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Quality and Function of Explanatory Reports in the Czech Legislative Process
Hrubý, Dominik ; Wintr, Jan (advisor) ; Tryzna, Jan (referee)
According binding legislation, explanatory reports attached to legislatorybills is integral part of legislative process in the Czech republic for a long time, dramatically exceeding duration of autonomic Czech state. However, law sciences aren't interested in them a lot, equally to whole legislative process. Unfortunately, most of legislative actors do the same. At first, this thesis briefly discribes legislation related to explanatory reports. It considers both efficient legislation and valid legislation with efficiency planed from 1st January 2000, but also legislation in Legislative government guideline, which is binding only for legistatory bill submitted by government. Coming out from assumption, that writing explanatory report isn't the purpose by itself, the thesis define several functions, whitch explanatory reports should fulfill. Only in comparison with to these fuctions, we could say how explanatory report should like and eventually how it definitely souldn't. Base on these defined functions, the most common lacks of explanatory notes, which makes fullfiling the function more difficult or even impossible. These lacks is presented at real documents (bills) from legislative process - passed bills, rejected bills and also bill going through the various parts of legislative process right now...
Commentaries in Czech daily newspapers dealing with the Czech government crisis taking place in April and May 2017
Hrubý, Dominik ; Just, Petr (advisor) ; Osvaldová, Barbora (referee)
The thesis Commentaries of Czech daily newspapers dealing with the Czech government crisis taking place in April and May 2017 analyzes opinion texts published in daily newspapers Hospodářské noviny, Právo and Mladá fronta DNES from 27th April until 26th May 2017 dealing with government crisis ongoing at that time. Theoretical part of the thesis analyzes, among other things, the phenomenom of media ownership and its concentration. It pays attention also to transformation of Czech political party systém in last years, which is indisputably a relevant circumstance for the political journalism too. The methods of qualitative and quantitative content analysis are used in the thesis, which researches frequency of media coverage of the observed issue and mainly a dominant attitude of commentators of particular daily newspapers to three main characters of the government crisis - the Minister of Finance Andrej Babiš, the Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka and the President Miloš Zeman. Results of the analysis is put into context of ownership of particular daily newspapers, mainly with emphasis on the fact that genuine owner of Mladá fronta DNES is, through the private trusts, actually Minister Babiš.
Judicial decisions of Constitutional Court of the Czech republic in coverage of ČTK
Hrubý, Dominik ; Trunečková, Ludmila (advisor) ; Šmíd, Milan (referee)
The Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic is one of the most important institutions in the Czech constitutional and political system. However, his agenda isn't attractive at all for the general public and because of that, media have an important role in news reporting about it. It applies especially for the public service media, among whom we could include also the Czech Press Office. The thesis is trying to analyse the news reporting products of CTK related to judicial decisions of the Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic. It uses four particular cases from the relevant research period, which was set to 2010-2015. The thesis also offers theoretical basis for analysis - it describes the role of the Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic and it follows up also the role of press agencies as an information sources.

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1 Hrubý, Daniel
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