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Transcriptional regulation of PIN4 protein, membrane transporter of plant hormone auxin.
Hurný, Andrej ; Petrášek, Jan (advisor) ; Holá, Dana (referee)
PIN-FORMED (PIN) proteins are plant-specific secondary transporters acting in the efflux of plant signaling molecule auxin from cells. Their asymmetrical localization within cells determines the directionality of auxin flow and thereby influences plant development. The activity of PIN proteins is regulated at multiple levels; however the primary step in the regulation of PIN proteins takes place at the level of gene transcription. Therefore the main focus of this diploma thesis is the characterization of the transcriptional regulation of PIN proteins, namely PIN4 protein. The observation of plants carrying transcriptional fusion consisting of various lengths of PIN4 promoter and green fluorescent protein (GFP) showed which part of PIN4 promoter is essential for binding transcription factors and for the start of transcription. This part of PIN4 promoter was used as bait for transcription factors in yeast one hybrid screens. Altogether, 24 transcription factors were identified in which the most numerous were transcription factors from GATA and APETALA2 (AP2)/ETHYLENE RESPONSE FACTOR (ERF) families. To verify the interactions between identified transcription factors and PIN4 promoter, the protoplast transient expression assay was used. Protoplasts isolated from Arabidopsis thaliana leaves and tobacco BY-2 cell...

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