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Backtesting Value-at-Risk: Comparison of selected approaches
Šedivý, Milan ; Hendrych, Radek (advisor) ; Hurt, Jan (referee)
This thesis focuses on the evaluation of different backtesting methods that are routinely applied to one of the most commonly used risk measure Value- at-Risk. The main goal of this thesis is to present approaches used to backtest Value-at-Risk (including an introduction to common methods associated with Value-at-Risk forecasting). These statistical evaluation methods are then applied to historical data from the years 2005 to 2010, during which we experienced two major financial crises. Afterwards, the output of our analysis is thoroughly discussed. 1
Econometric models of national economies
Hála, Petr ; Hendrych, Radek (advisor) ; Hurt, Jan (referee)
The present thesis deals with multiple econometric equations systems which might provide a useful insight into the national economy modelling. It takes into account possible pitfalls of common practices. It introduces the theory and estimation methods of multiple econometric equations systems. It also discusses the equality of savings and investment and the theory of money. Furthermore, it briefly analyses Klein's model I from a theoretical point of view and uses the three-step least squares method in order to estimate it. Partial modifications of this model are suggested and implemented. The quality of the competitive models is evaluated employing the predictive criterion. Consequently, the canonical NK DSGE model is derived and subjected to theoretical criticism. The thesis debates doubts on the relevance of the NK IS curve and argues that Lucas's critique is still valid. A generalized method of moments is used to implement the NK DSGE model. Finally, this model is briefly compared with Klein's model I.
Optimal portfolios
Vacek, Lukáš ; Hurt, Jan (advisor) ; Večeř, Jan (referee)
In this diploma thesis, selected techniques for construction of optimal portfo- lios are presented. Risk measures and other criteria (Markowitz approach, Value at risk, Conditional value at risk, Mean absolute deviation, Spectral risk measure and Kelly criterion) are defined in the first part. We derived analytical solution for some cases of optimization problems, in some other cases there exists numeri- cal solution only however. Advantages and disadvantages, theoretical properties and practical aspects of software implementation in Wolfram Mathematica are also mentioned. Simulation methods suitable for portfolio optimization are brie- fly presented with their motivation in the second part. Multivariate distributions: normal, t-distribution and skewed t-distribution are presented in the third part with connection to optimization of portfolio with assumption of multivariate dis- tribution of financial losses. Optimization methods are illustrated on real data in the fourth part of this thesis. Analytical methods are compared with numerical ones. 1
Machine learning with applications to finance
Mešša, Samuel ; Hurt, Jan (advisor) ; Večeř, Jan (referee)
The impact of data driven, machine learning technologies across a wide variety of fields is undeniable. The financial industry, which relies heavily on predictive modeling being no exception. In this work we summarize two widely used machine learning models: support vector machines and neural networks, discuss their limitations and compare their performance to a more traditionally used method, namely logistic regression. Evaluation was done on two real world datasets, which were used to predict default of loan applicants and credit card holders formulated as a binary classification task. Neural networks and support vector machines either outperformed or showed comparable results to logistic regression with performance measured in receiver operator characteristic area under curve. In the second task neural networks outperformed both other models by a significant margin.
Loss reserving for individual claim-by-claim data
Bednárik, Vojtěch ; Pešta, Michal (advisor) ; Hurt, Jan (referee)
This thesis covers stochastic claims reserving in non-life insurance based on individual claims developments. Summarized theoretical methods are applied on data from Czech Insurers' Bureau for educational purposes. The problem of estimation is divided into four parts: oc- curence process generating claims, delay of notification, times between events and payments. Each part is estimated separately based on maximum likelihood theory and final estimates allow us to obtain an estimate of future liabilities distribution. The results are very promis- ing and we believe this method is worth of a further research. Contribution of this work is more rigorous theoretical part and application on data from the Czech market with some new ideas in practical part and simulation. 1
Pricing financial derivatives
Chudáček, Petr ; Hurt, Jan (advisor) ; Dostál, Petr (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with selected methods of pricing of fi- nancial derivatives. It begins with introduction to financial derivatives, simple methods of pricing them and establishing terminology. It follows with summary of mathematical definitions and theorems necessary for deriving selected models for option pricing. In chapter dealing with diffusion models, there are introduced Black-Scholes Model, Binomial Model, and CEV model. The following chapters deal with Merton's Jump-Diffusion Model, i.e., a diffusion model enriched with jumps, and Variance-Gamma Model as the representative of (pure) jump models. This thesis is interspersed with numerical examples. 1
Alternative risk measures and their applications
Drobuliak, Matúš ; Hurt, Jan (advisor) ; Večeř, Jan (referee)
Title: Alternative risk measures and their applications Author: Matúš Drobuliak Department: Department of Probability and Mathematical Statistics Supervisor: Doc. RNDr. Jan Hurt, CSc., Department of Probability and Mathe- matical Statistics Abstract: The objective of this thesis is to discuss alternative measures of risk. We focused on the expectile value at risk, which we compared with conventional risk measures - namely value at risk and conditional value at risk. We also discussed its properties from the financial point of view. A numerical illustration is included in the thesis. Keywords: Value at risk, Conditional value at risk, Quantile, Expectile, Expectile value at risk iii
Calibration of interest rate trees and valuation of interest rate options
Veska, Tobiáš ; Witzany, Jiří (advisor) ; Hurt, Jan (referee)
Tato akalářská prá e se za ývá i o i ký i a tri o i ký i stro y pro o eňová í úrokový h op í. Nejdříve uvede e fi a č í deriváty a jeji h základ í vlast osti. Ve druhé části se za ěří e a základ í pri ipy a pod í ky, které jsou ez yt é pro o eňová í op í. Třetí část akalářské prá e je za ěře a a i o i ký odel, jeho odvoze í, kali ra i para etrů, uvede í Tri o i ký odel je odvoze z i o i kého odelu, ude e kali rovat para etry a diskutovat jeho výhody. Na ko i této části o e í e ěkolik op í za použití i o i kého tri o i kého stro u. V posled í části uvede e odely pro o eňová í op í a úrokové deriváty a zvýše ou pozor ost ude e vě ovat Lee odelu, po o í kterého o e í e úrokovou op i.
Capital allocation principles
Dvořák, Daniel ; Mazurová, Lucie (advisor) ; Hurt, Jan (referee)
Insurance companies or other financial institutions face financial risks during their various activites. Risk capital is allocated in order to cover these risks. The goal of capital allocation is to redistribute this capital to various constituents of the firm with respect to their riskiness. The thesis deals with risk measures and allocation methods. Special emphasis is put on the notions of coherent risk measures and coherent allocation methods. Conditions of coherence are checked for certain allocation methods. The thesis also deals with practical calculation of allocations to individual risks using allocation methods. 1

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