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I and "Sokol"
Zatloukal, David ; Janča, Karel (referee) ; Sládeček, Svatopluk (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with the complex design of the sports-cultural building and its integration into the structure of the unique modernistic urbanism of the city of Zlín. It seeks to answer the question of to what extent culture and sport can work side by side.
I and "Sokol"
Kobyliaková, Tatiana ; Janča, Karel (referee) ; Sládeček, Svatopluk (advisor)
This diploma thesis is dedicated to design of the sports center and its integration into the urban structure of the city. In previous analyzes, the Sokol architecture and its typology have been examined in detail. One of the aims of the diploma thesis is to verify final hypotheses resulting from the analysis and apply them to the context of today. The project proposal takes into consideration existing built-up area around the plot, its potential, topography and also the complex traffic situation in the area. The solution is to divide the area by a mitigative traffic artery into two segments. In the northern segment there are functions of administration, accommodation and public greenery, in the southern segment there is a sport center linked to existing sports halls.