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Luca Bigazzi a jeho kinematografie: analýza stylu kamery a svícení
Somazzi, Giacomo ; SANDERS, Ervín (advisor) ; JÍCHA, Marek (referee)
Diplomová práce ze zabývá tvorbou Lucy Bigazziho, jednoho z nejdůležitějších současných italských kameramanů. Analýza jeho filmů ukazuje, jakým způsobem svými úvahami o kinematografii a jedinečným vizuálním stylem ovlivnil spolupracovníky, i italský film v posledních 30 letech.
Image stylization and its perception by viewer in film and virtual reality.
Dvořáček, Šimon ; MACÁK, Jiří (advisor) ; JÍCHA, Marek (referee)
The purpose of this thesis is to describe the elements of stylization and the cameraman's procedures, especially for documentary film creation. A further aim is to explain the concept of virtual reality and to provide a description of what this term means today. Finally, this thesis considers VR as a possible upcoming medium and describes the individual points of production of a project, especially from the point of view of the cameraman.
When Colour Narrates: Colour as a Narrative Tool in Audiovisual Storytelling
Larsen, Morten ; JÍCHA, Marek (advisor) ; KLARICOVÁ, Kateřina (referee)
This thesis explores the use of colour as a narrative tool within the realm of cinema. Even though colours have taken up a considerable role in the history of film, colour theory and colour aesthetic have not received reasonable attention in film studies compared to other fields. The thesis reflects upon why this might be the case based on the hypothesis by David Bachelor that a history long “chromophobia” has existed in the arts in the Western world. The paper then seeks to give an overview of relevant theory of colour that tries to shed light on the multiplex nature of colour itself, and in continuation to that, its ability to convey meaning within audio-visual story-telling. Finally, this paper shall investigate the selected works by three directors - Eric Rohmer, Rainer Werner Fassbinder and Alfred Hitchcock - that utilize colour narratively within their work but in various ways. It is the aim of this thesis that the analysis supported by theory shall prove the quality and unique property of colour in audio-visual storytelling.
Internal Film Logic
Tichovský, Martin ; JÍCHA, Marek (advisor) ; SMUTNÝ, Vladimír (referee)
Abstract The thesis Internal film logic analyzes the processes by which an audience is guided through visual signs. Film is conceived here as a type of communication. The text explores processes and relationships in the author-artwork-audience axis, and offers a terminological apparatus to philosophically work with basic questions regarding creative intention. The purpose of this work is to lead the reader-cinematographer towards awareness of organic structures within film alongside the commonly utilized technical frameworks. If an author can conceive of film as a communication process, then a film can come to life as a „dialogue“: to direct audience's thought paths, provoke their intellectual capabilities, and enliven their experiences against their expectations.
Image structure as an expressive element of motion pictures
Ticháček, David ; JÍCHA, Marek (advisor) ; MYSLÍK, Jiří (referee)
My bachelor thesis deals with the structure of the film image and its effect on the viewer of the audiovisual work. It attempts to present an overall view of the image structure phenomenon. The first part briefly describes the historical milestones that led to the phenomenon of film grain. It further clarifies the essence of the concept of image structure and explores physicochemical grain of film materials. It examines the aesthetic essence of film grain and points out the ways in which human vision perceives grain. It describes methods employing the structure of the picture in cinematographic practice. Through empirical research, it determines the real influence of the grain in the image on the viewer’s perception of the emotional impact of the film and the image itself.

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