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Comparison of excise duty on tobacco products in the Czech Republic and the EU
This thesis is concerned with a comparison of excise duty on tobacco products in the Czech Republic and the member countries of the European Union. Its aim is to find groups of countries with similar indicators, to explore the similarities between these countries and to try to identify the possible effects that may cause differences. The thesis is divided into two parts. The theoretical part is focused on the characteristics of excise duties and primarily on excise duty on tobacco products. It deals with European Commission directives and minimum excise rates. The practical part deals with selected indicators related to excise duty on tobacco products. These indicators are excise duty on tobacco products as percentage of GDP and percentage of total taxation, specific excise per 1 000 cigarettes as percentage of WAP and excise yield in EUR per 1 000 cigarettes of the WAP. The last indicator is cigarettes consumption per capita, which is not included in the analysis. Data is processed by cluster analysis for the years 2003 and 2014 in computer software STATISTICA 12. The task of cluster analysis is to find groups of countries which are similar. The results of cluster analysis are described in the next chapters. The differences of the individual clusters and the possible influences that these differences may have caused are also described in the last chapters.
Changes in the lives of seniors relocated from their home in the nursing home
The bachelor thesis deals with changes in lives of seniors moving from their homes to a nursing house. Its aim is to analyse the reasons why the seniors move to a nursing house and to analyse changes caused by this fact in their lives. The thesis firstly characterizes life changes and changes of needs in old age, furthermore the possibilities of elderly care. The main part of the thesis is in chapter The Senior´s Stay at Nursing House. The thesis contains examples from practical work.
Representation of the world in early maps
Jílková, Petra ; Bayer, Tomáš (advisor) ; Semotanová, Eva (referee)
Representation of the World in Early Maps Abstract The thesis deals with an analysis of the representation of the world in early small scale maps in the 16th - 18th centuries. The theoretical framework consists of the outline of the historical context of the given period with emphasis on the representation of the world in connection with the progress of the discoveries and the expansion of the geographical horizon. The development of navigation methods and technical means used to determine the latitude and longitude that had a direct impact on the positioning accuracy of topographic map elements are depicted, too. The practical part of the thesis is focused on the cartometric evaluation of selected map works of European cartographers of the period of 16th - 18th centuries, which consisted of the analysis of cartographic projection and the analysis of the positional accuracy of topographic content. The geometric accuracy of the maps is assessed mainly by the value of the positional deviations in the north-south and west-east directions. Based on the results of the cartometric evaluation, the evolution of the topographic content positioning is determined and the approximate time process of expanding the image of the known world on the contemporary maps is captured. The graphical outputs of the thesis are...
The North America in Early Maps
Jílková, Petra ; Bayer, Tomáš (advisor) ; Chrást, Josef (referee)
The North America in Early Maps Abstract The objective of this thesis is to analyze selected map works of European cartographers h showing the territory of North America in the period from 16. to 19. century. Using the cartometric and semiotic methods the map attributes are analyzed focusing the detection and description of the cartographic projection. Next, within the analysis of the topographic content the map symbols and the language of the map are discussed and interesting geographical mistakes of the authors are noticed. On the basis of the partial analyzes the progression of the continent depiction is documented with emphasis on the progression of map symbols and on the change of the shape of the continent in the given period. Key words: North America, cartometry, semiotics, European cartography, discovery, detectproj
The ethic and human rights in mental health case in psychiatric institutions
Jílková, Petra ; Kodymová, Pavla (referee) ; Probstová, Václava (advisor)
Cílem mé diplomové práce je přinést aktuální informace o právech pacientů a jejich dodržování v psychiatrických zařízeních u nás. V teoretické části prostřednictvím přehledu mezinárodních dokumentů a etických kodexů, legislativy České republiky, která tuto oblast upravuje, společně s hodnocením stávající praxe odborníky zabývajícími se péčí o duševní zdraví. V praktické části pak výzkumem s uživateli psychiatrické péče.
The Provisions of the Economic Subject in Accountancy
The aim of the bachelor thesis is to characterize provisions and to analyse their impact on the tax base. The thesis is devided into two parts. The theoretical part is fosuced on explaining the term "accrual principal". It deals with description of accounting provisions, tax provisions and defining the ways of reporting provisions. In the practical part the gained knowledge is used for analysis the provisions in the chosen company. The calculation of the tax base an income tax is made in the next chapters. The joint-stock company XYZ recognizes only accounting provisions. Some of the tax provisions are proposed in the last chapters.
The marketing strategy of The Musical Production
Humlová, Jana ; Černá, Jitka (advisor) ; Jílková, Petra (referee)
This thesis deals with an arts marketing with a focus on musical theater. The theoretical part defines basic elements of the marketing process, with the main emphasis placed on marketing mix and its specifics in context of musical production. In this part of the thesis there is also description of marketing research. In favour of smooth transition to practical part, at the very end of theoretical part there is a summary of main competitors. The practical part is focused on the company operating in the theater Hybernia and on its marketing and communication activities. Based on the theoretical presumptions the marketing research had been realized and it had examined the customers of this company. The output of the research, analysis of the marketing mix and analysis of the competitors serve as basis for creating innovations in marketing mix.
Jílková, Petra ; Urbánek, Václav (advisor) ; Ducháčková, Eva (referee) ; Vomáčková, Helena (referee)
The theme of the dissertation is the private rate of return to educational Investments in tertiary sector. The topic of the research is the impact of the tuition fees on this indicator, including considering the possibility to finance additional costs of the student by the new state loan product. There is introduced the current state of theory and done the SWOT analysis of needs of the education system in the Czech Republic. It is done calculation of private student rate of return to investment into tertiary education and made practical verification of the possibility of using new bank loan product as a source for funding of additional costs for financing of student fees.
Analysis of the system of subsidies to the theater in Prague
Švecová, Eva ; Slintáková, Barbora (advisor) ; Jílková, Petra (referee)
The content of this thesis is the description of the grant system in the capital city of Prague , and as one of the possible funding options theaters with regard to the financing of culture . The way financial support is strongly influenced by cultural politics in Prague. The main purpose of the grant system is a description of Prague as well as comparing the two management allowance organization representing the theaters of the city and limited liability company . A sub- goal is to describe the transformation of Prague allowance organizations , theaters. In this work the method used comparative analysis between the railing and theaters without railings.
Analyse of grant system provided by capital city of Prague
Martínek, Jakub ; Slintáková, Barbora (advisor) ; Jílková, Petra (referee)
This bachelor thesis presents grants provided by capital city of Prague. Grant systém is described as a set of grant fields, in which the grant programs are announced. Thesis explains who can asks for dotation and how. It is also discussed, how these grants are evaluated. Text puts stress on poit of view of both prime subjects - aplicants and grantor. Effects, that grants should generate ale also discussed. Last part of thesis analyses field of free time for children and young people. Main goal of this text is, after critical evaluation, presentation of solutions to discussed problems.

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