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Reinforced concrete slab supported on columns
Horský, Jan ; Perla, Jan (referee) ; Požár, Michal (advisor)
The Bachelor thesis is aimed at calculating internal forces and assessing the reinforced concrete point-supported slab of the 1st floor of the department store. The moment coefficient method and the software method of the finite element method in the SCIA Engineer were selected for the calculation. The thesis also includes the design and assessment of the column and the foundation pad.
The Cultural Attraction Theory and its Empirical Evidence
Hillerová, Pavlína ; Havlíček, Jan (advisor) ; Horský, Jan (referee)
One of the approaches to study cultural evolution is the cultural attraction theory. This thesis aims to introduce this theory via literature analysis and subject it's empirical backing to a critique. The opening chapter briefly presents the theory and describes the circumstances of it's formation. Next, I outline the specific theoretical concepts (culture as a chain of representations, attractors, transformations). Mainly, the latter are complemented with empirical studies, both supporting and conflicting the respective theory. The last part of the thesis compares cultural attraction theory against dual inheritance theory, which has been contrasted by the aforementioned from the very beginning. Both of these perspectives have it's specifics and can provide an explanation for distinct cultural phenomena. These two theories can complement one another and together constitute an integral theory for cultural evolution study.
In the Name of Christ-Selected Thoughts of the Members of the Lesser Czech Evangelical Churches in the Period 1890-1940
Mašek, Tomáš ; Horský, Jan (advisor) ; Nešpor, Zdeněk (referee)
The work focuses on the specification of the specificities of the thinking of some smaller evangelical churches in the territory of Bohemia in the period 1890-1940. Specifically, this is the Brethren Unity of Chelčický (Baptist), the Unity of Czech Brethren (formerly Reformed Free Church) and the Evangelical Methodist Church. The focus of the interpretation is to introduce the construction of confessional identity based on the relationship to the past and the specific interpretation of the personalities and events that shaped the tradition from which these churches were based. Another element forming the identity of the members of these churches was their attitude to the modern secularization tendencies against which they stood in opposition. Last but not least, their confessional consciousness determined their definition of other forms of piety. The aim of the work was to provide, based on the study of the published written sources left by the members of these three churches, a comparison and characterization of their way of viewing certain subjects through their religious beliefs.
The peasants of the Polesie during the abolition of serfdom. The Reaction of the Peasantry To The Abolition Of Serfdom In Pinsk District Of Minsk Province of Russian Empire, 1861-1864
Badzevich, Dzmitry ; Horský, Jan (advisor) ; Pešek, Jiří (referee) ; Komendová, Jitka (referee)
CHARLES UNIVERSITY IN PRAGUE FACULTY OF HUMANITIES DEPARTMENT OF GENERAL ANTHROPOLOGY BY MGR. BC. DZMITRY BADZEVICH THE PEASANTS OF THE POLESIE DURING THE ABOLITION OF SERFDOM The Reaction of the Peasantry To The Abolition Of Serfdom In Pinsk District Of Minsk Province of Russian Empire, 1861-1864 Dissertation abstract Prague 2017 2 ABSTRACT From the exact wording of the thesis title was this study engaged in a broader sociological and cultural anthropological discussion about the meanings and implications of the historical event as was the abolition of serfdom in the Russian empire in 1861 on the everyday life of its contemporary actors. For well-devoted reader (in the different methodologies of the history and European national historiographies), it would seem that the topic of the abolition of serfdom in the Russian empire and its impact on society and social and cultural sphere is largely explored. But at the moment, when the critically analyzing readers begin to think closely about how the understanding of serfdom abolition has worked during the last hundred year, it might be quite obvious for them, that no one of dozen university intellectuals and amateurs has tried to go to the heart of the historical event; many intellectuals only got all mixing up on the field of quasi-scientific abstractive terms...

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