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Values of the Quatient of Usable Area to the Built-up Area in a Selected Type of Real Estate in Hradec Králové
Paulus, Adam ; Komosná, Milada (referee) ; Jandásková, Tereza (advisor)
Aim of this diploma thesis is calculating the carpet area/built-up area coefficient and make a proposal how to put this coefficient in place in building evaluation field. Also, assessment of error rate of this method is needed. More methods were suggested based on differently calculated coefficients. Comparison of different sources of public information about buildings was made and these were compared to actual state of the buildings. Research was made whether there is correlation between age of the building and tipical building´s characteristics in examined area. Studied area is called Kluky (part of Hradec Králové).
Price Sources for the Comparative Valuation Method for Houses in the Southern Part of the Brno-venkov District
Kopr, Radim ; Cupal, Martin (referee) ; Jandásková, Tereza (advisor)
In the diploma thesis "Bid and realized prices as a source for comparative valuation method", identical detached houses will be valued first on the basis of tendering procedure and then on the basis of realized prices. Based on our own real estate database in the Brno-venkov district, ten databases of comparative properties will be created in the southern part of the Brno-venkov district. These ten databases will be assigned to the valued detached houses and then compared with the direct comparative valuation method. In the first place, according to the offer prices, the source of which is the aforementioned real estate database and then according to realized prices, the source of which is the price data from purchase contracts registered in the Land Register for the South Moravian Region. Database results - usual prices, will be subsequently analyzed and evaluated. Then the results will be interpreted and the differences between the usual prices and the input data from the database will be discussed.
Using BIM for Real Estate Valuation
Sliška, Andrej ; Komosná, Milada (referee) ; Jandásková, Tereza (advisor)
The main objectives of this diploma thesis are to introduce the building information model as an effective tool, helping at work with the buildings throughout their lifecycle and to consider its use for real estate valuation, from the point of view of individual valuation methods, used in Czech Republic. The real estate valuation methods and the functional principles of building information model, as well as its features, are described in the first part of the thesis. In addition, the first part of the thesis also deals with the model implementation conditions in selected countries of the world. The second part of the document contains consideration for model usage in the valuation practice. A practical demonstration of working with the model is also included in this thesis.
Specific Locations and their Influence on House Prices
Kormanová, Aneta ; Jandásková, Tereza (referee) ; Cupal, Martin (advisor)
The thesis deals with the influence of specific localities on the price of a family house. The introductory part is devoted to defining the basic concepts of work and the characteristics of specific localities within the Czech Republic. The application part opens up the formulation of problems, setting the goals of the thesis solution and the methodology used in the research. From various specific locations that may affect the price of a family house were selected protected landscape areas and spas. Based on these specific territories, cities were selected for market analysis. Using statistical methods, the obtained data set was tested and the influence of a specific location on the price of a family house could be determined from the resulting information.
Determining the Quotient of Usable Area to the Built-up Area for Houses in a Specific Location
Holetová, Kateřina ; Jandásková, Tereza (referee) ; Komosná, Milada (advisor)
The thesis deals with determining the quotient of usable area and the built-up area for houses in a specific location and analyzes the influence over size of quotient according to variables in process of determining.