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Fabrication methods of diamond coated Love wave SAW biosensors for bacterial detection applications
Drbohlavová, L. ; Bulíř, J. ; Valeš, Václav ; Jákl Křečmarová, M. ; Taylor, Andrew ; Talbi, A. ; Soltani, A. ; Mortet, Vincent
Pathogen detection has a huge importance in the food industry and it can play significant role in the medical practice. This paper focus on the fabrication methods of diamond coated Love wave surface acoustic wave (LW-SAW) biosensors for bacteria detection. LW-SAW sensors have been fabricated on AT-quartz crystals. Interdigitated transducers have been patterned by RF sputtering and photolithography techniques. Amorphous silicon oxide (SiO2) guiding layer and nano-crystalline diamond layer were both deposited by plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition at low temperature. Preliminary experimental study of diamond surface termination for sensors bio-functionalization is also reported.
Production of nitrogen vacancy centers in nanocrystalline diamond thin film for quantum biosensing applications
Jakl Krečmarová, Marie ; Gulka, Michal ; Fekete, Ladislav ; Remeš, Zdeněk ; Petráková, Vladimíra ; Mortet, Vincent ; Nesládek, M.
Due to its excellent properties such as chemical stability and biocompatibility, diamond is an ideal material for bio sensing application. In particular, nitrogen vacancy (NV) centres in diamond are promising candidates for optical bio-sensing application in nanodiamond particles and single crystal diamond by irradiation (electron, proton, neutron, particles) followed by annealing has been recently developer. Production of NV centres in CVD diamond thin film is important for fabrication of new bio sensor.

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