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Estimation of municipal solid waste composition from the perspective of packaging
Doležalová, Adéla ; Putna, Ondřej (referee) ; Janošťák, František (advisor)
This master´s thesis focuses on prediction of presence of reusable material components in municipal waste with special focus on packaging materials. This prediction is based on analysis of financial costs of individual products according to the so-called market basket. Research of packaging´s life cycle and involving legislature is also a part of this thesis.
Effective proposal and operation of recycling line as an element in waste management
Dufka, Martin ; Janošťák, František (referee) ; Gregor, Jiří (advisor)
This master thesis deals with the current situation of waste management of material usable municipal waste with focus on various fractions of plastics. The theoretical part summarises the legislation of waste treatment, also contains an analysis of the current situation of waste management in the Czech Republic and comparison the situation in the European Union. In the next part of thesis are described basic fractions of plastics and their properties. There are mentioned the current problems with plastics processing and the risks of leakage to the environment. Furthermore, a complex chain of plastic waste reprocessing is described, since the inception of plastics waste to the manufacture of products made from recycled plastics. The most attention is paid to the discription of recycling plant, where the output material from sorting lines is reprocessed into a secondary material in the form of flakes or granules. Also this part is focused on the technology of recycling line and the individual devices are described. In the practical part of the thesis is created techno-economic model of recycling line with the aim of its use for balance calculations of recycling and also economic evaluation. As a part of the model was made a market research of secondary raw materials with a focus on price development. Subsequetly, sensitivity analyzes of selected parameters are applied to the model and the impact of scenarios on the economic results are evaluated.
Importance of heat supply from waste-to-energy plants
Kopecký, Václav ; Janošťák, František (referee) ; Putna, Ondřej (advisor)
This thesis is focused on identifying main factors influencing economical rentability of energy generated using incineration of municipal waste. Research was conducted focusing on municipal waste management, waste-to-energy possibilities and the issue of district heating systems, which are important considering the economy of waste-to-energy plants. Main limiting factors were identified using mathematic models adjusted for specific geographic locations.
Network simplex method
Khýr, Lukáš ; Janošťák, František (referee) ; Popela, Pavel (advisor)
This thesis is focused on summary knowledges relating to mathematical modeling in optimization area. We will deal with simplex method in detail and especially its network modification, which is used in various practical applications. We will solve tasks of various sizes and compare their solutions using implementation these two methods in Matlab. There is solved a task with real data provided by the Institute of Process Engineering at the end of the work.
Production of material recoverable waste
Odstrčil, Marek ; Janošťák, František (referee) ; Kropáč, Jiří (advisor)
Main goal of this thesis is to understand current municipal waste treatment systém within Czech Republic waste management. Port of this thesis is also modleing of this systém for municipalities with extended competence and evaluation of individual outputs and their important parameters.
Integration of Waste-to-Energy Plant into the District Heating Network with Existing Heating Plant
Kopecký, Václav ; Janošťák, František (referee) ; Putna, Ondřej (advisor)
The main two goals of this thesis are summarization of current state of waste management policies in the Czech Republic and introduction of possibilities connected with waste-to-energy strategy. This thesis is divided to 4~sections, each of them focused around different part of this complex problem, or issues directly connected to it. In the first part, state of waste management in the Czech Republic is discussed from several different points of view. Then, district heating is introduced as a solid platform for waste-to-energy facilities. The last two chapters present several other issues, connected with construction of new waste-to-energy plants and methods of optimization of long term rentability models.
Network flow models for waste management
Janošťák, František ; Mrázková, Eva (referee) ; Pavlas, Martin (advisor)
This thesis is devoted to the construction of new waste-to-energy plants in a territory where is already another fossil-fuel power station in operation. The aim is to create a mathematical model and prove that those two devices are able to cooperate effectively using same technology. Exactly assembled model under real operating have characteristics of a mixed integer nonlinear programming. The optimization software GAMS is used for its calculation. The complexity of the model, however, is at a level that solutions in bad initial conditions ends in local optima, or not found at all. This thesis is devoted to the elimination of non-linearity using binary variables and heuristic so the task was solved with acceptable time limits to guarantee an optimal solution.
Optimization for the design of subsystems of energy-producing processes
Janošťák, František ; Bednář, Josef (referee) ; Pavlas, Martin (advisor)
This bachelor thesis focuses on the design of a combustion grate. The key factor is the lower heating value of waste, which has been modelled based on the data obtained from a real combustion grate. The goal is to develop a combustion grate, which will function effectively whilst changing the lower heating values. Possible scenarios of the problem are mathematically formulated and implenented in GAMS enviroment. The outcome of this work are the parameters of the combustion grate.

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