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The characterisation of organ-specific phytohormone responses to nutrient deficiency and biotic stress
Kramná, Barbara ; Vaňková, Radomíra (advisor) ; Hronková, Marie (referee) ; Plíhalová, Lucie (referee)
Abiotic and biotic stresses lead to crop yield losses and ultimately negatively affect agriculture production. Elucidation of the mechanisms of plant stress responses and their regulation could help to understand plant defence and improve stress tolerance. Phytohormones stand behind both plant growth and developmental changes as well as stress signalling. This thesis summarises the results published in two articles focused on phytohormone dynamics in response to abiotic and biotic stresses, namely phosphate shortage and Plasmodiophora brassicae infection. A review article focuses in depth on strigolactones as master regulators of phosphate deficiency responses. The main emphasis is put on organ-specific reactions and exogenous phytohormone treatment with the potential to convey stress tolerance. In the case of phosphate shortage, the universal reaction in all organs was a decrease in active cytokinin trans-zeatin and gibberellin GA4 with a concurrent elevation of abscisic acid. Also, the high- affinity phosphate transporters (PHT1;4 and PHT1;7) exhibited increased gene expression within the whole plant. Shoot apical meristems showed numerous changes in gene expression and were the most affected organ during the lack of phosphate. Only in roots, we observed a substantial elevation of low active...
Family-School Communication and Cooperation in Primary education - Teacher-Parent-Pupil Consultation
Hronková, Marie ; Stará, Jana (referee) ; Kargerová, Jana (advisor)
The graduation work called Family-School Communication and Cooperation in Primary education - Teacher-Parent-Pupil Consultation offers in its theoretical part a historical view to t he child conception and view to formation of a relation between family and school. The a im of the work is to map forms of family-school communication and cooperation and their benefits for a child. The empirical part describes ways of communication and cooperation at particular school. It is focused on teacher-parent-pupil consultation. The author u s e s methods of observation, questionnaire and interviews with teachers, parents and pupils to analyse the effectiveness and benefits of consultations especially for a pupil and h i s / h e r successful educational process.

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