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Ecclesiastes as an Incentive to Reflection on the Meaning of Life
Hudziecová, Petra ; Heryán, Ladislav (advisor) ; Milfait, René (referee)
Is it possible to find the meaning of life in this chaotic and often incomprehensible world? And in what therefore one can find it? These are the main issues this bachelor thesis deals with. Guide for searching of meaning in this work is the author of the biblical book of Ecclesiastes, who decided to explore what can be explored and will insist on learning how to understand what is the true meaning of human life. Where this sense can be found and where it is not to be found. Bachelor thesis is divided into three chapters. The first discusses who probably is the author of Ecclesiastes, when the book was written and what was and is its importance in Jewish culture and history. The second chapter examines, based on several verses from the book of Ecclesiastes itself and with the usage of other literary sources, in what the author finds the meaning of human life and in what he does not. Finally, the third chapter contains the application of several principles from the book of Ecclesiastes in social work. The method that was used in the creation of this work was exegetical research. In the book Ecclesiastes we can read that the preacher was wise, and he still taught people, that is why his work became a strong incentive to reflection on the meaning of human life. Powered by TCPDF (

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