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Algorithms for forward and backward planning
Sluka, Filip ; Hromková, Ivana (referee) ; Simeonov, Simeon (advisor)
The thesis deals with production planning. It contains theoretical description of methods used for production planning and optimizing. Thesis describes bottleneck problems in production. It offers overview of ways to identify and analyze bottleneck influence to manufacturing process efficiency. Thesis proposes ways to eliminate bottlenecks using various algorithm types. It applies theoretical knowledges from optimization and graph theory to program creation that is focused on order delay and readjustment time minimizing. The program implements genetic algorithm.
Design of production control for LEAN manufacturing
Machala, Miroslav ; Knoflíček, Radek (referee) ; Hromková, Ivana (advisor)
This bachelor theses deals with theoretical principles of lean manufacturing, consequently about its successful implementation into two real companies and their mutual comparison. At the beginning of these thesis the publication research is done as well as history summary, method descriptions, foreign applications and comparison of selected approaches. In the sec-ond part of the work the implementation into two Brno real companies is described. Both companies use chip forming cutting process but they have different type of production and batch size. It is designed innovative shop floor layout, innovated processes and new proce-dures in order to increase efficiency of each company.
Part Production Process Videoanalysis
Svobodová, Veronika ; Hromková, Ivana (referee) ; Knoflíček, Radek (advisor)
The bachelor thesis is describing mainly elimination of wasting time and with that also financial means on a welding line of high pressure tanks Common Rail in the company Bosh Diesel s. r. o. With detailed way is described procedure analysis of contemporary status and subsequent analysis, which is enable to search possibilities and potentials to increase productivity of work on productive line. With an application of tools ViCTA, we successfully found the searching potential in lost time in welding industrial robot’s line. Then was suggested the optimal solution, which comply the conditions of achieving minimal costs for current unlimited way of production technology on the welding line.
Flying robot for geophysical purposes
Mocek, Jurij ; Hromková, Ivana (referee) ; Simeonov, Simeon (advisor)
The aim of this work is to propose a construction solution for remote controlled flying machine and to propose way of its management. The work deals with the general way to construct a flying machine with vertical start and concrete solution for construction.
Design of Label aplicator for paletizing commodity before expedition
Frank, Vojtěch ; Hromková, Ivana (referee) ; Knoflíček, Radek (advisor)
This bachelor thesis is focused on the issue of label application for palletized goods before expedition, specifically by using automatic label applicators. The solution contains the evaluation of current state of labeling and recherché including applicators that are being used. The overall outcome of the thesis is a proposal of a new mechanical construction solution as well as a calculation of its expected price. The result is a summary of a current state of labeling of palletized goods. There has also been an ideal solution of labeling offered for customer- specified orders.
Hromková, Ivana ; Škopán, Miroslav (referee) ; Šťastný, Jiří (referee) ; Mostýn, Vladimír (referee) ; Knoflíček, Radek (advisor)
Presented PhD thesis aims at development of new methodologies and approaches to reduce lead times in production systems. Therefore the thesis examines in detail the design of new, more comprehensive approaches to shortening lead times. The dissertation describes the methodology of using these approaches in production systems, it is suggested their inclusion in the control structure of production and adequate managerial support for the successful application of these new approaches in the industry is developed. The first part summarizes current knowledge in the field of reducing lead times. The various methods that can be used for reducing lead times are defined and described, from which is selected discrete simulation of manufacturing systems as a suitable method for the purposes of issue development. The next part of this work is therefore devoted to simulation approach to reducing lead times and the factors that affect them, such as processing time, size of the batch, queue lengths, etc. In this part is also discussed the use of information technologies (programming languages, libraries, and software tools) that enable efficient creation of simulation models. The second part is focused on industrial applications implemented to reduce production lead times. Specific simulation analysis deal with, for example, reduction of the lead time for manufacture of surgical instruments, screws, slats, but also transport systems, optimization of production orders input to the production system, the issue of supply, etc. The second part also describes a practical approach to data transfer to / from the simulation model, simulation software connection to the ERP database of enterprise and energy intensity of production. The conclusion summarizes the findings that were detected on the issue of reducing lead times, and within the chosen methodology, simulation of manufacturing processes indicates possible further progress in the research and practical applications.
Production System Simulation and Analysis
Hromková, Ivana ; Křivka, Zbyněk (referee) ; Zendulka, Jaroslav (advisor)
The work deals with creating of simulation model of production system (foundry) and its analyze. Simulation of production systems is discussed in the introduction as well as basic principles and processes during simulation model making. Next chapter describes problems arise when such type of systems are solved. Next issue about virtual fabric is discussed. Information regarding virtual fabric has been obtained from Siemens conference. Follows views of simulation tools specialized on manufacturing systems. In last one chapter is taking up of implementation of simulation system. The whole process of creating of simulation model which consists of making conceptual model, abstract model, description of model making, analysis outcomes and experimentation with simulation model.
Gantt charts
Kantar, Martin ; Hromková, Ivana (referee) ; Simeonov, Simeon (advisor)
The thesis is aimed at Gantt charts. Primarily on their use in production processes, such as planning and scheduling. The thesis also includes an introduction, explaining what are the Gantt charts, for what are using and what is their principle. The thesis also includes analysis and software possibilities for implementing Gantt charts with using OOP. Programmatic and theoretical analysis of the various functions that are characteristic of Gantt charts, including their internal logic and program implementation. These programmed characteristic functions of Gantt charts were composed in the form of a DLL library, which provides a simple implementation of Gantt charts. By using this library is realized the software for production management. The work is included on the DVD, except the DLL itself software with detailed descriptions of each part of the source code.
APS system application for planning and scheduling
Zápotočný, Václav ; Hromková, Ivana (referee) ; Simeonov, Simeon (advisor)
Master's thesis, made at the Institute of Production Machines, Systems and Robotics, aims, evaluate existing production of slope mowers manufactured by Dvořák – svahové sekačky s.r.o., and then perform data collection for obtaining complete technological processes of production. With the APS (Advanced Planning and Scheduling) system, simulate and design an optimized solution, with a view to significantly reduce the required storage current inventory of manufactured parts for assembly of that slope mower.
Analysis and optimization of the production system using computer simulation
Sekerová, Tereza ; Knoflíček, Radek (referee) ; Hromková, Ivana (advisor)
This thesis is focused on simulation and optimization of manufacturing systems. The aim is to explain basic concepts relating not only to the simulation and optimization but also generally to the production. The creation of the simulation model is shown by using simulation software Factor/AIM. The basic concepts related to the production are described in the introductory section. The next part explains the development of simulation model, simulation tools or lead time calculation of production and product. Last chapter describes the creation of a specific simulation model in the simulation software Factor/AIM. Simple production of bent metal hooks is simulated. Afterwards an alternative manufacturing process is proposed and analysis of original and new manufacturing process is done.

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