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Generalized integral property
Hrúzová, Jana ; Žemlička, Jan (advisor) ; Příhoda, Pavel (referee)
This thesis is based on an article C. Boura and A. Canteaut, Another View of the Division Property, which is focused on division property of sets from Fn 2 . In this thesis we introduce important definitions and propositions about boolean function, polynomials and Reed-Muller codes at the beginning. Then we define parity set of a set from Fn 2 , which helps us to simplify the division property. We also show how sets, which satisfy division property of certain order, look like. From that we could follow how the division property propagate through the substitution-permutation network. 1
Estimation of the Value of the TEKABEN s.r.o. Using the Income Capitalization Approach Methods
Hrůzová, Jana ; Beníček, František (referee) ; Karas, Michal (advisor)
Diploma thesis is focused on estimation of the value of the TEKABEN s.r.o. using the income capitalization approach methods. The thesis includes strategic analysis, financial analysis, analysis of value drivers and the financial plan. The methods called Discounted Cash Flow and Economic Value Added are applied. In conclusion the value of the selected company is determined to 31. 12. 2013.
The Museum: A Meeting Point for Formal and Informal Curriculum
This thesis deals with the linking of school education with museum educational activities. It focuses primarily on the possibility of primary schools. It assesses how the museum can be used in the implementation of educational activities. He draws attention to specific forms of educational activities at the museum. In Detail, it is focused on defining the various teaching methods that can be prioritized in museum education. The thesis describes the role of museum education program, which is applicable in the project classes at school. The entire work points out apparent effort to integrate extracurricular learning opportunities taking place in the museum with school hours. Museum learning is seen as complementary and expanding the classroom. Yet he constantly emphasizes the uniqueness of the museum. Museum with a different environment from the school can offer a remarkable experience associated with teaching.
Museum Animation for Leisure Education
This study deals with the issue of museum pedagogy and its meaning for free time. The teoretical part defines the concept of the museum's pedagogue and the museum's animator and shows the interconnection between both terminologies. A glance over thehistory of museum pedagogy highlights the most important events in the development of pedagogy as a science. The theoretical part explains especially the relationship between museum's animation and free time pedagogy. The practical part contains the description of the projects that were realised in the context of the Museum Vysociny Trebic. It applies especially the methods of pedagogy of experience and animation. The chosen methods correspond with the age and interests of the participants. The practical part show also the interaction between the museum and the school in the context of the educational process. The successful aktivity of the museum in the area of museum animation is influenced by many factors. The most implortant of those is the personality of the pedagogue of the animator who is working in the given institution.
Změny v motivaci a stimulaci pracovníků v podniku AUTO ŠTANGL a. s.
Slezáková, Karolína ; Lorencová, Hana (advisor) ; Hrůzová, Jana (referee)
Diplomová práce se zabývá změnami v oblasti motivace a stimulace pracovníků, ke kterým došlo během dvou let od realizace prvního výzkumu v podniku AUTO ŠTANGL a.s.. Hlavním cílem této práce bylo zjistit, o jaké změny se jedná a zda se podnik při jejich implementaci nechal inspirovat navrženými doporučeními. V teoretické části jsou vysvětlena pravidla a principy motivace, motivační profil a program, vztah motivace a výkonu. Dále jsou popsány možné stimulační postupy a role vedoucího pracovníka při ovlivňování pracovní motivace. Empirická část obsahuje charakteristiku podniku a respondentů, výsledky šetření a v závěru jsou charakterizovány změny, které byly identifikovány, a doporučení dalšího možného vývoje do budoucna.

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