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Evaluation of revitalisation of green vegetation on the square in the town Dobříš
Melšová, Tereza ; Jakubcová, Eva (advisor) ; Jiří, Jiří (referee)
The thesis is focused on the evaluation of the revitalization of green vegetation at the Mirove square in the town Dobris. Revitalization took place in 2012 and its main purpose was to revive and attractiveness of the area. The condition was to preserve the original character of the square. As part of this thesis is done monitoring of the project with settings the most important points that had an impact on the recovery of the area. Explored is for example the financing of revitalization, architectural competition and management of urban green areas in Dobris. The main essence of evaluation is analysis of greenem which was performed before starting the revitalization and after its completion. It describes the health condition of trees, their aesthetic value and composition of vegetation, which was solved by the project. Based on the dendrological report is evaluated the management of greenery, which was ensured by the city untill the start of the project. Described is street furniture and all landscaping which was applied in the renewal of greenery. Included are radical adjustments like felling of selected trees, but also a minor health interventions. In conclusion there is proposed recommendations for possible adjustments. They are entered in the design of solutions that can be used to improve the project. The recommendations are designed to improve representativeness and functionality of the entire revitalization project in the investigated area.
Evaluation of newly revitalized small scale areas in Prague 6
Karasová, Daniela ; Jakubcová, Eva (advisor) ; Karel, Karel (referee)
These days a pursuite of expedient an interconnection between news and existing buildings with green areas is increased especially in the cities. People change living habits and their requests about environment increase. In urban area is necessary create more natural green spaces for its using by habitants. Those are main reasons for creation of new green spaces. For improve some life conditions their equipement and layout should be on high quality perforce. The aim of this thesis is to deal the evaluation of areas in terms of various parameters. It is splited into three parts. Each of part is analysed one of the select park. In conclusion a comparison is performed. A result evaluates a newly revitalized green areas in Prague 6 and their user-friendliness and maintenance demands.
The possibility of construction of children's playgrounds in the climatic and socio-demographic conditions of the Urals
Timashevskaya, Sofya ; Jakubcová, Eva (advisor) ; Broscheová, Lucie (referee)
In my bachelors thesis I deal with the problem of children's playgrounds. The work is divided into two parts, the first part is a literature review , information from it will be used in the second practical part. In the theoretical part of my work was done a simple study of the design and construction of playgrounds, basic definitions and parameters related to that topic. In addition, the safety requirements for playgrounds in terms of legislation of the Czech Republic and the Russian Federation were compared. For further materials for the practical part and my own design, I studied the socio-economic, demographic and environmental conditions of the area. As a part of my work was executed informal meetings with residents of the city Snezhinsk, were weighed their demands and requirements. It also includes consultations with city administration of Snezhinsk and experts dealing with this problem in the Czech Republic (Ing. Jiri Grulich and Ing. Jiří Slepička). During the work I studied a lot of works of foreign architects for inspiration. (Erect architects, Base paysagistes, Annabau) Based on data and evidence from the literature review and to incorporating the requirements of the municipal administration and residents I designed my own playground.
Historical development of the castle park in the town Lysá nad Labem
Kabíčková, Marie ; Jakubcová, Eva (advisor) ; Broscheová, Lucie (referee)
This work wants to describe in detail historical development of castle park in the town Lysá nad Labem which is connected with owners and their changes in the castle and castle park in this town. These changes could perform in castle or castle park. Some owners realized good changes in castle or castle park. These changes people can admire now. For example the owner František Antonín Sporck added to the castle park unique complex of statues. This complex of statues became well- known and visitors can admire these statues also now. But some owners realized bad changes in castle park or they did not engage much time to change the castle park. These problems people can also watch now. For example there are many old trees in the natural park or there are dry trees in the formal park. These problems arised from bad changes in historical development of castle park in the town Lysá nad Labem. In this work there are also some informations about the town Lysá nad Labem and historical monuments in this town. This town is full of gorgeous historical monuments. It is also often known as a town of baroque art. There are also some informations about the baroque architecture and the baroque art of sculpture in the work, bacause there is castle rebuilded in baroque style and statues also in baroque style in the park. It is interesting that the first sculptor who could make the statues was M. B. Braun. This sculptor was the most famous sculptor in the Czech Republic. There are also some informations about baroque landscape architecture, because the castle park in the town Lysá is very precious. There is formal park which has axial symmetry. This formal park also contains the big complex of statues. There is the natural park too. But this natural park is in a bad condition now. The natural park needs renovation. In the Bechelor work the author wants to describe the park and its history. There are some problems which arised from historical development of the castle park. With these problems author can works in the subsequent work and she can make the plan of renovation of this park.
The hermit colony
Jakubcová, Eva ; Plaček, Miroslav (referee) ; Donaťáková, Dagmar (advisor)
This construction programme deals with a hermit colony located in the western part of the Vysočina Region. This hermit colony has been established to provide accommodation for women living in this area permanently while offering an opportunity of occasional relaxation for people who are living hectic lives in urban environment. The aim of my project is to design the remaining parts of the colony, i.e. two hermitages and the community’s chapel. A hermitage is a one-storey building intended for one person only. The load-bearing walls of the individual hermitages are designed to be built from different materials (wooden and masonry constructions) whereas the elevational structures of all the buildings are to be the same. The chapel’s wall system combines stone and wood. The chapel will serve solely the purposes of the community. The main objective of my project is to respect and maintain the natural features of the landscape to the maximum extent possible.

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