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Presentations of subgroups
Jakubec, Tomáš ; Růžička, Pavel (advisor) ; Kazda, Alexandr (referee)
This bachelor thesis shows, how to create the presentation of subgroup, if the presentation of group is known by Reidemeister-Schreier method. At first, a term presentation of group is defined and then the text shows, how to obtain the group, which is isomorphic to the original group, from this presentation and how the presentation can be changed, although the group, which is ob- tained from the presentation, stays same. Then the text finds presentation of subgroup from the presentation of group, however this presentation cannot be in general used in practice. The obtained presentation of subgroup can be simplified by Reidemeister theorem, Schreier theorem and appropriate genera- tors of subgroup. This thesis also contains solved examples of application of Reidemeister-Schreier method. The text is intended as an educational material for students of combinatorial group theory. 1
New possibilities of selected brownfield locality use in the South Bohemia
In its theoretical part, the (Diploma) Thesis "New Exploitation Concept of the Picked Brownfields in Southern Bohemia District" concerns brownfield issues, defines the terms and describes their classifiaction from diferent points of view. Next the Thesis defines procedures of identification and mapping of brownfields. My work indicates authorities dealing with the topics, revitalization possibilities and possibilities of investment in particular investment intents. Applied part of the Thesis aims at one chosen property in South Bohemia District, describes history and today's condition and possibilities of their future use.
Mapping, Stocktaking and Categorization of Brownfields considering to Ground Plan
This Bachelor Thesis ?Mapping, Stocktaking and Categorization of Brownfields considering to Ground Plan? is focused in the first part on characteristics of brownfields. Thesis also defines brownfields and connected terms, process of mapping, identification and then brownfields are divided according to several aspects. At the end of theoretical part there are institutions that solve the financial issues. Practical part of this thesis characterizes South Bohemia region, district of České Budějovice and brownfields in this area. There is also part relevant to the specific brownfields near České Budějovice.

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5 JAKUBEC, Tomáš
1 Jakubec, Thomas
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