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Cost Analysis of Health Care of Outpatient Providers Employing Risk-adjustment
Jandová, Pavlína ; Tulejová, Henrieta (advisor) ; Paulus, Michal (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to investigate ways of assessing economic efficiency of outpatient health care providers. It analyzes feasibility of employment of risk-adjustment and profiling in the Czech Republic using administrative data reported to health insurance company in the field of otorhinolaryngology. First, the thesis provides an overview of economic profiling methods. Out of these, indirect standardization of costs with risk-adjustment on patient level was used in the empirical part. Next, methods addressing specific problems of health care data (in particular, skewness, excess of zero values and non-negativity) are explored. Using OLS on logarithms on positive part of the distribution, three representations of costs were estimated, based on selected risk-factors. Several patient factors proved significant in final models (specifically, age, gender, number of hospitalizations, region of residence and chronic conditions asthma, COPD and depression), however, the quality of the model is extremely poor. Reasons for dissatisfactory fit of models are various. We conclude that data-selection process is not appropriate to perform economic comparison. And care of outpatient otorhinolaryngology is extremely specific to be captured by information provided. Still, profiling of providers is performed...
Relation between education and income of immigrants in Germany
Jandová, Pavlína ; Strielkowski, Wadim (advisor) ; Doležel, Pavel (referee)
This bachelor thesis focuses on migration. First part describes theories of migration. Secondly, it follows historic development of migration in the Federal Republic of Germany and its current legislation concerning movement of people. It also describes socio-economic characteristics of people with migration origins. The main goal of the study thesis is to show a relation between education and income of foreign inhabitants of Germany. The analysis is based on human capital theory. Used data were made available by German Socio Economic Panel (SOEP) at the German Institut for Economic Research.The analysis of statistics of the German Statistical Office and of the SOEP data have shown there are differences in income of foreigners and natives caused not only by different returns to education, but by language level, too. Different returns on education and experience do not limit only to Germans and foreigners, differences between men and women were found as well. Basic variables influencing income are same for foreigners and natives, however They differ in additional variables. The income is impacted by the geographical region of work in case of natives, for instance, whereas the income of foreigners is influenced more significantly by their level of German language.
Elderly people on the labour market: Why work in post-productive age? Why not
Jandová, Pavlína ; Kotrusová, Miriam (advisor) ; Čabanová, Bohumila (referee)
In connection with adverse demographic characteristics of western societies and with growing expenses of states, linked with sufficient economic security of the oldest individuals in the post-productive age, the age limit of leaving into the old age pension in Czech Republic is being permanently prolonged in as well. Is the labour market able to adapt on the new situation and to accept the increasing proportion of elderly people amongst employees? And are the Czech senior citizens willing to take part in economical activities? This bachelor's work is focused on finding the elderly people's motivation to remain on the labour market and on studying the obstacles which they encounter. The resultant findings are mainly based on the performed research survey on the targeted population, which was carried out with the method of qualitative interviews. These findings are supplemented and supported with previously realised researches. The identified motivational factors of elderly people to work can be divided into three groups: influence of the state and its policies, influence of lifestyle socio-demographic characteristics, which affect the lifestyle and the influence of individual dispositions. All the factors are described further and their positive or negative impact on the economic activity of elderly...
Poor age - Growing over-indebtedness of persons in advanced age
Jandová, Pavlína ; Ochrana, František (advisor) ; Plaček, Michal (referee)
Western countries are facing an increasing poverty among seniors related to the demographic revolution and lengthening of life span. The so-called over-indebtedness is one of the "modern" causes and also consequences of poverty. This thesis discusses the relationship between over-indebtedness and poverty with emphasis on senior population (65+). An empiric analysis is employed to explore causes and consequences of over-indebtedness. The increasing over-indebtedness is already being targeted by public policies, however their effectiveness is low. Sufficient material and personal resources are lacking as well as not being optimally utilized. There is only limited cooperation between civil and public-law sectors. Communication with the private sector in a way of common goal setting is also deficient. In a fierce market-driven economy, elderly people become a weak link and find themselves in situations conflicting with morals, human and civil rights, and adequate quality of life in a modern society. This state of affairs threatens social integrity and demands a solution. Three participating groups were surveyed: the elderly, the employees of advisory centers and the non- bank financial institutions. Various approaches to solving the problem are discussed. The result of the analysis consists of a wide...
Modern Methods in Marketing
Jandová, Pavlína ; Hesková, Marie (advisor) ; Tomek, Ivan (referee)
Traditional marketing methods are losing their effectiveness and credibility. It has been worse and worse to communicate with customers, and marketers are therefore looking for new techniques and way how to appeal buyers. They turn to the use of modern marketing methods, which typical features are possibility of accurate targeting and low costs, and, also, the fact that they are still not considered being a classic promotion. In the theoretical part of the diploma thesis the alternative marketing forms are described; word-of-mouth, product placement, guerilla marketing, mobile marketing, event marketing and social marketing. Their main features, forms, pros and cons are analyzed, and a practical example is included. The analytic part of the work is dedicated to a company of Budějovický Budvar, n. p. and a launch of a new product Pardál to the Czech beer market at the beginning of 2007. This very important step in the history of the Budějovický Budvar brewery was preceded by a detailed company strategic marketing analysis. This resulted in a decision of an unusual and original new product development and brand launch based on event and buzz marketing principles. The opportunity to influence the final attributes of the new product was given to the very customers -- beer drinkers. They participated in a project called "My New Beer" where the final taste and name of the beer was determined, and they also cooperated at a launch communication campaign of the Pardál brand in the Czech Republic. Significant sales and marketing results were achieved, and the unoriginal product development process and its marketing have been discussed by marketing specialists and professional media since. The brand has entrenched in the Czech beer market and has strengthened its position.

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