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The analysis of the institutional repositories in the Czech Republic using DSpace system
Kovaříková, Lenka ; Římanová, Radka (advisor) ; Ivánek, Jiří (referee)
The goal of this thesis is to analyze, compare and evaluate available institutional repositories (IR) in Czechia, which are stored in the DSpace system. The development of IR and its circumstances is described through comparison of information available from registry of repositories, journals articles, presentations, and qualitative interviews. Each IR was compared by version, area of expertise, types of stored documents, organization, language mutations, number of records, administration of data entry and data exit processes, system login and user rights. A bigger part of this thesis is dedicated to search options and metadata. As a result of that the analysis of collected data brought a summary of characteristics and system options. It highlighted the positives such as the system integration of repositories, as well as negatives such as overlooking of subject description. The result of the analysis are system atributes and options. brought a summary of the system's features and capabilities. She pointed out the positives as the ability of systematic interconnection of repositories and shortcomings in the form of neglecting the subject description.
The role of the information specialist in the governmental administration institutions
Vichová, Martina ; Drobíková, Barbora (advisor) ; Ivánek, Jiří (referee)
The aim of the diploma thesis is to describe the basic characteristics and analysis of the information profession of the Czech Republic in the sphere of state administration. Some space of the work is devoted to the characteristics of public and state administration. The diploma thesis emphasizes the institutions of state administration and their division. The following chapter deals with information institutions and information folders in the state administration and their categorization. The core of the thesis is the definition of the concept of an information specialist. The final chapter is devoted to the possibilities of graduates in the field of Information Studies and Librarianship in Public and State Administration and the exemplary position of a public administration information systems officer based on the analysis of advertised job offers.
Self-publishing Of Electronic Literature
Porsche, Lukáš ; Ivánek, Jiří (advisor) ; Šmejkalová, Jiřina (referee) ; Trávníček, Jiří (referee)
This dissertation thesis deals with electronic self-publishing of literary fiction, i.e. its publishing by the authors themselves, without involving publishers. Support from big technology companies led to unprecedented growth of this type of publishing in the 2010s and electronic self-publishing has in some countries become one of the standard ways of publishing. In spite of its expansion, electronic self-publishing is affected by many problems. The most prominent one is comparatively lower quality of many independently published e- books, mainly caused by limited knowledge of the publishing process from the side of the authors, many of which are not proper acquainted with publishing practices. The activities that should an independent author perform during the publishing process are the same as those performed by a publisher. Due to complicated character of some of these activities, many independent authors outsource them to other parties, or do not perform them at all. In the Czech Republic, electronic self-publishing is relatively undeveloped. It is true that there has probably been hundreds or thousands e-books published independently and that the number of downloads of these books is in hundreds of thousands copies. On the other hand, majority of this literature is offered for free or for...
Comparing methods of knowledge discovery from data
Jungmannová, Iva ; Ivánek, Jiří (advisor) ; Dvořák, Jan (referee)
(in English): The thesis is devoted to the comparison of a few methods of mining knowledge from data. Methods decision tree, classification rules, cluster analysis, and Naive Bayes classifier were applied to the data sample. Data about clients of a non-profit organization Association of Civil Counseling were used. It has been worked according to the technological process of knowledge mining. In the thesis was applied data description, data preparation, modeling and testing and results from interpretation. Because of using the same sample of data and similar data preparation, overlapping results are also expected. The research is focused not only on results similarity, but also differences in results. The correlation between the amount of debt of clients and other attributes was found. In the results, there really were some patterns repeating through most of all methods. It turned out the amount of debt is related to a number of creditors. The more creditors, the higher amount of debt. Clients with a higher amount of liabilities had also higher debt. The results might not be surprising, but it proves the functionality of models and comparability of results.
Ontology of knowledge organization
Kučerová, Helena ; Bratková, Eva (advisor) ; Ivánek, Jiří (referee) ; Steinerová, Jela (referee)
The aim of the research documented in the thesis was to design an ontology for the knowledge organization domain. Three requirements specifying areas of ontology use have been identified: making of statements for a knowledge base for knowledge organization, indexing of resources in the domain and interlinking with content-relevant ontologies. The design was elaborated by the method of reengineering the first version of ontology, created in the framework of the NAKI research project Knowledge base for subject area of knowledge organization in 2013-2015. The second version of ontology is based on the DOLCE foundational ontology, specifically on the reusing of its selected classes and predicates, including the axioms associated with them. The reengineering of the content of the first version of ontology was done by the domain and facet analysis methodology. The outcome is divided in two interlinked modules - axiomatized heavy- weight core ontology and light-weight terminological ontology. The ontology offers a solution to the compatibility of Czech and world terminology, it applies an extended concept of domain beyond the scope of memory institutions, and it presents a partial contribution to the development of the theory of knowledge organization. The content of the thesis is divided into five...
File formats for long-term preservation of electronic publications in the e-deposit system in the Czech Republic
Jiroušek, Václav ; Souček, Martin (advisor) ; Ivánek, Jiří (referee)
This bachelor's thesis focuses on selection of archival formats for the purposes of long term preservation of electronic pulications within the Czech e-deposit system. It analyzes the current situation in the Czech Republic and, on the basis of a sample of seven foreign institutions, compares it with foreign approaches and experiences. The first part of the thesis deals with the electronic formats of electronic books on the theoretical side. Based on the market analysis, the formats relevant to the Czech market for electronic publications are identified and the risks of the individual formats are described with regard to the possibilities of their long-term preservation. The second part is devoted to case studies in which the format policies of foreign libraries dealing with long-term archiving of electronic publications are documented. An analysis of electronic publications, voluntarily deposited by the publisher to the NL CR during the pilot operation of the e-deposit system, is also performed. The conclusion of the thesis summarizes the findings in the form of recommendations for archival formats for the further development of the Czech e-deposit system.
Fundamental overview of ways of audio information compressing
Šlosar, David Jiří ; Ivánek, Jiří (advisor) ; Dvořák, Jan (referee)
This thesis focuses on overview of basic methods of compression of sound information and their comparison. At the introduction the thesis progresses from definition of sound to pro- perties of human auditory system. Next part is about physical realization of transformation of sound into digital form and back. The thesis continues by overview and description of ba- sic compression methods. The last part of is dedicated to multi-criteria comparison of each compression method and their evaluation of usage in specific conditions.
Information overload and methods of its elimination in the modern information society
Krejčiřík, Matěj ; Souček, Martin (advisor) ; Ivánek, Jiří (referee)
(anglicky): The Bachelor's thesis studies the information overload problem from the point of view of biology, economy, psychology and information science. The goal of the thesis is to propose possible methods for reduction, or complete elimination of the information overload. The thesis in the theoretic part firstly analyses socioeconomic environment in which our civilization currently is, thereupon it starts to concentrate on the means of information reception, processing and storage at mankind's disposal. It then tackles the information overload problem itself and its proven consequences and then it describes methods that could be used to partly or fully eliminate information overload. Practical part is then based upon an in-depth semi-structured dialog though which a detailed information behaviour of the participants is analysed. Based on the information gathered, possible functional methods of elimination or partial reduction of information overload are proposed.
Knowledge management and CKO (chief knowledge officer) profession
Dobšovičová, Alexandra ; Lipková, Helena (advisor) ; Ivánek, Jiří (referee)
The diploma thesis is dedicated to the purpose and importance of knowledge management. The aim of this work is to describe the chief knowledge officer position in the knowledge society. It defines its roles and identifies competencies that are keys to success of this position. It unveils impact and responsibilities of chief knowledge officer in a knowledge organization. It assesses and predicts development of this position. The thesis can be divided into two parts, theoretical and empirical. First chapters focus on the theory in the field of knowledge management, knowledge society and furthermore it focuses on the position chief knowledge officer, its development and competencies. The thesis contains also an analysis of research from foreign countries. Empirical part of the thesis includes interviews with representatives on the position chief knowledge officer. Keywords: Knowledge management Chief knowledge officer Knowledge society Intellectual capital Enterprises
Authenticity and Digital Information
Cubr, Ladislav ; Ivánek, Jiří (advisor) ; Sklenák, Vilém (referee) ; Hutař, Jan (referee)
The dissertation focuses on the authenticity of digitized books in the context of their life cycle (production, preservation, access). First the OIAS high-level conceptual framework for lifecycle management of digital documents maintained by organizations is introduced. Then the current situation of digitized books lifecycle management is described. This part is followed by an introducing to relevant conceptualizations of the authenticity of digital documents and these conceptualizations are analyzed and reviewed. Then framework for analysis of authenticity is established based on previous findings. This framework is then used to identify authenticity requirements for digitized books and to develop a domain-specific conceptualization of the authenticity of digitized books. This conceptualization deploys detailed analysis of risks threatening authenticity during lifecycle management of digitized books. The selected topics of this conceptualization are then the source for the next step, which is to develop a recommended practice for maintaining authenticity of digitized books. This practice is further specified for one partial solution to the problem of maintaining the authenticity of digital documents throughout their life cycle, which is a persistent identification system.

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