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Ekphrasis in the Works of Karen Blixen
Slouková, Radka ; Humpál, Martin (advisor) ; Březinová, Helena (referee) ; Jedličková, Alice (referee)
This thesis analyses ekphrastic passages in the short stories of the Danish writer Karen Blixen. It points out the various definitions of ekphrasis while drawing on a wider conception of this phenomenon which is based on the current intermediality discourse. The texts are analysed on two levels: 1) Ekphrastic thematization, i.e., the transfer of content elements from visual arts to literature, especially regarding landscape painting, portrait and still life. 2) Ekphrastic realization, i.e., the practical use of painting techniques in literary texts, such as the choice of colours or the depiction of light. The results of the analyses indicate a diversity of forms of ekphrasis in Blixen's works, be it in terms of scope, form or integration into the text structure. The results also point out the importance of the so-called pictorial model concept in the author's poetics.
Czech Translations of Knut Hamsun's Novel Hunger
Martínková, Věra ; Humpál, Martin (advisor) ; Březinová, Helena (referee)
The subject of this master thesis is a comparison of four Czech translations of Knut Hamsun's novel Hunger (Sult, 1890) - from 1902 (Hugo Kosterka), 1932 (Milada Lesná-Krausová), 1959 (Milada Lesná-Krausová) and 2016 (Helena Kadečková). The thesis consists of a theoretical part, dealing with the analysis of the original text and the historical context of trends in translation, and a practical part, analysing and comparing the translations. The aim of the thesis was to assess the adequacy of the translations and the correlation between the methods and the corresponding contemporaneous trends. As we expected, the language and methods applied in the translations correspond with the practices in the respective periods. In terms of the method consistency and thoroughness, the versions of Kosterka and Kadečková proved to be the most adequate.
Utopia, or Paradise Lost? The Texts of Danish Immigrants in Argentina and Latin American Immigrants in Denmark and Their Imgaes of Denmark
Vrbová, Daniela ; Humpál, Martin (advisor) ; Křížová, Markéta (referee) ; Gáborová, Margita (referee)
Univerzita Karlova v Praze - Filozofická fakulta - Ústav germánských studií - germánské literatury Dissertation: Utopia, or Paradise Lost? The Texts of Danish Immigrants in Argentina and Latin American Immigrants in Denmark and Their Images of Denmark Daniela Vrbová 2015 Abstract The thesis explores the texts of Danish immigrants in Argentina in the period ca 1844-1990 and Latin American immigrants in Denmark in the period ca 1973-1990 and it follows particularly the conditions and the purposes of their creation. The texts are considered as representations of migration and exile literature in the body of Danish literature. Both groups of authors were producing the texts independently of one another. However, one can identify a joint effort to create or retain an active relationship to Denmark in all texts. This effort has an existential dimension, too, as one can view it as an act of (re)formulation of their personal identity in exile. The thesis then analyses the texts with a help of postcolonial reading in order to find images of Denmark that are being established in the text. Terms adopted from postcolonial studies (and partially also from New Historicism) about migration and migration literature are explained in a separate chapter. The hypothesis of this dissertation is a possible identification of...
Contemporary Swedish drama by female authors: Sara Stridsberg
Sladkovská, Tereza ; Hartlová, Dagmar (advisor) ; Humpál, Martin (referee)
anglicky: This paper is in its first part dealing with the politicisation of the Swedish literature from 1960's on and it is focusing on the feminist literature written by female authors. It is following this literary tendency untill these days and it is emphasising drama and the theatre culture. In its second part the paper is analysing three plays by one of the most influential contemporary authors, Sara Stridsberg. The paper is also laying down a general definition of the feminist art based on the works of a Swedish gender theorist Tiina Rosenberg.
The City of Copenhagen as a Topos in Contemporary Danish Literature
Stanjurová, Martina ; Březinová, Helena (advisor) ; Humpál, Martin (referee)
(in English): he aim of the thesis is to analyze the City of Copenhagen as a topos in contemporary Danish literature taking the example of the literary work of two contemporary Danish authors, Jan Sonnergaard and Katrine Marie Guldager. In the first chapter the authors and their short story collections (Kobenhavn and the Radiator trilogy) are briefly introduced. At the theoretical level, the work deals with the structure of the literary space, the literary concepts of topos and chronotope. A separate chapter discusses the depictions of urban space in literature based on the ideas of Daniela Hodrova. The interpretive part focuses on the specifics of each of the authors and the procedures which are used for this purpose, eg. the motif of meeting other people and moving around the city at Guldager. At Sonnergaard, there is a noticeable difference between the center and the periphery and between the changes in urban structure. The authors consistently show Copenhagen as a dynamic city, which is, however, showing signs of provinciality.
The Question of Sámi Identity in the Works of Laila Stien
Košner, Lukáš ; Humpál, Martin (advisor) ; Buddeus, Ondřej (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the theme of the Sámi identity in the context of the literary works of the Norwegian writer Laila Stien. First of all, the question of ethnic identity is introduced from the perspective of contemporary cultural and social anthropology. Then follows the analysis of those of the author's prosaic and poetical works that are relevant for the subject of the thesis. The themes that Laila Stien deals with, such as various aspects of the relationship between the Norwegian and the Sámi society, are put into the sociohistorical context. The last part of the thesis is focused on the thematic and formal features of modern Sámi literature reflected in Laila Stien's works. Powered by TCPDF (
The Question of Identity in Johan Borgen's Novel "I"
Zoubková, Eliška ; Humpál, Martin (advisor) ; Březinová, Helena (referee)
This bachelor thesis examines the question of identity in the novel "I" by the Norwegian author Johan Borgen. The thesis deals with various aspects of the main character's split identity and how they relate to one another. These aspects are, for instance, the question of authenticity, guilt, taking action and escape. The thesis also analyses the formal composition of the text with regard to the existential theme of the novel. In conclusion, Borgen's representation of identity in "I" is compared to The Trial by Franz Kafka.
The Theme of Death in Selected Works of Scandinavian Literature for Children and Young Adults
Fauknerová, Anna ; Humpál, Martin (advisor) ; Březinová, Helena (referee)
The subject of this bachelor thesis is an analysis of the theme of death in the following works of Scandinavian literature: Astrid Lindgren - The Southern Meadow, The Brothers Lionheart, Tarjei Vesaas - The Ice Palace, Jostein Gaarder - Through a Glass, Darkly. Apart from interpreting each piece of work, this thesis briefly outlines the history of Norwegian and Swedish children's literature, a psychological perspective of the development of the relationship between a child and death, a broader outlook of children's literature featuring the theme of death from a philosophical, psychological, and historical standpoint and finally the pedagogic aspects of children's literature with emphasis on more demanding children's literature in relation to both subject and form. The thesis concludes by comparing the depictions of death in the individual works and underlining the common character of the selected works. Key words: Children's literature, Scandinavian literature, theme of death, Astrid Lindgren, Tarjei Vesaas, Jostein Gaarder.
The reception and influence of fin de siécle Scandinavian literature in Czechia
Thál, Jonáš ; Humpál, Martin (advisor) ; Hartlová, Dagmar (referee)
This thesis deals with reception of Scandinavian decadent literature in the Czech literary milieu on the background of European culture and philosophy in the late 19th century, the cultural homogeneity of European fin-de-siècle literature being stressed. The Scandinavian literature is in this thesis recognized to be an element of importance for the Czech periodicals (the main emphasis is placed on the periodical Moderní revue) as well as publishing houses. The thesis deals more thoroughly with Scandinavian men of letters such as Ola Hansson, August Strindberg, Georg Brandes, Herman Bang, Arne Garborg and considers their impact on the Czech literary ground. The personal contact amongst the European literary personas of the decadent epoch is of certain importance to the thesis.

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