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Study of Biomolecular Interactions with Surface Plasmon Resonance Biosensors
Šípová, Hana ; Homola, Jiří (advisor) ; Houska, Milan (referee) ; Skládal, Petr (referee)
Surface plasmon resonance (SPR) biosensors represent one of the most advanced sensing technologies for real-time studies of biomolecular interactions. In this thesis, methods for functionalization of SPR substrates were optimized and studied via spectroscopic methods. Effects related to the SPR sensor microfluidic interface on the measured biomolecular interactions were analyzed, and furthermore, means to decrease mass-transport limitations were proposed. Several SPR-based assays regarding the detection of nucleic acids were developed, which allow for the detection of physiologically relevant concentrations of nucleic acids as well as point mutations in a nucleic acid sequence. Assays for the determination of the enzymatic activity of HIV integrase and ribonuclease H were developed. These assays can be employed for the design and synthesis of molecules that function either as antiviral drugs or as gene-regulating agents.
Return of Investments and the Impact of Regulations on Poker Market
Lovicar, Adam ; Houška, Milan (advisor) ; Hlavatý, Robert (referee)
This bachelor work deals with analyzing of card game Poker, specifically its version Texas hold´em no limit. The theoretical part shows basic rules, mathematical and statistical indicators applied in the poker.This part defines the most important poker terms and concepts and especially helps to understand the practical part. Firstly the practical part deals with affiliation regulations and the impact on the economic situation of the player, secondly it deals with state regulations and the impact on the poker market. Playing field was divided into two groups, then was detected frequency of games against these groups into two periods. It was further examinated, if exists a difference between the game against professional and recrenational players, verified by statistical hypothesis testing. Economical indicator EV and ROI was used for following part to compare different results of the player PokerPro for each of the periods. In the last section of the practical part was created a prediction, which examinated the impact of the changes in the gambling law on the taxes, which should be payed to the state budget. The prediction was made on particular situation.
Application of decision-making models in modernization of weapon equipment of the hunting association Borovy
Mraček, Martin ; Houška, Milan (advisor) ; Martin, Martin (referee)
The aim of this thesis on the application of decision-making models in renewing the arsenal of Borovy Gamekeepers' Organisation (MS Borovy, z.s.) is to select, using a method of multi-criteria decision analysis, a suitable hunting weapon that will best comply with the conditions under which the Borovy Gamekeepers' Organisation (a registered society) exercises its right to hunt and manage game and wildlife. The theoretical part of this paper focuses on weapons, in addition to describing models of multi-criteria decision-making. The second part of the thesis addresses the tradition of hunting and game management as well as various hunting methods, and introduces the Borovy Gamekeepers' Organisation, its hunting grounds and various game species occurring in that area. Subsequently, the author of this paper discusses the selection of a compromise option for a hunting weapon, using a suitable method of multi-criteria decision analysis. Based on the outcome of this selection, a recommendation is made on a suitable hunting weapon for members of the Borovy Gamekeepers' Organisation and the surrounding hunting grounds.
Routes planning in Úslava microregion
Kůst, Václav ; Houška, Milan (advisor) ; Jana, Jana (referee)
Czech Republic has one of the densest and highest quality marked hiking trails in Europe, covering completely the whole country. But these trails are not planned with respect to the minority of the population with some kind of handicap. This is a group of families with small children who prefer hiking or biking, for families with strollers and disabled persons in wheelchairs. As the author of this thesis is a councilor of the village Jarov and also a councilor of this village in the Mikroregion Úslava organization he decided to plan a short circular hiking trails with respect to these neglected tourist groups in order to expand tourism in the area of Mikroregion Úslava. These routes may also partly overlap with marked hiking trails (due to their density) and are planned with practical experiences of the author. The results of the thesis will be incorporated into the information brochures of Mikroregion Úslava. The thesis is divided into theoretical and practical part. Theoretical part describes the methods for solving the travelling salesman problem and provides general information on the concept of micro-regions - voluntary unions of the municipalities. The practical part describes Mikroregion Úslava, the points of interest database creation procedure and planning sightseeing routes for families with children on foot, by bicycle or in strollers. There is also planned a route for disabled persons in wheelchairs in Blovice, which the author of the thesis eventually eliminated from the reasons described.
Application of decision-making models for the selection of machine in company Elkamet
Kallupová, Elena ; Houška, Milan (advisor)
Choise of new rotomoulding machine for a rotomoulding company. Methodology: multicriterial decision, Analytic hierarcy proces, T.L. Saaty method. Literature: Šubrt, T. a kol.: Ekonomicko-matematické metody. Vydavatelství Aleš Čeněk, Plzeň, 2011 1.FIALA, P. JABLONASKÝ, J. MAŇAS, M.: Vícekriteriální rozhodování, 1. vyd., Praha: Vysoká škola ekonomická, 1997 2.
Application of decision-making models in selected company
Kallupová, Elena ; Houška, Milan (advisor)
Choise of new rotomoulding machine for a rotomoulding company. Methodology: multicriterial decision, Analytic hierarcy proces, T.L. Saaty method. Literature: Šubrt, T. a kol.: Ekonomicko-matematické metody. Vydavatelství Aleš Čeněk, Plzeň, 2011 1.FIALA, P. JABLONASKÝ, J. MAŇAS, M.: Vícekriteriální rozhodování, 1. vyd., Praha: Vysoká škola ekonomická, 1997 2.
Evaluation of suppliers for selected company
Vejvoda, Lukáš ; Houška, Milan (advisor) ; Hlavatý, Robert (referee)
This thesis deals with the use of multi criteria analysis of alternatives to the practical model of companies selling aluminum wheels. The aim of the thesis is to analyze the data and multi-criteria decision recommended by the company's best suppliers. With the large increase in new foreign producers on the Czech market, it is necessary to compare a group of suppliers who could bring the company more business opportunities. Therefore there will endeavor to select suitable suppliers, and elimination of costly contractors. In the first part of this work is a description of multi criteria analysis variants, Saaty method, scoring methods, respectively, and the weighted sum among other methods TOPSIS. The methods are also used in the practical part of this thesis. They were subsequently excluded suppliers, from which the company collects a maximum of goods once a month and was performed according to the method of aspiration levels. It was then proposed final order suppliers group for subjective criteria evaluation. Based on these results, we have selected the best company recommended contractors.
Evaluation of efficiency of selected regional branches of CSO
Tykvart, Pavel ; Houška, Milan (advisor) ; Hana, Hana (referee)
In today's dynamically changing times, the main objective of organizations operating in the private and public sphere is efficiency maximizing. This thesis has been based on this assumption. The main aim of this work is to provide on the specific case an evaluation of the efficiency by using methods of multiple-criteria decision-making in the public sector. The rating of individual regional offices of the Czech Statistical Office, substantially participating in data collecting by performing statistical surveys, is presented in this work, using the method of Data Envelopment Analysis. The thesis can be divided into two parts. The first part deals with the theoretical preparation. This part describes the basic terms connected with the topic of the effectiveness evaluation and a theoretical description of the method the processing is based on. The second part describes the processing itself. At the beginning of this part, there is a brief overview of the activities of the Czech Statistical Office, which is followed by an overview of the statistical survey areas. Then, based on selected inputs and outputs, the efficiency is evaluated.
Analysis of the logistic system in Drůbežářské závody v Klatovech
Pošarová, Marie ; Houška, Milan (advisor) ; Libuše, Libuše (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to optimize logistics costs in a food processing production enterprise. The thesis describes the whole logistics process in a particular company from the transport of live poultry intended for processing through the distribution of finished food products to customers. In the first phase the thesis is devoted to theoretical bases and concepts such as the creation and development of logistics, definition of logistics, logistics systems and distribution chains. In another part the theoretical knowledge is applied to a particular company Drůbežářský závod Klatovy, a.s.and current logistical costs associated with distributing food products from external carriers are examined. Subsequently the financial calculation is processed and using methods of multi-criteria model it is decided in what model of vehicle to invest to ensure logistical tasks in a food processing enterprise. In the end the result is interpreted, from which it emerges whether the logistic costs and investments in own vehicles are worth purchasing thus reducing logistics costs or not. Therefore the thesis can serve as a basis for the financial management of the company as to how it is possible to reduce costs in the future and thereby improve earnings.
Renovation of waste water system in selected municipality
Mociková, Monika ; Houška, Milan (advisor) ; Lenka, Lenka (referee)
It is necessary to consider the increasing problem of the environment and better quality of people living. This thesis focuses on modernization of the system, which cleans the wastewater in municipality of Kout na Šumavě. These days it is taking place the second phase of building a sewerage system, that would be partly financed from European Union funds within the operation program of Environment. The thesis is split into two main parts. The first theoretical part contents the basic theory, where are described the financial funds, the basic theory of the wastewater treatment and also the problematic of multi-criteria decision making and it´s methods. Mentioned methods relate to solving the problems of decision-making situations. The second practical part performs particulary solution of the given problem. In the practical part are used all identified findings and background materials for evaluation and for selection the right decision making situation. This would be solved by application of mathematical methods. All identified results, that used mathematical methods, are evaluated and suggested to the representatives of the municipality. They referred the results to the general contractor.

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