that there is no evidence that changes to the corporate income tax rate affect wages in any way. Although this discovery is not very statistically significant, it is a very interesting finding, which is consistent with some of the authors of contemporary scientific literature.
Impact of smoke-free laws on hospitality businesses in the European perspective
Simpartl, Josef ; Janský, Petr (advisor) ; Haas, Emma (referee)
Ever since smoke-free laws regarding the hospitality business were proposed, there was an argument that these policies were going to harm their revenues and employment. This bachelor thesis examines this argument in the European context. The examination is divided into three parts. First, it aims to distinguish between effects of two distinctive forms of smoke-free laws. Second, it analyzes the impact of smoke-free policies over time. Third, it attempts to assess differences of their impact based on regional or socio-economic differences. Using difference-in-differences analysis of administrative annual data from Eurostat database, this thesis does not find any permanent effect of smoke-free laws on revenues or employment of hospitality businesses. The results of the analysis also show, that if there was any significant impact throughout the first years of the smoke-free law's validity, it was always short-lasting. Still, the over time impacts of the individual forms of smoke-free laws differ. In case of a partial smoke-free law, there is a statistically significant negative impact on turnover immediately after its implementation and a positive impact on employment in the third and fourth year after its implementation. The complete smoking ban does not exhibit any statistically significant impact at all. In...
The Value of Political Connections: Evidence from the Czech Republic
Palanský, Miroslav ; Janský, Petr (advisor) ; Gregor, Martin (referee)
The Value of Political Connections: Evidence from the Czech Republic Miroslav Palanský Abstract This thesis estimates the value of political connections in the Czech Republic and it is divided into two parts. The first one explores the recently extended, most advanced publicly available data set on political party financing in the Czech Republic, covering the time period 1995-2015. We analyze basic patterns in party funding and their development over time. We focus primarily on private funding from both legal and natural persons. The data show that there exists substantial heterogeneity in the volume of private funding across parties and over time, but contributions from the government budget remain the most important source of income for all larger parties. We analyze the available data on donations and discuss several issues regarding the notion that donors may view contributions as investment, yielding possible profits in the future. In the second part, we use the data set of corporate donations to construct a proxy variable for political connections and to estimate the effect of being connected to a political party on the financial performance of such firms. We find that the connected firms perform significantly better than the non- connected ones in the years following the establishment of the...
Tax havens' financial secrecy and its development
Machil, Matej ; Palanský, Miroslav (advisor) ; Janský, Petr (referee)
Tax havens and global financial secrecy have become a major issue in the modern world. In order to effectively increase transparency across the world, it is important to know how the secrecy is developing over time. Financial Secrecy Index ranks jurisdictions according to their secrecy level and their share of the global market of the financial services provided to non-residents. Accurate information on development of secrecy plays an important role for policy makers who collaborate on the expansion of worldwide transparency. The main objective of the thesis is to reduce the influence of change of methodological approach applied in the calculation of the ranking by implementing this methodology to the previous edition of the Financial Secrecy Index. As a result, comparison of secrecy in involved jurisdictions has been enabled over last couple of years. The presented work seeks to find out whether the movements across the ranking were caused by the change of secrecy or by the change in methodology. Moreover, this thesis confirms that overall secrecy level is decreasing over time mainly as a consequence of the improvement in international standard and cooperation. JEL Classification F36, F63, F65, G28, H26 Keywords Financial Secrecy Index, tax havens, secrecy jurisdictions, financial secrecy,...
International taxation and cross-border mergers and acquisition
Pokorný, Josef ; Janský, Petr (advisor) ; Baxa, Jaromír (referee)
This thesis studies the effects of differences in the international tax system on the location of target companies and potential tax savings leading from international transactions. Using a large sample of M&A transaction data, we develop a target location choice model and estimate it by a multinomial logistic regression. The results show that differences in taxation of target and acquirer country provide opportunities for tax optimization practices that increase the probability of choosing a target location with higher tax difference. We further evaluate these effect using regression on takeover premium which shows that 1 percentage point increase in difference of effective average tax rate may cause up to 0.5 percentage point increase in takeover premium. The found effects are heterogenous for individual companies and correspond to characteristics of tax-inversions and profit shifting practices. i
Impact of the smoking ban on food and beverages services sector sales in the Czech Republic
Mitro, Tomáš ; Janský, Petr (advisor) ; Chadimová, Kateřina (referee)
Impact of the smoking ban on food and beverages services sector sales in the Czech Republic Tomáš Mitro The aim of this thesis is to determine whether the smoking ban implemented in May 2017 has had any impact on sales in Czech Republic's food and beverages services sector. This is done by constructing three different regression models on two outcome measures in order to examine the statistical significance of the smoking ban in these models. In two of the three models, the smoking ban shows no significant effect, while in one model it shows a positive effect. The positive effect, however, is argued to be partly due to the implementation of EET half a year prior to implementation of the smoking ban. This thesis can therefore definitely conclude no adverse effect of the smoking ban on sales in food and beverages services sector.
Tax competition: strategic tax rate lowering and expected impact of US 2017 reform on other countries
Hamráková, Júlia ; Janský, Petr (advisor) ; Hájek, Jan (referee)
This thesis deals with an international corporate income tax competition with focus on corporate income tax rate spillovers from the past tax cuts in the USA. The main research question we seek the answer to is: "Do countries follow the USA in the corporate income tax rate setting?" Empirical models were evalu- ated using GMM model for the panel data. Our results confirm the existence of the tax rate spillovers, however, do not prove solid leadership of the USA in the tax rate setting. We found that countries which are geographically closer to the USA and OECD jurisdictions are more likely to follow the USA in the tax rate policy changes. Our research is unique extension to the previous literature dealing with this topic as it uses not only the weighted world corporate income tax rate in the model, but also the corporate income tax rate of the USA and therefore allows us to see the effect of the past tax cuts in the USA for other countries. The results of our work can serve as a lead for examining the impact of the US tax rate cut in 2017. JEL Classification F12, F21, F23, H25 Keywords tax competition, corporate income tax rate, tax spillovers, profit shifting Title Tax competition: strategic tax rate lowering and expected impact of US 2017 reform on other countries Author's e-mail...
Country-by-country Reporting Data of Firms in Extractive Industries
Batíková, Marta ; Janský, Petr (advisor) ; Poláková, Nikol (referee)
This thesis studies the mandatorily published data of companies in extractive industries, listing their payments to governments by types and countries, where the payments were paid. The first aspect of the thesis contains a comparison with the data describing the same phenomenon available before these mandatory reports were published and compares the competitiveness of extractive industries on national markets using the concentration Herfindahl-Hirschman Index. Then it estimates by different approaches the effect of tax rate and country's macroeconomic indicators on payments paid by companies from extractive industries and sum of payments collected by the government from the extractive sector. The econometric analyses using the panel data with significant results suggest that the corporate income tax has a negative parabolic effect on the elasticity of all types of payments summed by countries as well as on the elasticity of the collected taxes from the extractive industries.
Patent box regimes: Evaluation of ex post tax incentives effects on innovating activity
Červená, Markéta ; Janský, Petr (advisor) ; Frydrych, Milan (referee)
Patent box regimes: Evaluation of ex post tax incentives effects on innovating activity Abstract in English The aim of this thesis is to compare the impacts of patent box introduction on R&D and patenting activity with impacts generated by equivalent change in corporate income tax rate in order to evaluate whether the patent boxes in gen- eral succeed in targeting the tax benefit efficiently on the R&D fostering. Using OECD country-level data panel consolidated from various sources, incl. the PATSTAT database, three different metrics that altogether capture the overall R&D (i.e. actual innovation generating activity) and patenting (i.e. intangible asset generating activity) situation were defined and computed. The SURE (Seemingly unrelated regression equations) estimation method is then used to study those metrics in the context of relevant macroeconomic, R&D and tax indicators, concluding that both, the patent box regime and the statutory cor- porate income tax rate decline have positive impact on R&D and patenting activity, while the effect issued from a patent box introduction tends to be moderated. Despite a special attention given to the comparison of magnitudes of the actual innovation fostering effect and the patent shifting effect associated with the policy change, the analysis was partially...

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