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Free Software and Cooperation as a Course for Development of Czech Librarianship
Jansa, Václav ; Nič, Miloslav (advisor) ; Dvořák, Jan (referee) ; Sklenák, Vilém (referee)
The dissertation focuses on the use of free software in Czech libraries. Both real practice and librarians' attitudes to this type of software are analyzed. The main goal of the dissertation has been to evaluate the attitudes of Czech libraries to free software, to analyze its use in practice, to design information and communications strategy for free software project and to implement it using Evergreen as an example project. In order to achieve the goals, both qualitative and quantitative research methods have been used. These included a survey, web data gathering and analysis and also case studies. The devised and implemented information and communications strategy consists of eight main parts (setting up a local community, creating communication tools, organizing seminars, Czech localization, the creation of first common catalogues, making documentation publicly available, active involvement in the international community and establishing a legal entity to improve awareness about free software among librarians) which are complemented with a SWOT analysis evaluating the strategy implementation.
Digital footprints-possibilities of control and elimination by selected freely available tools
Skoček, Jakub ; Kovářová, Pavla (advisor) ; Jansa, Václav (referee)
The goal of this bachelor thesis is to find out to what extent the user is able to protect his privacy against negative impacts linked to digital footprints, using tools that are available for free. At the beginning, the term digital footprint is investigated from several points of view, according to fields that use it. Based on these differences, the definition of the term is stated, suitable for the purpose of this work. Then the origin of the digital footprints, and connected risks, are described. In the next chapter, the opportunities of control, finding of scale, and possible remove of digital footprints by the user, are outlined. In the practical part, that immediately follows the previous chapter, the suitable tools are chosen, and by the mutual comparison, it is investigated whether it is possible (and if so, to what extent) to prevent possible risks and protect the privacy.
Methodology of REST API design
Koudelka, Jakub ; Burkoň, Lukáš (advisor) ; Jansa, Václav (referee)
This work deals with an analysis and design of application programming interface (API) within the architectural style known as REST (Representational State Transfer). Beginning of this thesis covers basic introduction of HTTP protocol and REST fundamentals, followed by analysis and solution proposals of common situations that can occur in API. Sample application was implemented by following these proposals.
Catalogization of RESTful webservices
Koch, Ondřej ; Burkoň, Lukáš (advisor) ; Jansa, Václav (referee)
Currently there is a lot of enterprise middleware platforms based on SOAP-oriented webservices. However common message oriented middleware does not fully satisfy the need of integration small to middle sized services keeping the expenses reasonably low. The main goal of this thesis is to provide the analysis, and achitecture of a catalog for REST based webservices and to provide implementation at least for the purpose of practical examples. This catalog should enable it's users the publication of REST webservices, their categorization, searching, sharing and providing metainformation and therefore providing support for the deployment process, propagation, maintanance and further development and therefore lead to higher standarization of these services. The system should be percieved as a proof of concept of support system of a RESTful MOM.

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