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Air quality monitoring in areas with high traffic load
Ličbinský, Roman ; Huzlík, Jiří ; Hegrová, Jitka
Emissions of pollutants are one of the most serious problems of transportation, particularly as a result of a significant risk to human health. The causes of emissions of pollutants to ambient air are the exhaust gases generated by the combustion of fuel in motor vehicles. They are complex mixtures containing hundreds of chemical substances at different concentrations contributing to long-term warming of the atmosphere, the so-called "greenhouse effect" or often with toxic, mutagenic and carcinogenic properties for humans. The presented methodology was developed within project TE01020168 - Center for effective and sustainable transport infrastructure (CESTI) with the financial support of the Technological Agency of the Czech Republic within the Competence Centres Programme. Its aim is to unify the procedures for the implementation and evaluation of air quality monitoring in order to provide objective information on the actual status and development of air quality in areas with intensive transport. It summarizes the legislatively defined requirements for air quality monitoring and at the same time defines the pollutants whose very important source is transport and which should be monitored when assessing the impact of transport on air quality: nitrogen dioxide, (nano)particles, benzene, or platinum group elements and benzo[a]pyrene. The methodology can be used by the Ministry of Transport, road owners or their managers (ŘSD, regions and municipalities) as an effective tool for controlling both long-term monitoring and indicative measurements of air quality in the vicinity of roadways. At the same time, it will find application to metering processors and organizations providing their own air quality measurement to provide a standardized procedure to ensure a precise air quality assessment based on real data. The methodology will also help to deepen the knowledge of the staff of all the mentioned institutions and provide a standardized procedure for which, for example, contracting authorities may refer to public procurement.
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Safety Management System for Transport of Materials and Dangerous Substances
Pirner, Adam ; Huzlík, Jiří (referee) ; Adamec, Vladimír (advisor)
My bachelor thesis is dealing with the dangerous substances transportation system. I used domestic as well as foreign literature sources over the past fifteen years. A part of presented sources were elaborated with help of the Study and Scientific Library Hradec Kralove according to the theme and key words. My thesis focuses on fundamental phrases connected with dangerous substances as well as the present valid legislation regulating the issue of dangerous substances transportation. Identification of dangerous substances and their qualities evaluation follows. This is essential both for common usage and for successful intervention in case of emergency and possible leak. The second half of my thesis is mostly dealing with dangerous substances transportation systems, means of transportation that conduct this activity and fire protection squads intervention during such emergency situations. Finally, there is presented own insight onto the given issue.
Morfologie‚ chemická a toxikologická charakteristika pouličního prachu a suspendovaných prachových částic‚ včetně určení zdrojů původu
Centrum dopravního výzkumu, v.v.i., Brno ; Del favero, David ; Dočekal, Bohumil ; Večeřa, Zbyněk ; Mikuška, Pavel ; Ličbinský, Roman ; Huzlík, Jiří ; Adamec, Vladimír
Cílem řešení projektu je prohloubení znalostí a získání nových poznatků o chování, složení, morfologii a zdrojích pouličního prachu, a tím i suspendovaných pevných částic na lokalitách zatížených mobilními zdroji znečištění. Hodnocení vlivu látek vyskytujících se v ovzduší na sledovaných lokalitách (Brno - Kotlářská, Ostrava - Bartovice) jak z pohledu životního prostředí (toxikologické testy), tak zdraví člověka (odhad zdravotních rizik shodně označují ve sledovaných faktorech za více zatíženou lokalitu Brno Bartovice, i když druhou lokalitu nelze označit za vyhovující. Odhad celkového individuálního karcinogenního rizika je vyšší než uznávaná zdravotně bezpečná hodnota na všech sledovaných lokalitách.
Morphology, chemical and toxicological characterisation of road dust and particulate matter including sources apportionment: Final report - summary
Adamec, Vladimír ; Huzlík, Jiří ; Ličbinský, Roman ; Effenberger, Karel ; Mikuška, Pavel ; Večeřa, Zbyněk ; Dočekal, Bohumil ; Vojtěšek, Martin
Project brought new scientific results in the field of chemical composition, physical and toxicological characterization of street dust and particulate matter. Chemical analyses and statistical methods including receptor modelling result in identification their sources.
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