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Framework for Data Synchronization in the Context of Apple User Applications
Klembara, Filip ; Smrčka, Aleš (referee) ; Hrubý, Martin (advisor)
The goal of this thesis is to design and implement a library for data synchronization between multiple client's devices in the context of the ecosystem of a single application targeting the iOS, iPadOS or MacOS operating system. The work focuses on the simple integration of the library into existing applications using the Realm database system and on the simple way to connect the user interface with the synchronization process. I solved the chosen problem by designing a synchronization protocol primarily based on log synchronization to distribute changes between the client and the server, implementing a library to monitor changes in the client's database and distribute them to the server, and implementing a server library to integrate received changes and distribute them with help of notifications. The solution provides an easy way to implement data synchronization between multiple devices using custom database server and with the ability to define how to handle new changes of objects presented in the user interface during the synchronization. Created library can be quickly and easily integrated and thus effectively speed up the application development process.
Trilobot Upgrade
Polášek, Patrik ; Hrubý, Martin (referee) ; Rozman, Jaroslav (advisor)
The main aim of this work is to create a robot moving on wheels, create communication among all the sensors and microcomputers with the help of the Robot Operating System (ROS). Sensors are mounted on a plastic handle that is printed on 3D printer. The Arduino microcomputer manages low-level signals for reading sensor data and signals to control the engine, the another one and more powerful ODROID-XU4 microcomputer runs the core of ROS and a graphical application that allows controlling robot on the touchscreen.
Automated Planning and Scheduling in Manufacturing
Bucher, Michal ; Kočí, Radek (referee) ; Hrubý, Martin (advisor)
Thesis deals with a problem of automated planning and scheduling in manufacturing. Problem is formally defined by mathematical model Resource Constrained Project Scheduling Problem. Based on this model scheduling system was developed, which is using the optimizer based on Genetic algoritms. Developed system was then tested in real manufacturing. System can also visualize schedules in form of Gantt chart.
Web Application for Takeways in Times of Covid19 Quarantine
Žák, David ; Rozman, Jaroslav (referee) ; Hrubý, Martin (advisor)
The aim of this thesis is to create a web application enabling management of offers and orders for businesses affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. The application is implemented using Vue.js, PHP and MySQL. The thesis consists of a theoretical and practical part. The theoretical part focuses on current possibilities of web application development and technologies used in this thesis. The practical part describes the designing process, implementation and testing of the application. The resulting application allows customers to browse through offers and to place an order. Additionally, for individual business it provides an option of managing their offer, orders and settings through the administration.
Search of Control Strategies Using UPPAAL STRATEGO
Hruška, Filip ; Hrubý, Martin (referee) ; Strnadel, Josef (advisor)
This thesis deals with finding control strategies for pre-selected problems from various areas using tool Uppaal Stratego. Four areas were selected, namely chess, a sliding puzzle, the tower of Hanoi, and a kinematic problem involving a package, a car, and an airplane. For the selected areas and problems, a set of models was designed and implemented. For the tower of Hanoi and the sliding field, it was possible to successfully evaluate relevant strategies, raising the probabilities of success to more than 90 %. For other models, a problem was found in the size of the state space and the strategies could not be evaluated because the maximum memory capacity that the tool uses was not sufficient. For the kinematic problem, after limiting and simplifying the model, the strategies were successfully evaluated, but for chess, this was not possible even after significant simplification.
Grand Central Dispatch Implementation for C++
Šalgovič, Marek ; Peringer, Petr (referee) ; Hrubý, Martin (advisor)
Grand Central Dispatch is a system which allows applications to optimally use multi-core Apple devices. This system is for the most part supported by operating systems of Apple platforms. The goal of this bachelor's thesis was to analyze the system and subsequently design and implement a library in C++. This library provides interface and functionality similar to the existing system.
SAP Modul for Encoding Invoices to QR Codes
Švancar, Boris ; Hrubý, Martin (referee) ; Kočí, Radek (advisor)
The master's thesis deals with encoding payment data invoices into QR codes in accordance with the by square standard. The SAP system along with a process of encoding data into QR codes and by square PAY standard is introduced in my thesis. In compliance with the standard function module is designed for the SAP system which is in the ABAB language, using Smartforms form allowing the QR codes to generate the invoice. The module is then subjected to testing. The results are evaluated in conclusion of the master's thesis and a description of potential further development is assessed as a final step.
Intelligent System for Generating and Analysis of Trading Recommendations on Financial Markets
Martinský, Ondrej ; Hrubý, Martin (referee) ; Zbořil, František (advisor)
This master thesis deals with the price prediction on financial markets. It describes automated trading systems based on technical analysis and discusses a soft computing approach to construction of such systems. Also, this thesis combines conventional trading strategies with the fuzzy logic. The practical part of this thesis contains also a framework for composing, simulation and analysis of the automated trading strategies. The simulator contained in this framework is implemented in the Java language and based on DEVS formalism. Because of this, there is a possibility to embed real-time components into the trading model. This work contains also a database of historical financial data and tools for their automatic actualization.
Distribution of Location-Based Information in Mobile Applications
Bátrla, Tomáš ; Hrubý, Martin (referee) ; Hanáček, Petr (advisor)
Master thesis is focused on retrieval of multimedia information based on location of mobile device. Paper describes mobile platforms technology and technology behind location sensing and two-dimensional barcode recognition. There is also included design of client-server architecture for information retrieval of location based multimedia data. Master thesis includes report of system testing and some ideas about new features for implemented location based information distribution system.
An Interconnection of SIMLIB Simulation Library with the Prolog Language
Hrabcová, Petra ; Peringer, Petr (referee) ; Hrubý, Martin (advisor)
This MSc Thesis is focused on the multimodeling area, especially on the cooperation of the C++ language and the Prolog language. The recent research is established on my semester study, which also dealt with the multimodeling area. During this research a prototype of interconnection library for cooperation of above mentioned programming languages was developed. This prototype of the library was finished within the scope of this thesis and some case-studies were created, too, using also another simulation library - SIMLIB/C++. These case-studies have their focus in the problems of artificial intelligence. The main benefit of this thesis is the confrontation of methods with and without using artificial intelligence.

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