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The Problems of Visual Content on Social Networks: An Analysis of User Filters Implemented on Instagram
Huněk, Filip ; Láb, Filip (advisor) ; Štoll, Martin (referee) ; Silverio, Robert (referee)
Bibliographical Reference Hunek, F. (2019). The problems of visual content on social networks: An analysis of user filters implemented on Instagram. Prague, 2019. p. 123. Dissertation thesis (Ph.D.) Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Social Sciences, Institute of Communication Studies and Journalism. Lecturer: Doc. Mgr. et MgA. Filip Lab, Ph.D. Abstract In this dissertation, I am mainly focusing on photographic social network Instagram. It is the photograph that plays a crucial role in shaping the awareness of one's own identity and belonging to a community. Through photographs, on the one hand, we perceive the world and store our individual (Van Dijck, 2005) as well as our collective memory (Pink, 2011). On the other hand, photographs serve as a means of self-expression (Tinkler, 2008). Moreover, today's time is greatly fragmented, discontinuous, and episodic, which, on the other hand, leads human individuals to constantly legitimize themselves as unique and authentic individuals (Bauman, 2002). Furthermore, this constant communication via photographs requires a continual adaptation to the media messages, which puts an increased emphasis on visual communication as a field of social sciences, tightly connected to media studies. In short, the main goal of this dissertation is to introduce an analysis...
Effective Internal Communication Online and Offline
Mrhová, Aneta ; Koudelková, Petra (advisor) ; Huněk, Filip (referee)
The diploma thesis Online and Offline Effective Internal Communication Tools of the KKCG Investment Group provides a comprehensive view of internal communication, using Online and Offline tools. The thesis is divided into three parts. The theoretical part defines the concept of internal communication and its inclusion in the marketing and media environment, including related terminology. It also maps Online and Offline media including specific communication tools. Based on literature research is also defined the effectiveness of internal communication including innovative trends. The practical part is focused on the KKCG Group and on its own internal communication settings with real examples of used media. In the methodological part, the author describes and analyses the results of the qualitative (structured interviews with the experts of the internal communication of the companies in the KKCG Group) and the quantitative research (questionnaire survey applied on employees of the individual KKCG Group companies). In conclusion, the comparison occurs research results as well as the use frequency of Online and Offline tools. Furthermore, the level of an individual company's economic efficiency is defined and finally, the research provides answers to the main research questions, hypotheses and...
Options of Digital and Social Media Utilization in Pharmaceutical Marketing
Dordová, Alžběta ; Huněk, Filip (advisor) ; Hrabánková, Markéta (referee)
The bachelor thesis Options of Digital and Social Media Utilization in Pharmaceutical Marketing focuses on the specific aspects of a connection between social media and commercial communication related to the over-the-counter medicinal products. The principal aim of the theoretical part of this thesis is to introduce the topic of pharmaceutical advertising, while the practical part is designed to answer the questions of if and how is it suitable to use social media such as Facebook, Instagram or YouTube as channels for distribution of commercial content related to a medicinal product called Skinoren cream. The theoretical part consecutively puts advertising into the context of marketing and media, introduces the importance of the new media including the social media and describes the challenges of legal and ethical regulation of pharmaceutical advertising. The whole topic is then demonstrated in the practical part as an analysis of two real advertising campaigns. The practical part of this thesis then deals with the attitudes of a chosen target group towards advertising utilization of Facebook. The research was executed as a case study using in-depth interviews as a qualitative method of data collection. The interpretation of the collected data shows that - as a strong marketing tool - Facebook...
Domesticaton of smartphones among youth in Czech Republic: Mixed-method study
Tkačenko, Jekatěrina ; Zezulková, Markéta (advisor) ; Huněk, Filip (referee)
This paper applies to domestication of smartphones among young population in Czech Republic. It provides theoretical and empirical perspective at how research participants adopted their smartphones and how they incorporated them into their daily routine. Using mixed method study this paper offers insight into which applications are participants using, how long, how intensively they spent time with smartphones and which part play smartphones in their daily life. Study is consists of three phases. First phase was based on log data collection by participants via application installed on their smartphones. Second phase was mapping subjective perception of measure and frequency of users activity via structured questionnaire. In the last phase all participants met for group interview to talk about results from the first and second phase and to expand topics realated to excessive smartphone activity. The study shows participants were spending three hours a day on their smartphones, they have check it more than every thirty minutes and the most used applications were social media. Communication via applications for instant messaging is common part of their lives. They have spent time on their smartphones mostly at school. Study did not show addiction of participants to smartphones, however it pointed out a...
Effects of message design and content on the performance of email marketing campaigns
Miadoková, Miroslava ; Koudelková, Petra (advisor) ; Huněk, Filip (referee)
Diploma thesis deals with the influence of the selected attributes of e-mails. Based on the previous research and results they should change the behaviour of the recipients. In the theoretical part author will explain the e-mail and its issues as one of the tools used in new media. The closer focus will be given to the optimalization of e-mails as it will be used for the basis of research. The practical part identifies what features of content and design of email marketing significantly influence the level of public engagement. The methodological basis of research is quantitative method. To test the results of hypotheses a technique of A/B testing will be used. The test focused on selected features will be sent and monitored on the sample of Czech subscribers of the cosmetic company. The results will be measured using the click through rate and the value of the purchases made.
Czech telecomunications companies in chosen specialized media in 2013 - 2017
Ullmann, Ondřej ; Miessler, Jan (advisor) ; Huněk, Filip (referee)
This Master's Thesis focuses on the most popular online media, which are writing about telecomunications companies in the Czech Republic (, a The aim of the thesis is to provide an overview of the way how these media inform about mobile providers in the Czech Republic (T-Mobile, O2 and Vodafone). The thesis reveals differences and similarities in media output of the monitored media and thus can help in a critical approach to the received information. In the theoretical part the thesis shows approach of a journalist as a mediator of information with an explanation of the main theories. It further reflects the role of a journalist as a recipient of information and also focuses more on the role of PR.The research part contains the results of the content analysis, from which it is possible to get an overview of media output frequency, sentiment or extent of use of press releases and the way they are taken over. All monitored quantities are compared across the media and mobile providers. The results show that there are significant differences how journalists rework press releases and in the overall sentiment of published articles. is significantly more critical of all mobile operators than other followed media, while at research confirmed...
User habits of smartphone owners in terms of consumption of media content
Kimla, Lukáš ; Huněk, Filip (advisor) ; Jirků, Jan (referee)
The thesis "User habits of smartphone owners in terms of consumption of media content" aims to expertly uncover a deeper description of user habits of today's smartphone users, and focus primarily on aspects of the consumption of media content on these devices, such as applications, games, web browsing, news, audiovisual content and social networks. The purpose is to give a complete picture of today's smartphone users as consumers of new technological media and to reveal the spectrum of influence that these smartphones have on their users, whether in positive or negative connotations. Using the methods of qualitative research interviews were conducted with representatives of the younger users of smartphones, specifically from Generation Y. The result of the investigation was to identify and describe on what media content representatives of this generation consume on their smartphones and how they reflect their own smartphone usage. It has been shown that most young people interact with their surroundings through social networks on smartphones and also that some of them would be hardly able to live without them, although they were aware of strong smartphones impact on themselves and their broader cultural environment.
Bitcoin: Media Portrayal of a Cryptocurrency
Keprtová, Tereza ; Stroukal, Dominik (advisor) ; Huněk, Filip (referee)
The main aim of this diploma thesis is to find out how the Czech printed media face relatively new and complex phenomenon that emerged in the monetary sphere - virtual currency bitcoin. Through the means of quantitative content analysis, all printed titles showing relevant references to bitcoin between the years 2009 and 2016 were examined. The thesis is divided into several chapters. The theoretical part contains different media concepts dealing with the agenda-setting, the creation of a media portrayal and the construction of social reality through mass media. From a theoretical point of view, the cryptocurrency bitcoin was also subject for detailed analysis. The following methodological part of the thesis introduces the main objective of research, research questions and research design. The analytical part provides a clear overview of the results obtained, then interpreted and compared with predetermined hypothesis. The overview of collected findings about the media image of the virtual currency bitcoin in the Czech press are summarized in the conclusion. The thesis is the first paper to deal with the issues of the virtual currency bitcoin from the point of view of media discourse in the Czech Republic, and its ambition was to gather completely new information on this topic.
Trading of personal data acquried online
Povejšil, Tomáš ; Benda, Josef (advisor) ; Huněk, Filip (referee)
In today's world of new media and big data, our personal data is a valuable commodity. This Master's thesis presents a little-known industry of personal data brokers. Databases of US data brokers contain surprisingly detailed and sensitive information of millions of Americans. The thesis also contains an analysis of risks related to insufficient protection of personal information in digital economy along with possibilities how to enhance our digital privacy in connection with data brokers. The core of the thesis is a comparative analysis of data broker legislation in the US, Canada and the European Union. The analysis shows that in the US there is no unified regulation of personal data protection from activities of data brokers but several laws partially regulating some aspects of personal data protection; this system allows trade in personal data even without the acknowledgement of the persons. On the other hand, regulation in the EU and Canada favours protection of personal data and privacy. In the EU each member state has its legal act on personal data protection based on the EU directive. In April 2018 this directive will be replaced by General Data Protection Regulation which will be directly applicable in all member states. Both current and future legislation, however, make the data broker...
Media image of the Apple Inc in Czech internet media before and after Steve Jobs'death
Nováková, Věra ; Huněk, Filip (advisor) ; Švelch, Jaroslav (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with media image of Apple Inc. in selected Czech internet media. It presents Apple Inc., its evolution and Steve Jobs's personality. The theoretic framework is semiotics and main method is semiotic analysis. There is also an introduction to the selected Czech internet media - and jablickar cz. These are the sources of articles that have undergone semiotic analysis and are followed by comparation. The results of analysis is a phenomenon showing that the level of positivity of Apple products presentation in selected articles is lower after Jobs's death compared to the level of positivity of Apple products presentation during Jobs's life. Powered by TCPDF (

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