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Vítězslav Novák: Two ballads to Moravian folk poetry for mixed chorus and piano for four hands (orchestra) op. 23
Jandová, Zuzana ; Gabrielová, Jarmila (advisor) ; Velická, Eva (referee)
Vítězslav Novák wrote his second opus of choral ballads, Two Ballads on Words of Moravian Folk Verses Op. 23 Vražedný milý and Neščasná vojna, in 1900. He set Moravian folk song texts from contemporary song collections to music, the first version was for mixed choir and piano four hands, followed by an orchestration for symphony orchestra. The ballads were a great contribution to choir repertoire and have made their mark in choral concert life, as evidenced by the press. Despite such a great interest, the orchestral score has never been printed and is only available in manuscript. Even critical literature did not deal with this topic more specifically, so there is still some ambiguity, for example, concerning premieres or the state of the sheet music.
Efficacy and treatment adherence to therapy of chronic HCV infection in people who inject drugs
Jandová, Zuzana ; Gabrhelík, Roman (advisor) ; Věchetová, Sonja (referee) ; Fraňková, Soňa (referee)
Backgrounds: Intravenous drug use represents the main route of transmission of hepatitis C virus infection (HCV). IVDU represent approximately 75-100% of newly diagnosed cases of HCV. IVDU have traditionally been considered as difficult-to-treat, owing to a low treatment adherence. The presumed low adherence to care in IVDU represent nowadays the barrier to therapy with direct-acting antivirals (DAA). Aims: The aim of the thesis was to assess efficacy of therapy of HCV with DAA and adherence to therapy in patients with history of IVDU. Comparing the results with the group of patients without IVDU, we would support the fact that the treatment efficacy in the IVDU group is high and that the utilisation of financial resources is effective. Methods: All consecutive patients who started DAA anti-HCV therapy at the Department of Hepatogastroenterology of Institute for Clinical and Experimental Medicine from 1st January 2017 to 6th August 2018 were included. The patients were divided into two groups: individuals with history of IVDU (IVDU, N = 101) and control group (Controls, N = 177), without IVDU in the past. The patients' data were obtained from patients medical charts during treatment and follow-up. Results: IVDU group achieved an SVR12 of 98% (vs. 98% in controls, N. S.). Two IVDU patients who were...
New possibilities and approaches to diagnosis and therapy of stuttering
Jandová, Zuzana ; Klenková, Jiřina (advisor) ; Kopečný, Petr (referee) ; Souralová, Eva (referee)
NÁZOV: Nové možnosti a prístupy v diagnostike a terapii zajakavosti AUTOR: PhDr. Zuzana Jandová KATEDRA: Speciální pedagogika ŠKOLITEL: Doc. PaedDr. Ji ina Klenková, Ph.D. Hlavná téma dizertačnej práce je vytvorenie integratívneho modelu v diagnostike a terapii zajakavosti, v kombinácií s klasickým behaviorálnym prístupom a metódami ovplyv ujúcimi nezrelý neuromotorický systém prostredníctvom INPP metódy / Inštitút neurofyziologickej psychológie / a metódy JIAS / Johanssenova individuálna auditívna stimulácia/. Práca sa opiera o najnovšie poznatky zo zahraničnej literatúry z oblasti neurogénnej etiológie zajakavosti, fungovania udského mozgu vrámci neplynulosti reči a neuromotorického systému a jeho vplyvu na plynulú reč. V empirickej časti je predmetom výskumného šetrenia analýza vplyvu klasického behaviorálneho prístupu a prístupu formou integratívneho modelu zajakavosti. Výsledky vstupného diagnostického vyšetrenia boli porovnané s dvomi vyšetreniami (počas aplikácie terapeutických programov a po ukončení aplikácie obidvoch terapeutických programov) u štyroch balbutikov s fixovanou zajakavos ou a nezrelým neuromotorickým systémom. Vychádzajúc z klinického obrazu boli zaznamenávané zmeny v troch oblastiach príznakov zajakavosti, v oblasti dysfluencie, nadmernej námahy a psychickej tenzie....
Physically grounded mental experiences, fiilings and states of individuals
Jandová, Zuzana ; Bahbouh, Radvan (advisor) ; Slaměník, Ivan (referee)
The theoretical part of the thesis deals with two core themes. The first passage is paid to the emotions, their general characteristics and theories that deal with emotions. The following text is focused largely on the relationship of emotions to the human body i.e. their physiological and expressive component. From this perspective, there are characterized basic emotions here. The final section of the theoretical part discusses the psychology of colors and especially their emotional effect. There are presented the various theories and research dealing with this issue. In conclusion there are described eight basic colors in terms of Lüscher clinical diagnostics. The empirical section presents the quantitative research focused on the physical location of psychic experiences, feelings and states of individuals and also on the association of colors with basic emotions. Its output is a "color map of emotions in the human body . Keywords: emotions, the human body, a map of emotions, psychology of colors
Taxation of Chosen Set of Taxpayers
Jandová, Zuzana ; Václavíčková, Pavla (referee) ; Brychta, Karel (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with taxation of student´s incomes. It analyzes the impacts of so-called tax reform in the regard of personal income tax with effect from 1. January 2008, it targets also the years 2007, 2008 and 2009. My bachelor thesis includes instructions, procedures, practical examples and necessary information for understanding the system of taxation of incomes of physical persons and the correct process of personal income-tax return. Target of this thesis is to optimise tax liability of students by finding the optimal variant of taxation when criteria are given. Student´s social and health insruance problems are also included in this work.
Proposal for an Improvement of Company Customer Satisfaction
Jandová, Zuzana ; Jeřábková, Ivana (referee) ; Kaňovská, Lucie (advisor)
This Diploma thesis deals with customer satisfaction. Specifically it analyses customer satisfaction with services provided by Internet access from network24 Ltd. Based on theoretical knowledge was at first conducted analysis of the company and then customer satisfaction survey. This thesis also includes proposals to improve customer satisfaction and to increase the number of customers.
Family house
Jandová, Zuzana ; Mátl,, Miroslav (referee) ; Hlaváček, Pavel (advisor)
The subject is a detached two-storey family house in Drahlov, in disposition 6 + eating nook, for family of four to six members. The house is situated on location with even ground. The building has a saddle roof over main and also before main part. The core system is a single-layer masonry. Drawing part of the project is designed by software application AutoCAD. Other parts (heat-technical solution, fire-safety solution, computational and design part) are processed using the programs MS Word, MS Excel, Stavební fyzika. The work also includes seminar work on subject sloping roofs.
The implication of Swiss neutrality during the Second World War (international political aspect)
Jandová, Zuzana ; Veselý, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Matějka, Zdeněk (referee)
The thesis analyses the importance and benefits of Swiss neutrality during the Second World War, both for Switzerland itself, and for the two fighting parties. During the war, country was surrounded by territory that fell under German influence, so Switzerland was forced to cooperate extensively with the Third Reich. Not only this situation but also dependence on foreign trade forced the country to deal mainly with its northern neighbour. Its role as a neutral intermediary was not used, as the Allies refused to enter into any kind of peace with Germany. The thesis also deals with the question whether Switzerland preserved its neutrality at all, why was it spared Hitler's conquests and what is the view of its neutrality on moral grounds.

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