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(100) substrate processing optimization for fabrication of smooth boron doped epitaxial diamond layer by PE CVD
Mortet, Vincent ; Fekete, Ladislav ; Ashcheulov, Petr ; Taylor, Andrew ; Hubík, Pavel ; Trémouilles, D. ; Bedel-Pereira, E.
Boron doped diamond layers were grown in an SEKI AX5010 microwave plasma enhanced chemical vapour deposition system. Effect of surface preparation, i.e. polishing and O2/H2 plasma etching on epitaxial growth on type Ib (100) HPHT synthetic diamonds were investigated. Using optimized substrate preparation, smooth (RRMS ~ 1 nm) boron doped diamond layers with metallic conduction and free of un-epitaxial crystallites were grown with a relatively high growth rate of 3.7 μm/h. Diamond were characterized by optical microscopy, optical profilometry, atomic force microscopy and Hall effect.
Synthesis, structure, and opto-electronic properties of organic dies on diamond
Rezek, Bohuslav ; Čermák, Jan ; Ukraintsev, Egor ; Hubík, Pavel ; Mareš, Jiří J. ; Ledinský, Martin ; Fejfar, Antonín ; Kočka, Jan ; Kromka, Alexander
We prepare a thin-film heterojunction of polypyrrole (Ppy) on hydrogen-terminated diamond by electro-polymerization from solution. We combine advanced scanning techniques (AFM, KFM, micro-Raman) to characterize microscopic structural, chemical, and opto-electronic properties of such system.
Electronic transport in intrinsic H-terminated nanocrystaline diamond with various grain size
Hubík, Pavel ; Mareš, Jiří J. ; Kozak, Halyna ; Kromka, Alexander ; Rezek, Bohuslav ; Krištofik, Jozef ; Kindl, Dobroslav
Both effective conductivity and Hall mobility of H-NCD were found to strongly decrease with the diminishing grain size. Effective Hall concentrations (to 1017 m-2) correspond to the true hole concentrations on the surface of the grain interiors. The effective Hall mobility is a robust parameter with respect to the surface conditions.
Plošný přenos náboje na rozhraní polypyrol-diamant
Čermák, Jan ; Rezek, Bohuslav ; Hubík, Pavel ; Mareš, Jiří J. ; Kromka, Alexander ; Fejfar, Antonín
In this study we examine in-plane hole transport in polypyrrole-diamond interface.

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2 Hubík, Petr
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