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The protection of landscape in the law
Matyáš, Jiří ; Stejskal, Vojtěch (referee) ; Humlíčková, Petra (referee)
The protection of landscape in the law The thesis analyzes the legal protection of landscape and describes basic legal institutes of the international, European and Czech law which protect landscape. The thesis is divided into four chapters. The introductory chapter defines the term landscape and its scientific and legal meaning and presents the most serious problems of landscape in the present. Chapter Two characterizes the substantive law on the international level and is concerned with an analysis of international treaties. Chapter Three investigates the legal regulation of the protection of landscape in the European Union. Chapter Four provides an outline of the relevant Czech legislation, especially The Act No 183/2006 Coll. Building Act and The Act No. 114/1992 Coll. on Protection of Nature and the Landscape.
Legal aspects of waste hierarchy
Dosoudil, Kryštof ; Sobotka, Michal (advisor) ; Humlíčková, Petra (referee)
The purpose of my thesis is to analyse the conditions adjusted in main conceptions and in the legislation of waste management for accomplishing the goals of waste hierarchy. I point out some of the weaknesses of the waste hierarchy itself and the relevant legislation as well. The emphasis is on some aspects of different means of recovery of waste which is the priority in terms of waste management nowadays. I describe the differences between the individual ways of waste management and at the same time I describe the links throughout the whole waste hierarchy. Within partial summaries and especially in the conclusion I attempt to outline the ideal regulation on the waste management in The Czech Republic for next short and long term period so it matches the requirements of EU legislation.
Climate protection from the legal point of view (selected legal issues of climate protection in Indonesia)
Loudová, Sandra Sophia ; Humlíčková, Petra (advisor) ; Sobotka, Michal (referee)
This diploma thesis aims to illuminate the issue of global climate change, its progression and describes the components of the climate system. The thesis addresses the impact of greenhouse gases on the climate system, the phenomenon of global warming, and the consequences along with their manifestations in the nature itself. The paper includes one chapter solely dedicated to the characterisation of environmental protection in historical context, with emphasis on the climate protection. The chapter also mentions a number of key international agreements and conferences. The second part of the thesis is concerned with the Indonesian legislation on climate protection in Indonesia. It also describes the global-scale impacts of selected activities and mentions number of international agreements and Indonesian regulation seeking to tackle the issue of climate change.
Environmental Impact Assessment and Public Participation.
Michek, Jan ; Humlíčková, Petra (advisor) ; Franková, Martina (referee)
The topic of this thesis is Environmental Impact Assessment and Public Participation. The structure of the thesis consists of six chapters that are further divided into several sections and subsections. The first chapter introduces the concept of EIA in reference to the principles upon which the concept is based on. The following chapter addresses a number of international and EU legal documents related to the concept of EIA and its legal regulation. The third and fourth chapter should be considered as a fundamental part of the thesis, which focuses on the legal regulation of the concept of EIA in the Czech Republic and the Act No. 39/2015 Coll., amending the act on environmental impact assessment. The last chapter summarises and evaluates the findings of the previous chapters.
Entry record in the Land Register
Uherková, Lenka ; Franková, Martina (advisor) ; Humlíčková, Petra (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the entry record to the Land Register of the Czech Republic. The adoption of the Act no. 89/2012 Coll., Civil Code and the Act no. 256/2013 Coll., On the Land Register, caused extended changes in the real estate register and cadastral legislation. This changes had a significant influence on some legal concepts relevant for this field of law. The diploma thesis in divided into four parts. The first part is used for the acquisition of basic knowledge on the issue of Land Register, with emphasis on principals that control the operation of the Lend Registry and making entries in it. The second part provides a thorough analysis of the current form of the institute of entry record and registration procedure with regard to previous legislation. The third section is devoted to examining of the German legislation, registration of real estate with an emphasis on the Land Registry, cadastral principles and registration of rights in the Land Register. Content of the last part of the thesis is the comparison of Czech and German legislation, focusing on selected issues and institutes. Powered by TCPDF (
The Aarhus convention in the Case law of Court of Justice of European Union
Opočenský, Marek ; Humlíčková, Petra (advisor) ; Sobotka, Michal (referee)
This thesis describes issues which occurring during the implementation of requirements of Aarhus convention. The Convention has unique character, as it combines the basic human rights with environmental rights. Since 2005 The European Union is signatory, which means that content of Convention is part of union law and falls within the jurisdiction of the Court of Justice of European Union. The first chapter deals with the particular elements of the Aarhus convention. In the chapter two are described the consequences of accession to the Convention for European Union and her member states. The core of this thesis consists of chapters, 3-5, which in sequence analyzes, through selected court decisions, the most complicated provisions from the perspective of implementation and suggest certain tendencies in decision-making of the Court of Justice of The European Union. Among the most obvious belong differential treatment and claims on European and domestic bodies in executing the rights guaranteed by Aarhus convention. The final chapter suggests the overlap to the Czech regulation, concretely alerts at changes in decision-making and the legislature, which are among others strongly inspired by judgments of the CJ EU.
The Environmental Impact Assessment: - A Comparison of Legal Regulation in the Czech Republic and the Commonwealth of Australia
Vaněčková, Anna ; Humlíčková, Petra (advisor) ; Franková, Martina (referee)
This research paper summarizes legal regulation regarding Environmental Impact Assessment in the Czech Republic and Commonwealth of Australia. Both these countries recently enacted amendments to the current regulation or taken steps to implement changes of this process in order to make it more efficient in term of costs of the proceedings and also in terms of more quality protection of the environment. The author consequently compares and contracts these legal regulations and analyses how they fulfill the worldwide respected principles for EIA Best Practice. Powered by TCPDF (
A comparison of the legal regulation of conventional and organic farming
Marko, Jan ; Damohorský, Milan (advisor) ; Humlíčková, Petra (referee)
Resume Agriculture has intensified greatly in the last century and heavy machinery and chemical substances are being used, which causes negative impact on environment. On the other hand, organic farming tries to use natural resources with utmost care and rejects synthetic substances. The main goal of the thesis is to find and describe the most important differences of the legal regulation of conventional and organic farming. International regulation, regulation of European Union and Czech regulation are the main focus of the thesis. The first chapter tries to characterize conventional agriculture and describe its functions, briefly goes through its development and current status. Chapter deals with causes, subject and purpose of legal regulation and analyzes sources of law in the international law, European law with main focus on Common Agricultural Policy and Czech law. The second chapter is concieved similarly as the first one, but from the view of organic farming. It characterizes organic farming, describes its development and legal regulation on the international, European and Czech level. The third chapter takes a closer look on chosen institutes and sections of Czech legislation and tries to show the most important differences of conventional and organic farming. Chapter deals with agribusiness and...
The Czech Environment Inspection
Klemperová, Hana ; Damohorský, Milan (advisor) ; Humlíčková, Petra (referee)
Tato diplomová práce si klade za cíl představení České inspekce životního prostředí jako orgánu státní správy provádějící dozor v oblasti ochrany životního prostředí. Česká inspekce životního prostředí byla založena zákonem č. 282/1991 Sb., o České inspekci životního prostředí a její působnosti v ochraně lesa. Postupně byla její působnost rozšířena i do dalších oblastí ochrany životního prostředí. Česká inspekce životní prostředí plní ve společnosti nezastupitelnou funkci a snahou této práce je specifikovat činnost České inspekce životního prostředí, její právní úpravu, ale také srovnání s jinými inspekčními orgány.
Water works related land
Heská, Zlatuše ; Humlíčková, Petra (advisor) ; Sobotka, Michal (referee)
The thesis discusses the rights and responsibilities of landowners and water works, from the perspective of both public and private law. Defines land as an object of ownership, defines terms waterworks and focuses on the institutions of the interaction of land and water works. In detail discusses mode of buffer zones, land servitudes and obligations in relation to flood protection.

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