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New York City as a dance phenomenon
Seidlerová, Nicole ; JANEČEK, Václav (advisor) ; DIATTA-REBCOVÁ, Monika (referee)
This diploma thesis describes the origin and development of dance in New York, its culture and the possibilities of dancing in one of the most artistic cities of the United States. The aim of my study was to find out what forms of dance appeared in the New York environment and how they influenced the development of dance in this area. The diploma thesis deals with historical events and personalities who participated in the development of dance art. The content of the thesis includes the current dance scene and the possibilities of studying dance in New York. The fact that there is no comprehensive study in the Czech Republic on this issue has become a stimulus for the creation this thesis.
A theoretical conception of liability in private law
Janeček, Václav ; Beran, Karel (advisor) ; Holländer, Pavol (referee) ; Elischer, David (referee)
(English) What is liability?1 This "big" question has proven to be too tough for many private law theorists during the past 60 years. A dominant Czech approach to liability is the so-called theory of sanction: liability is a secondary duty imposed due to breach of a primary duty. At the same time, however, liability is conceptualized as an active institute, i.e. as liability to fulfil an obligation. This implies a specific "Czech" problem of liability: a paradoxical situation where a man can be liable because he was sanctioned, and also be sanctioned because he was liable. Liability in this sense seems to be an inherently flawed and meaningless concept, since both theories aspire to describe liability to the same extent (co-extensively). The most recent trend in Czech legal theory is thus a sceptical approach that completely eliminates the concept of liability from legal discourse. This is contrary to an ongoing and presumably meaningful debate on liability in foreign non-Czech literature that supports the most recent analytical and normative approaches to European legal regulation and its developments. Unlike in Czech language, this literature treats liability (Haftung) and responsibility (Verantwortung) as two discrete concepts. But why is this so? Wher does the "Czech" problem of liability come...
Economic aspects of the festival of contemporary dance Siraex and evaluation of its activities
Voláková, Anna ; Riedlbauch, Václav (advisor) ; Janeček, Václav (referee)
This thesis deals with the economic aspects of organizing a dance festival. The theoretical part explains the basic concepts and the possibilities of financing non-profit dance festivals. The practical part deals with a case study of the festival of contemporary dance Siraex, which, based on the accounting data, follows the development of the way of financing, the structure of sources and costs of the festival. At the end of the practical part is quantitative research conducted among the participants of the festival, whose key questions are related to motivation for participation in the festival and financing.
A Theoretical Conception of Just Satisfaction under Recent Law - Selected Issues
Janeček, Václav ; Beran, Karel (referee) ; Tryzna, Jan (referee)
As it is apparent from its title, the overall aim of this study is to analyse the theoretical conception of just satisfaction. Satisfaction is a type remedy which is being awarded for non-pecuniary loss, i.e. for loss on all rights other than those which a person can own or translate. In this work I look at (1) basic categories of the conception of just satisfaction and (2) on their mutual relation. Then I also ask, (3) when it is possible to award just satisfaction, (4) what kind of non-pecuniary loss a claimant can sue, (5) how it shall be repaired, and finally (6) under what circumstances the award of just satisfaction can bear punitive or preventative function. This study is divided into nine chapters. First I look at linguistic and juristic meaning of the notion satisfaction (chapter 2 and 3). Then, I delve into the system of delictual liability and the role of just satisfaction in this system. Here I also use a comparative method of research. In this system I ask on the relation between negligence and strict liability. In the same, third chapter I look for and analyse basic characteristics of just satisfaction in relation to damages. This brings me to more basic question on the elementary conditions from which the remedy in question and also damages in general can arise. Thus in the fourth, longest...
Punitive aspects of damages (legal and comparative analysis)
Janeček, Václav ; Beran, Karel (advisor) ; Kühn, Zdeněk (referee)
Czech courts regularly deal with a question of so-called just satisfaction; particularly, when, on what basis, and how much should be awarded. Just satisfaction, as a form of damages, is primarily compensatory. However, there are some indications that it is perfectly legitimate for law of damages to pursue also another aims than compensation such as prevention or punishment. This view was recently upheld by the Czech Constitutional Court and the Highest Court of the Czech Republic. According to doctrinal approach, it is the domain of punitive or exemplary damages as a specific Anglo-American instrument that covers these two principles (prevention and punishment). Still, the Czech Civil courts consistently refuse to award exemplary damages albeit they do not provide us any sound argumentation. The author of this article suggests it is inaccurate and only partial understanding of exemplary damages that causes the current judicial refusal of them. While focusing on current English and Czech law, the author in his article describes exemplary damages in great detail with respect to their theoretical, conceptual and systematic position. Subsequently, he shows that the negative attitude of the Czech courts is not always appropriate. First, looking at relevant case law, the article characterises what the...
Fictionalism in law and morality
Janeček, Václav ; Jirsa, Jakub (advisor) ; Hill, James (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the theory of fictionalism concerning particularly morality and law. In the first section author makes explicit the difference between cognitivism and noncognitivism. Then he shows in the domain of morality what could be the deficiencies of these two theories. He argues that this possible weakness is caused by insufficient analyses of morality. The nature of morality is in fact ambiguous and this feature, given that our meta- ethic theory is to be serious, leads us to fictionalism. Fictionalism as a distinctive philosophical theory has its precedents. The most notable ones come from morality. The whole fourth chapter focuses on moral fictionalism which is to be understood as so called noncognitive factualism. Author tells us what the cons of this theory are. Within the last section we will see the analogy between morality and law which can be interpreted as fictionalism in law.
Profile and reflections of dance department of the Juilliard school
Červinka, Marek ; JANEČEK, Václav (advisor) ; KŘENKOVÁ, Mahulena (referee)
This bachelor thesis, called Profile and Reflection of Juilliard School’s Dance Division, first of all briefly touches the key events in history of both classical and modern dance in the first half of the twentieth century and then approaches the history of The Bennington School of the Dance which is considered to be the Juilliard’s predecessor. After a general historical overview, descriptions of the educational goals and study programs, is the rest of the work focussing on Juilliard’s Dance Division in detail. Its past accomplishments, famous teachers, study programs and the admission procedures are discussed. All these information, including the interviews with Jarek Cemerek, a Czech choreographer and dance teacher, and with Brennan Clost, a current student of the fourth year at The Juilliard School, were used as a final reflection of Juilliard’s Dance Division. The comparison of Czech dance schools with The Juilliard School is comprised in this section.  
Central phase of education at Dance academy with eight years attendance
Králová, Barbora ; KŘENKOVÁ, Mahulena (advisor) ; JANEČEK, Václav (referee)
In my masters thesis I would like to discuss all of Allegro's elements by providing detailed descriptions and methodical knowledge, which is an integral theory of education during 8 years within a dance academy. All information gathered is from the most known methodical books of recognized classical dance teachers. This phase of education includes development and enrichment of battu, batteries and turn about's elements a new jumps. This dissertation should therefore be used as remedial brochure for methodical teaching instruction.
A dancer's lifestyle as a part of dance medicine
Nováková, Pavla ; JANEČEK, Václav (advisor) ; PUCHOWSKA, Sara Maria (referee)
This thesis deals with dancer′s lifestyle as a part of the dance medicine. It is divided into three parts. The first part focuses on notions of dance medicine and lifestyle and relationships between them. Lifestyle consists of two main components - nutrition and psychology. These ingredients include between disciplines, which is engaged in dance medicine. The second part focuses on the physical component of lifestyle - nutrition and proper diet. Several chapters described the importance of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, minerals, trace elements, vitamins, phytochemicals and fluids in the dancer′s diet. Part of these chapters are also dietary guidelines. A special chapter is devoted to alcohol and energy drinks and their effects on health and performance of the dancer. As conclusion of this part of the thesis describes the Healthy Plate as a tool that can help when the dancers focus on issues of healthy eating. The third part of this work deals with the emotional and psychological component of the dancer′s lifestyle. There is a description of the issues of: stress and burnout in the life of a dancer, Female Athlete Triad (concerning girls and women), sleep and his in/sufficiency, issues of recovery and relaxation.
Nálevková, Petra ; JANEČEK, Václav (advisor) ; INDRÁKOVÁ, Tereza (referee)
The aim of this thesis titled A Dancer‘s Personal Reflection of Ohad Naharin’s performance is to expose the choreography Decadance trough the eyes of an interpreut. Within the thesis the choreographer Ohad Naharin and his movement language – Gaga are introduced. Furthermore, I add my personal experience which I gained while preparing for the performance of „Ohad Naharin: Decadance“ with National Theater Prague. I view the the informations from the perspective of dancer and I draw conclusions from the perspective of future educator.

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